Photo Gallery

An Old West Photo Gallery and maybe some new ones too…

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Here’s a look at times and people gone by. Think about your own people when you look here…

Cowboy Photos

The real cowboys of the Old West at work and play.

Family Photos

Just what it says, Old West Family Photos.
Some from our own History Riders and friends and some from folks we don’t know.

Hangings & Shootings (Enter at your own risk!)

Be Wary Here! Some of this ain’t too pretty!

Indian Photos

Some famous, some just the common folk.

Lawmen and Outlaws Photos

A panoply of faces from the past, for sure a who’s who?

Memorials, Monuments & Sculpture

This is how we remember…

Military Photos

Exploring, escorting wagon trains, fighting Indians, etc.

Mining Photos

Here’s how those old boys did it. A hard life!

People & Places Photos

Just what it says.

Pushin’ Up Daisies

Where are they now? A visit to the bone orchard.


A small sample, Only mine for now.
Anybody have a collection they will allow to be used?

Transportation Photos

Not everybody had a horse…

Weapons Photos

Getting to be a large collection of the weaponry of the Old West…

Ammunition – Then & Now; Dirk’s Derringers P. 1; Dirk’s Derringers P. 2; Dirk’s Pistols & Pepperboxes; Dirk’s Revolvers P. 1; Dirks’ Revolvers P. 2, Edged Weapons; Firearms OdditiesHandguns; Marcel’s Guns; Mike’s Revolvers P. 1; Mike’s Revolvers P. 2, Long Guns; Percussion Firearms Accessories

Performer Photos

Stage, Wild West Shows and the Movies…

Women and Children-Photos

A civilizing influence.

All photos included in The Photo Gallery are in the Public Domain in the United States of America, unless noted otherwise. Western photographers are noted in the Players (if I have a workable date for them) [LOC = Library of Congress]. Nothing in the way of enhancement has been done to these photographs they are as originally produced.

You are welcome to use my photographs
please credit R.W.” Doc” Boyle/The Old West Daily Reader.

 If you have a nice old photo (and you have the rights) that you would like to see included here, email me, let’s talk.



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