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Billy the Kid Quotes

by and about one the most enigmatic figures of the Old West

Black Bart, Other Robbers and Poets

These are pretty much self-explanatory.


Artists, writers, promoters & politicians, some of ’em had an axe to grind, some were just spoutin’ off. Some of them told the truth of the times.


Not all of ’em were silent…


Rough business, but a few of ’em managed to die of old age.

Doc Holliday

By Doc and about him.


White quotes about the Indians; for and against…
Then from the Indians themselves…
Indian Wisdom

Movies & TV

A curios mix of tough guy and nostalgia.

Ok Corral

Just the quotes…

Rules to Live By

Most of ’em still pretty good.


From the ladies and about ’em.


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