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History Riders Radio 2018

OWDR-RW-Boyle-for-WebHowdy History Riders,
Here are the links to Doc Boyle’s FREE Western History Podcasts.
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Sound bytes about the Great American Wild West!
Each weekly podcast is approximately six minutes long.
The information runs Saturday to Friday of the current week.

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Trailhead to the Old West!
Thanks for saddlin’ up with OWDR History Riders Radio on the Internet to wander/wonder along some memory trails in the Great American Old West. Doc Boyle has selected events from the pages of OWDR to craft a series of weekly podcasts shows; collections word-bytes about the people, places and events that have shaped our modern perception of the Old West. Historical hors d’ oeuvres intended to be enjoyed on their own merit, or to psyche you up to go out and find more of this complex and wonderful story.
Caveat Emptor:
Thing is, history ain’t always all neat and pretty, so don’t get all riled up about something we ride by on these old mind trails. Unhappy things will soon slip behind us again onto our backtrail; forget ‘em if you need to. Just remember, the past is done. What counts, is what we do with the knowledge and understanding of our past, to improve our future.  Other thing is, you need to be careful here, a person can learn things…

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Program Week 01 – OWDR WEEKS 52 & 01 Saturday 12/29/2017 through Friday 01/05/2018. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:06:20 – Subjects include: Drexel Mission Fight; Billy the Kid; Ghost Dance; Hold Up!; Rafael Lopez; Art Acord; Charlie Bassett. FYI and FREE Holiday Reading Special.

Program Week 02 – OWDR WEEKS 01 & 02 Saturday 01/06/2018 through Friday 01/12/2018. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:07:25 – Subjects include: Cullen Baker: Battle of Julesburg; Indian Peace Commission Report; Stephen Hall Meek; Chris Madsen: Buffalo Bill; Harry Nickolson Morse; Bass Reeves and a FREE Holiday Reading Special. (thru January)

Program Week 03 – OWDR WEEKS 02 & 03 Saturday 01/13/2018 through Friday 01/19/2018. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:06:30 – Subjects include: Clubfoot George; Boone Helm; Raid on Godfrey Ranch; Eighteenth Amendment; Bonanza; Modoc War; Marlow Brothers; Last Massacre; and a FREE Holiday Reading Special. (thru January)

Program Week 04 – OWDR WEEKS 03 & 04 Saturday 01/20/2018 through Friday 01/26/2018. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:06:17 – Subjects include: Broncho Billy Anderson; Liver Eating Johnston; Barney; Barton Ambush; Bat Masterson; Nellie Bly; Mining labor wars; and a FREE Holiday Reading Special. (thru January)

Program Week 05 – OWDR WEEKS 04 & 05 Saturday 01/27/2018 through Friday 02/02/2018. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:0?:?? – Subjects include: and GOODBYE the  FREE Holiday Reading Special. (ENDING 02/02/18)


Thanks for Ridin’ By!

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