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OWDR-RW-Boyle-for-WebHowdy History Riders, here are the links to Doc Boyle’s FREEOld West Daily Reader History Riders Radio 2017 © on the Internet. The information runs Saturday to Friday. I’ll usually put the next weeks post up sometime Friday. Approximately six minutes: a short Subject Index appears here and on the play page for each show.

Thanks for saddlin’ up with OWDR History Riders Radio 2016 on the Internet to wander/wonder along some memory trails in the Great American Old West. Doc Boyle has selected events from the pages of OWDR to craft a series of weekly podcasts; collections of word-bytes about the people, places and events that have shaped our modern perception of the Old West. Historical hors d’ oeuvres intended to be enjoyed on their own merit, or to psyche you up to go out and find more of this complex and wonderful story.
Caveat Emptor: Thing is, history ain’t always all neat and pretty, so don’t get all riled up about something we ride by on these old mind trails. Unhappy things will soon slip behind us again onto our backtrail; forget ‘em if you need to. Just remember, the past is done. What counts, is what we do with the knowledge and understanding of our past, to improve our future.
Other thing is, you need to be careful here, a person can learn things…

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Note: This is copyrighted material. If you want to use part or all of a show; please contact me.
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Program Week 01 – OWDR WEEKS 52 & 01 Saturday 12/31/2016 through Friday 01/06/2017. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:06:30 – Subjects include: Billy the Kid; Sand Creek Revenge; “Tex” Ritter; “Broken Nose Jack” McCall; Art Acord; Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock; Theodore Roosevelt.

Program Week 02 – OWDR WEEKS 01 & 02 Saturday 01/07/2017 through Friday 01/13/2017. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:06:20 – Subjects include: Indian Peace Commission: Stephen Hall Meek; Chris Madsen; Sheriff Henry Plummer; Maxwell Land Grant; Mexican Revolution; James Hudson; Bass Reeves; Wyatt Earp.

Program Week 03 – OWDR WEEKS 02 & 03 Saturday 01/14/2017 through Friday 01/20/2017. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:06:10 – Subjects include: Grand Duke Alexi; Godfrey Ranch Raid; Eighteenth Amendment; Bonanza; Johnny Ringo; Donner Party; Steamboat General Jessup; Battle of Julesburg Aftermath; Hal J. Kelly.

Program Week 04 – OWDR WEEKS 03 & 04 Saturday 01/21/2017 through Friday 01/27/2017. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:06:36 – Subjects include: Alferd Packer; Treaty of Point Elliot; Horrell-Higgins Feud; Sutter’s Mill; Ed McGivern; Nellie Bly; Mining disaster; Texas Ranger Captain Rip Ford.

Program Week 05 – OWDR WEEKS 04 & 05 Saturday 01/28/2017 through Friday 02/03/2017. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:06:00 – Subjects include: James Cooksey Earp; Bear River Massacre; The man who killed the man, who killed the man, who….; Train Robbery; “be on the reservation or be declared hostile!; South Platte winter crossing; Lodgepole Creek.

Program Week 06 – OWDR WEEKS 05 & 06 Saturday 02/04/2017 through Friday 02/10/2017. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:05:45 – Subjects include: Battle of Mud Springs; Colt’s Armory; Indian Migration; Dumas Brothel; Dawes Act; Migration action…; The army goes home.

Program Week 07 – OWDR WEEKS 06 & 07 Saturday 02/11/2017 through Friday 02/17/2017. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:06:37 – Subjects include: BBB&C RR; the bark Tonquin; First peacetime bank robbery; Doc Cummings; City of St. Louis; Texas John Slaughter; Smiley Burnett; Geronimo.

Program Week 08 – OWDR WEEKS 07 & 08 Saturday 02/18/2017 through Friday 02/24/2017. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:06:11 – Subjects include: Treaty of Fort Wise; Al Sieber; Fort St. Louis; Argentine bound!; 1st Native American newspaper; John Heath; Zeke Proctor; Henry M. Teller; Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek.

Program Week 09 – OWDR WEEKS 08 & 09 Saturday 02/25/2017 through Friday 03/03/2017. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:06:15 – Subjects include: Colt Patent #9430X; Grand Canyon;Devil’s Rope; Henry Deringer; Yellowstone National Park; Republic of Texas; Moses Rose.

Program Week 10 – OWDR WEEKS 09 & 10 Saturday 03/04/2017 through Friday 03/10/2017. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:06:20 – Subjects include: Ad Topperwein; Patent Arms Manufacturing Co.; The Alamo; Georgia O’Keefe; Baby Doe Tabor; Spirit Lake Massacre; Olive Combs; Lincoln County War; Doolin Gang.

Program Week 11 – OWDR WEEKS 10 & 11 Saturday 03/11/2017 through Friday 03/17/2017. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:06:45 – Subjects include: Influenza; Charles Young; Edgar Howell; Patent # 72X; Kinnear Stage; Judge Roy Bean; Shootout!; Lew & Billy.

Program Week 12 – OWDR WEEKS 11 & 12 Saturday 03/18/2017 through Friday 03/24/2017. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:06:00 – Subjects include: Othneil Charles Marsh; Republican; Bill Cruzan; Major General George Crook; Fall Creek Massacre; John D. Lee; Davy Crockett.

Program Week 13 – OWDR WEEKS 12 & 13 Saturday 03/25/2017 through Friday 03/31/2017. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:06:24 – Subjects include: Ishi; Bob Paul; Bank Robbery; Profits up in smoke; An Official hanging; Behan’s Posse?; Seward’s Folly; James P. Masterson; Gunsmoke.

Program Week 14 – OWDR WEEKS 13 & 14 Saturday 04/01/2017 through Friday 04/07/2017. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:06:10 – Subjects include: Steamer Bertrand; Coinage Act; Patent #12648; Jesse James; John Howe; Bass Outlaw; Wilma Mankiller; Al Swearengen.

Program Week 15 – OWDR WEEKS 14 & 15 Saturday 04/08/2017 through Friday 04/14/2017. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:05:53 – Subjects include: Pistol Pete; Samuel Clemens; Haw Tabor; Marshall “Cash” Holister and posse; Edward Drinker Cope; Big Nose George Parott; Captain Richard King.

Program Week 16 – OWDR WEEKS 15 & 16 Saturday 04/15/2017 through Friday 04/21/2017. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:06:20 – Subjects include: “Cockeyed Frank” Loving; Wells-Fargo Parrot Building; “Flat Nose ” George Curry; Fat Alice Abbot; Wat Putney; Bob Ford; Geronimo; Wild Bunch.

Program Week 17 – OWDR WEEKS 16 & 17 Saturday 04/22/2017 through Friday 04/28/2017. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:05:59 – Subjects include: E.F. Beale; Bridge Gulch Massacre; Willa Cather; Gadsden Purchase; A.B “Bud” Guthrie; James Grimshaw Cayton; Alma Massacre.

Program Week 18 – OWDR WEEKS 17 & 18 Saturday 04/29/2017 through Friday 05/05/2017. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:06:30 – Subjects include: Donner Party; Louisiana Purchase; “Oregon or the Grave”; “Bitter Creek” George Newcomb; Buffalo Soldiers; Nosey Kate; Dr. Edward Maynard; Surrender!

Program Week 19 – OWDR WEEKS 18 & 19 Saturday 05/06/2017 through Friday 05/12/2017. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:06:18 – Subjects include: Williams Station Massacre; Jeff Davis Milton; “Queen Ann” Bassett; Brig Gen. Wm. S. Harney; Promontory Summit; Mussel Slough Tragedy; US ex rel. Standing Bear v. Cook.

Program Week 20 – OWDR WEEKS 19 & 20 Saturday 05/13/2017 through Friday 05/19/2017. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:06:29 – Subjects include: Lewis & Clark; Camels?; Lincoln County War; Apache War 1886; Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau; Great St. Louis Fire; Warren Wagon Raid; James B. Hume.

Program Week 21 – OWDR WEEKS 20 & 21 Saturday 05/20/2017 through Friday 05/26/2017. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:06:00 – Subjects include: Fort Parker Massacre; Cynthia Ann Parker; “Southern Rights”; Oregon Trail; Black Robe; St. Vrain Massacre; Wagon count; Wes Hardin.

Program Week 22 – OWDR WEEKS 21 & 22 Saturday 05/27/2017 through Friday 06/02/2017. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:06:00 – Subjects include: Jedediah Smith; “The Virginian”; Doc Holliday; Joe Boot and Pearl Hart; “Zwing” Hunt; Apache Kid; Confederate General Kirby Smith.

Program Week 23 – OWDR WEEKS 22 & 23 Saturday 06/03/2017 through Friday 06/09/2017. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:06:20 – Subjects include: Crazy Horse Memorial; Nineteenth Amendment; The Sundance Alliance; Loud-mouth Contract Killers; Great Seattle Fire; Johnny Behan; Bill Dalton; Mormon Handcarts.

Program Week 24 – OWDR WEEKS 23 & 24 Saturday 06/10/2017 through Friday 06/16/2017. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:05:55 – Subjects include: Evans Gang (Chris); Doolin Gang; Six Mile Canyon, NV; The Salt Creek Fight; Gertrude Franklin Horn; Oregon Treaty of 1848; Battle of Rosebud Creek; Pretty Shield.

Program Week 25 – OWDR WEEKS 24 & 25 Saturday 06/17/2017 through Friday 06/23/2017. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:06:40 – Subjects include: Parachute, CO; Annie Rogers; Maximillian; Horse in Motion Study; Pierre Laclède.; Camp Rucker, AZ; Cherokee Death squad; Fall Creek Massacre; John Larn.

Program Week 26 – OWDR WEEKS 25 & 26 Saturday 06/24/2017 through Friday 06/30/2017. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:0?:?? – Subjects include: Otto Mears; Lt. Col. George A. Custer; Joseph Smith; Captain Fredrick Benteen; Texas Jack Omohundro; The Kidder Massacre; Country Music.

Program Week 27 – OWDR WEEKS 26 & 27 Saturday 07/01/2017 through Friday 07/07/2017. Ride this week with Doc Boyle. 00:0?:?? – Subjects include: Pacific Railway Act; Black Hills Expedition; Mattie Blaylock; Olé, Toro, Toro! ; 1837 Rendezvous; William Baxter Earp; California.

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