Memorials Monuments and Sculpture

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Memorials Monuments and Sculpture

Memorials Monuments and Sculpture, the Commemoration of People and Places
in the American Old West,

No copyright logo - Memorials Monuments and SculptureAll photos included here are in the Public Domain in the United States of America unless noted otherwise. Western photographers are noted in the Players (if I have a workable date for them) [LOC = Library of Congress]. Nothing in the way of enhancement has been done to these photographs they are as originally produced. Photos with Copyright are noted and you should obtain specific permission from the holder of the copyright to use them.

 Memorials and Monuments

 The First Invasion .c 1500’s

Spanish Inscription - 1692 - Memorials Monuments and Sculpture “Historic Spanish Record of the Conquest” Timothy H. O’Sullivan – LOC
During the West of the 100th Meridian Expedition (1871-73)

Note that these early dates (and the 100 years or so before)
are the time of the coming of the horse to the American Indian.
This inscription and others are in El Morro National Monument
on the south side of “Inscription Rock” in Cibola County, western New Mexico.

Wk. 2, 1/14/1882 – Timothy H. O’Sullivan


Wm S Old Bill Williams Statue - Memorials Monuments and SculptureMountain Man William Sherley “Old Bill” Williams
Called “Lone Elk” by several tribes. Killed by Utes in March of 1849
the statue stands in Bill Williams Monument Park in Williams, AZ
sculpture, 1980 by Bill Pettit; Photo: U.S. PD

Wk. 01, 01/03/1787 – William Sherley “Old Bill” Williams


The Oregon Trail – 1845-53

Oregon Trail Tenino marker - Memorials Monuments and SculptureOn the street in Tenino, WA – The last one West, the first one placed by Meeker.

see: Wk. 22, 06/03/1850 – The Trails – map


  Sutter’s Mill

Sutters Millsite monumant - Memorials Monuments and SculptureA monument constructed near the site of the Sutter’s Mill gold discovery in California.
Photo: U.S. PD by Bobak Ha ‘Eri

Wk. 04, 10/28/1848 – Sutter’s Mill


 The Grattan Massacre 08/19/1854

Grattan Massacre plaque - Memorials Monuments and SculpturePhoto U.S. PD Phil Konstantin

see also:
Wk. 33, 08/19/1854 – Grattan Massacre
The Originals Index – Battlefields and Massacres – Massacres by Indians


 U.S. Army Camel Corps 1856 – 1863

U. S. Camel Corps plaque - Memorials Monuments and Sculpture   Photo: Hist. Marker, Tiffany Prentice via

Wk. 20, 05/14/1856 – Camels?


Slaughter Slough Monument - Memorials Monuments and SculptureSlaughter Slough Monument
Photo: U.S. PD 2011, McGhiever

see also:
Wk. 34, 08/20/1862 – Slaughter Slough
The Originals Index – Battlefields and Massacres – Massacres by Indians


Marlow Brothers Memorial - Memorials Monuments and SculptureIn Redbud Park – Marlow,OK
Photo: U.S. PD, unknown

TimelinesIndex – Timelines M-Z Index – Marlow Brothers Timeline
Quotes Index – Commentators Quotes – U.S. Supreme Court
Quotes Index – Cowboy Quotes – Judge A. P. McCormick


 Hi Jolly

Hi Jolly monument - Memorials Monuments and Sculpture
Wk. 50, 12/14/1902 – Hi Jolly


The Wickenburg Massacre

Wickenburg Massacre Memorial - Memorials Monuments and Sculpture
Wk. 45, 11/05/1871 – Wickenburg Massacre


Kid Curry – Parachute, Colorado -1904

Parachute robbery - Memorials Monuments and Sculpture

Parachute Getaway - Memorials Monuments and SculpturePull off I-70 at and find this account of the last ride of Kid Curry.
Photos © Mike Miller  {004}

Timelines Index – Timelines A-L Index  – Kid Curry Timeline
Photo Gallery – Lawmen and Outlaws Photos – [7R] Kid Curry

 Sculpture of the West

The popular wisdom on statues of mounted military figures says; if the horse is rearing (both front legs in the air), the rider died in battle; one front leg up means the rider was wounded in battle or died of battle wounds; and if all four hooves are on the ground, the rider died outside battle. No such convention exists.


Black Robe - Memorials Monuments and SculptureA statue in Dendermonde, Belgium (his birthplace) honoring Father Pierre-Jean DeSmet [1801-1872]. Known the the Indians as “Black Robe”.
Photo: U.S. PD, Ad Meskens
Wk. 21, 05/23/1876 – Black Robe






Tribute to Range Riders (1926) - Memorials Monuments and Sculpture

Texas Cowboy - 1925 - Memorials Monuments and SculptureFull size, bronze sculptures: Left: Tribute to Range Riders [1926] by Constance Whitney Warren from the Oklahoma State Capitol Art Collection. Courtesy of the Oklahoma Arts Council. © State of Oklahoma and the artist. Photo: © John Jernigan. Right: Texas Cowboy [1925] © by Constance Whitney Warren, displayed at The Texas State Capitol at Austin. Photo: Daniel Mayer via Wikipedia.
Wk. 41, 10/11/1948 – Constance Whitney Warren


Mormon Handcart Sculpture - Memorials Monuments and SculptureMormon Handcarts
Photo: U.S. PD CDGentry, statue by: Torleif S. Knaphus (1945).

Photo Gallery Index – Transportation PhotosHandcarts
PLAYERS H – Hand Cart, for all 10 expeditions: 1856 – 1860
Wk.23, 06/09/1856 – Perpetual Emigrating Fund
Wk. 42, 10/21/1856 – Fourth Mormon Hand Cart Company
Wk. 44, 10/31/1856 – Fifth Hand Cart Company
Wk. 39, 09/24/1860 – Tenth Hand Cart Company
Quotes Index – Commentators Quotes – Mormon Hand Carts


Pioneer Woman Sculpture - Memorials Monuments and SculpturePioneer Woman Sculpture
Photo: U.S. PD, internet

Wk.16, 04/22/1930 – The Contest
Wk. 40, 10/03/1941 – Ernest Whitworh “E.W.” Marland


Santa Fe Trail scout - Memorials Monuments and SculptureThe Scout
Charlton Heston, carrying a Henry Rifle, depicted as a scout on the Santa Fe Trail.
This commemorative sculpture by Sculpture by Fred Hoppe was dedicated 08/30/2003
Placed on a portion of the old Santa Fe Trail that runs through the National Rifle Association’s Whittington Center at Raton, NM.
Photo: © courtesy National Rifle Association.  )


Charles Goodnight - Memorials Monuments and SculptureCharles Goodnight
Photo: U.S. PD, Internet

Wk. 50, 12/12/1929 – Charles Goodnight

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