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Name, Place, or Title Born Died Noted
CA01, 09
Cabanné John (Trader - American Fur Co. (c. 1820's)0
cable cars17, 31, 35
Cache Valley, OR (Washington Territory)05
Cactus (Horse)18
Cahill, F.P. (Victim)33
Cajón De Los Negros, Battle of (05/03/1886)29
Calamity Jane (Martha Jane Cannary Burke) [Scout, Muleskinner, Fabulist)183118, 23, 31
Calamity Jane (TV) [Robin Weigert, Deadwood, TV)12
Caldwell, Samuel M. (Prospector)07
Calgary Sttampede35
California (an ocean going paddle-wheel steamship) c 185009
California Carlson (F, sidekick) Hoppy01
California Gold Rush04, 11, 36, 37
California Railway Museum (Sacremento, CA)28
California Rangers (1853)30
California State Rangers (1853)19
California Trail (Missouri to California) [approx. 2000 mi] {TL}20, 22, 29
California Trail Expedition (1833)11, 30
California, State of (31st State) "The Golden State"04, 10, 26, 28, 30, 36, 52
California: An Intimate History (1936)24
Californians, The (Novel) 189824
Call of Courage (M, 1924)01
Call of the Canyon (M) 192301
Calling Wild Bill Elliot (1943)48
Calloway, Thomas36
Caltharp, J.H.49
Calverly, Bob (Deputy Sheriff)14
Camden and Amboy05
Camden and Amboy Railroad (1831)37
Cameron, Evelyn (Photographer) [Montana 1894, 1928]0
Cameron, Rod (Movie Actor)49, 51
Camp Babbitt, CA (c 1860's)16
Camp Grant Massacre (1871)18
Camp Grant, AZ (1866-72)18
Camp Huachuca (AZ)07
Camp Independence, CA (c 1860's)16
Camp Rucker, AZ (1879-1881)25, 28
Camp Sacrifice22
Camp Sheridan (Yellowstone NP) 188619
Camp Sumter (Andersonville Confederate Prison)09, 45
Camp Supply, AZ (c. 1879)28
Camp Verde, AZ27
Campaign of the Rocky Mesa (1869)42
Campbell, George (ex, Marshal, Victim)-1515
Campbell, H. (Victim)39
Campbell, John Allen (Woming Territorial Governor) 1869-7550
Campbell, Sam (Deputy Sheriff)31
Campbell, Wilber Emery "W.E."0
Campstool Ranch (WY)27
Camptown Races (Stephen Foster song)02
Canada (1867)26
Canada Day26
Canby, Edward (Colonel later General) U.S. Army411508, 13, 15, 40
Cannary (Burke), Martha Jane (see: Calamity Jane)0
cannibals02, 03, 16, 17, 19, 43
Cannody, Thomas (Victim)12
Cannon, Rufe (Lawman)03
Cannonball (Sidekick)40
Canton, Frank M. (Cowboy, Bank Robber, Range Enforcer, Sheriff, US Marshal)373929, 31, 37, 39, 41, 44, 45
Cantonment McKean, NE (1863 - 1866)03
Canutt, Joe (Stuntman)21
Canutt, Tap (Stuntman)21
Canutt, Yakima "Yak" (Enos Edward) [Movie Star, Stuntman) TYH!21, 48
Captain Jack (Kintpuash) [Modoc Chief]15, 19, 40, 49
Captain Jack's Stronghold (Tule Lake03, 16, 49
Caralambo, "Greek George" (camel driver)0
Caravan Trail (M) 194642
Cardenas, Manuel (Hired Killer44, 45
Carey, “Laughing” Sam (or Dick) [HW]11
Carey, Harry (Henry DeWitt CareyII) [Movie Star]03, 38
Carey, Harry Jr. (Movie Star)38
Carey, McDonald (Movie Actor)43
Carillo, Captain (Mexican Army)32
Carillo, Leopoldo Antonio (Movie Acor36
Carisle Indian School25
Carlisle Indian School06, 44
Carlisle, William "Bill" (Last of the train robbers)19
Carlyle, James48
Carpenter, E.L. (Victim)16
Carpenter, Louis (USA)39
Carr, Eugene Asa (Brigadier General U.S. army)124812
Carr, W.H. (lawman)13
Carrasco, Col. José Maria (Mexican Officer)10
Carrillo, Leo (movie and TV star)323732, 36, 37
Carroll, Joe (posseman)23
Carson City Cyclone (M) 194342
Carson City Kid, The (M, 1940)27
Carson City, NV05, 32, 33, 43
Carson, D.T. (Texas Ranger)42
Carson, James Christopher "Kit" [M] (Scout, Soldier, Pathfinder)16, 24, 48, 52
Carson, Kit (soldier33
Carson, Moses (half brother of Kit)33
Carson, Sunset (Movie Star)07, 23, 46
Carson, Thomas47
Carter, Calvin H. "Cal" (Outlaw)14
Carter, Dixie40
Carter, Jeff "Dixie" (killed Rube Burrow) 189049
Cartridges of the West (see: Weapons Photos)0
Cartwright, Adam (TV - FC) Bonanza37
Cartwright, Ben (TV - FC) Bonanza37
Cartwright, Eric "Hoss" (TV - FC) Bonanza19
Cartwright, Litle Joe (TV - FC) Bonanza37
Carvalho, Solomon N. (Photographer)0
Carver, William R. "Will" "News" (BJK, WB)-1413, 14, 29, 35, 37, 38
Carver, Elijah0
Case, William "Bill" "Billy" (see: Carver, Will)0
Casey, Laura (see: Bullion, Laura)0
Casey, Robert (Victim)50
Cashman, Nellie (The Miner's Angel") Tombstone13
Casper Weekly Mail (WY) [Newspaper]14
Cassidy, Butch (see: Butch Cassidy)0
Cassidy, George (see: Butch Cassidy)0
Castello, Joe (Victim)04
Castle Rock (KS) see: landmarks and Registers0
Cat Ballou (M) 196521, 35
Cathay, William (see: Williams, Cathay)46, 0
Cather, Willa (author)17, 49
Catlin, George (Author, Painter)25, 30, 51
Catlow (M) 197123
Cattle06, 07, 16, 17, 22, 26, 27
Cattle Annie (Anna Emmaline McDoulet) c. 1890's484545, 48
Cattle Annie and Little Britches (Movie, 1981)45
Cattle Kate (Ellen Liddy Watson) WY, Homesteader and Rancher)272927, 29
Cayton, James Grimshaw (Forest Ranger)17, 41
Cayuse War48
CBS Radio01, 20, 31, 38
CBS Television02
Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County (Short Story) 186546
Central City, CO18, 45
Central Overland California and Pikes Peak Express Company (see: Pony Express)0
Central Pacific RR05, 16, 44
Centralia Massacre39, 50
Century Magazine26
Century of Dishonor (Book) 188232
Cervantes, Col. Candelario10
Chadburn, William "Billy the Kid" (Train Robber)11, 36
Chaddick, Sam (Porum Range War23
Chadwell, Bill (Outlaw) [aka: Wm. Stiles, Jack Ladd, J. Ward)36
Chalcon Augustine (outlaw)36
Chambers, Barzillai J. (Greenback VP candidate) 188023
Chambers, Lon39, 51
Champion (Horse)40
Champion Bronc Buster of the Plains27
Champion the Wonder Horse (TV in the UK)38
Champion, Nathan D. "Nate"391515, 39, 44
Chandler, Jack (T, Rancher)12, 13
Chandler, Michael A. (Author)0
Chapman, Amos (Army Scout) Medal of Honor 187437
Chapman, Charles A. (RR messenger) murdered36
Chapman, John (Lawman)14
Chapman, John (see: Johnny Appleseed)0
Charbonneau, Jean Baptiste (son of Sacajawea)07, 20
Charbonneau, Toussaint (French Trapper, husband to Sacajawea)123207, 12, 20, 32
Charging Bear (Blackfoot-Dakota Chief)31
Charging Hawk (Sioux Warrior)18
Charles (Charles Dennis Buchinskas) [Movie Star]35, 44
Charley (see: Hanks, Deaf Charley)0
Chasm of the Colorado (Painting) Thomas Moran34
Chavez y Chavez, Jose1851192402, 13, 29
Chavez, Clodoveo (CA outlaw) c. 1870's0
Cheney, Frank (Bank Robber)13, 18
Cherokee Bill (Outlaw) [Crawford "Charles" Goldsby]11
Cherokee Bill Gang (c. 1890's)11
Cherokee Bob (Outlaw)03
Cherokee Flash, The (M) 194518
Cherokee Moses, The (see: Ross, John)31
Cherokee Nation02, 08, 09, 15, 22, 24, 25, 39, 40, 48, 52
Cherokee Nation v. Georgia11
Cherokee Outlet (aka: Cherokee Strip) 183552-37, 52
Cherokee Phoenix (First Native American newspaper)182808
Cherokee Strip (aka: Cherokee Outlet)c. 1866-19, 37, 42, 52
Cherokee Strip Land Rush (1883)37
Cherokee Strip Museum (Rose Hill School)0
Cherry, Wesley (Private, Texas State Police)11
Chester (FC, Radio) Gunsmoke17
Chester Goode (TV, FC) Gunsmoke37
Cheyenne and Deadwood Stage Company39
Cheyenne Autumn (M) 196435
Cheyenne Frontier Days32, 0
Cheyenne Indians, The: Their History and Lifeways (2 Vols.) 192315
Cheyenne Wildcat (1944) Movie48
Cheyenne, WY06, 11
Cheyney, James36, 39
Cheynne, WY29, 30, 32, 38
Chicago Stock Yards (see: Union Stock Yards and Transit Company)0
Chicago World's Fair (1893)28
Chicago, IL23, 38, 46
Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific RR14, 29, 36, 38
Chick, Jack (Alma Massacre victim)17
Chico (Horse)04
Chico, Jose (Kern River Piaute) guide16
Chief Grey Beard (Cheyenne, Southern)37
Chief Grey Beard (Southern Cheyenne)37
Chief Inkpaduta (Scarlet Point) Santee Sioux c. 185710
Chief Iron Jacket (Comanche)19
Chief Medicine Water (Southern Cheyenne)34, 37
Chief of Scouts--09, 22
Chief Peta Nocona (Quahadi Comanche)1820186419
Chief Plácido (Tonkawa)43
Chief Seattle (Duwamish) c. 1850's04
Chief Stone Calf (Cheyenne, Southern)37
Chief Stone Calf (Southern Cheyenne)37
Chihuahua Apaches17
Chilcoot Tunnel (WPRR - 1909)44
Childers, Hank (Posseman)26
Chiles, Joseph Ballinger (California pioneer, trail blazer)302626, 29
Chimney Rock (CO) see: Landmarks and Registers0
Chimney Rock (NE) see: Landmarks and Registers0
Chimney Rock (NM) see: Landmarks and Registers0
Chimney Rock (Trail Landmark) NE29
Chinese Exclusion Act (1882)10, 18
Chinese Immigrants43
Chinese Massacre (1871)43
Chinese Workers (Central Pacific RR)16, 39
Chink (Coyote)31
Chipeta (Ute, Leader, Activist)-1201, 12
Chiracahua Mountains42
Chisholm Trail (Texas to Abilene, Kansas)15
Chisholms, The (TV) 1979 to 198025
Chisum Ranch (LCW, Roswell, New Mexico)27
Chisum, John Simpson (Cattleman)335119, 33, 39, 51
Chittenden, George (entrepreneur)52
Chivington, John M. (Colonel) U.S. Army13, 17, 32, 48
Cho Cho Co (Has No Horse) Tussawehee Shoshone leader32
Choate, H.B. "Bing" (K.B. Shoat?)27
Cholera (epidemic disease)18, 20
Christian, Will (see: Black Jack Christian)0
Christie, Julie (Movie Actress)25
Christie, Ned44
Christie, Ned (outlaw) c 1890's504418, 50
Christie, William (lucky drunken rider)25
Christmas (Holiday)26
Christmas Mine (AZ)52
Christmas, AZ52
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints (Mormons)13, 17, 23, 26, 34, 37, 39
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints06
Church Rock (UT see: Landmarks and Registers0
Church, William Conant (NRA co-founder - 1871)46
Cimarron, NM ("wild' or "unruly" in Spanish)04, 12, 13, 28, 39, 40, 44, 45
Circle of Death, The (Movie) 193520
Cisco Kid (Movies, TV, FC)11, 36, 37
City of Mines34
City Slickers (M, 1991)45
Civil War, U.S. (War between the States) [War of Yankee Agression in the South] {TL}1857192902, 03, 09, 11, 12, 15, 17, 19, 22, 26, 28, 30, 31, 34, 38, 43, 45, 47, 50
Claiborne, William F. "Billy" (T, Cowboy) "Arizona Billy the Kid"424628, 42, 43, 46
Clanton, Joseph Issac "Ike" (T, Cowboy, Rustler, Loudmouth Instigator, Coward) {TL}18472201, 12, 22, 23, 24, 31, 32, 36, 43
Clanton, Numan Haynes "Old Man" (T, Cowboy Leader)18163231, 32
Clanton, Phineas Fay "Finn" (T, Cowboy)01, 12
Clanton, Phinn (Ike's older brother)12
Clanton, William Harrison "Billy" (T, Cowboy)22, 31, 36, 43, 48
Clantons (T, The Family)11
Clappe, Louise Amelia Knapp Smith (author)47
Clappe, Louise Amelia Knapp Smith Clappe (author)06, 30
Clark Massacre (1851)32
Clark William [M] (Explorer) see also: Lewis and Clark313531, 35, 39
Clark, Ben (Deputy Sheriff)17
Clark, Etta (Madame) El Paso, Tx16, 19, 28
Clark, Grace (immigrant) massacre survivor32
Clark, Gruber and Company (Private Mint) Denver, CO16, 30
Clark, Jim (Marshal, Telluride, CO)32
Clark, John (MCW, Sheriff)36
Clark, Thomas (Wagon Train Pilot)32
Clark, William P. (1st. Lt.) U.S. Army18, 19
Clarke, Josephine Ruth (see: Browne, Reno)0
Clarke, Malcolm (rapist)33
Clarke, Powhatan (Lt., 10th Cavalry) c. 1880's18, 29
Clay Street Hill Railroad (1873)31
Clay, Henry (U.S. Representative, Senator)36
Clayoquot Sound (Vancouver Island)24
Clayton, George52
Clayton, Joshua E. (Pioneer Mining Engineer)0
Clayton, Tim0
Clayton, William (Idea Man)19
Cleese, John (Movie Actor)28
Clement, Archibald "Little Archie" (Bank Robber)-5007, 46, 50
Clements, Emmanuel "Mannie"13, 52
Clements, Orion (Samuel's Brother)31, 33
Clements, Samuel Langhorne (see: Mark Twain)0
Clements, Wes (see: Hardin, Wes)0
Clemo, Thomas05
Cleveland, George Washington (Train Robber)10, 47
Cleveland, S. Grover (24th U.S. President09, 11, 19, 32
Clift, Louis (Outlaw)03
Clifton, Dan "Dynamite Dan" (Outlaw)20, 27, 35, 45, 49
Clifton, Theodore F. (Reno Gang)28, 29
Clinton, Dewitt (Governor of New York) c 1820's43
Closed Hand - aka: Black Bear (Suicide Boy)25, 26
Clote, William Broderick (English Fortune Hunter)29
Clough, E.H. (Western Mining Writer)0
Clover, Sam (Reporter)15, 0
Clum, John Phillip (T, Mayor) Nantan, betun, nykahyeh [Boss with the High Forehead]16, 18, 23, 35
Clusker, Charlie (treasure hunter)46, 48
Clyde, Andy "California Carlson" (Movie Actor, Sidekick)01, 12, 19, 43
CO)05, 27, 34
CO) 186216
CO) c. 1880's to present29
Cobb, Lee J. (Leon Jacob) [Movie Star]06, 49
Cobb, Lula (wife of Joe Davis) Porum Range War - TL50
Cobb, Tom (Porum Range War) Davis Faction - TL38, 50
Coble, John (WY Rancher)29
Coca-Cola - 188619
Cochise (Apache Leader)17, 33, 40, 42, 0
Cochran, (Seaman) Elizabeth Jane (see: Nellie Bly)0
Cockerell, Tilton45
Code of the West43
Cody, William Fredrick (see: Buffalo Bill)0
Cody, William Joseph "Bill" (Movie Star) 1891-194801, 04
Cody, William Joseph "Bill" Jr. (Movie Star) 1925-8916, 32
Coe, Frank (LCW)1931185114, 18, 27, 29
Coe, George (LCW)1856194114, 18, 20, 27, 29, 31
Coe, Phil29, 40
Coffelt, Matt (Rustler)07
Cohron, Billy27
Cohron, John27
Coinage Act of 179214
Coinage Act of 185708
Coinage Act of 186416
Colbert, Chunk (Badman)01
Colcord, Charles Francis0
Cole, James (Deputy Marshal)48
Coleman, R.F. (Witness) OK Corral)48
Coleto Creek, Battle of (Texas Independence)12, 13
Colfax County War (NM)30, 37, 44
Colfax County, New Mexico Territory (CCW)04, 44
Colfax Massacre (1873) race15
Collier, John (Outlaw)35
Collier, Thomas B. "Tom" (Deputy Sheriff)03, 51
Collins, Aurthur (Mine Manager))25
Collins, Ben (Deputy Marshal)31
Collins, George (Constable)09
Collins, George aka: Fred Lewis (Outlaw)13, 19
Collins, Josiah (Commentator)24
Collins, William (Train Robber)45
Collins, William O. Lt. Col. U.S. Army06
Colorado Cannibal, The (see: Packer, Alfred)0
Colorado Fuel and Iron Company16
Colorado Gold Rush of 189042
Colorado Labor Wars (c. 1900's)04
Colorado Militia42
Colorado River (early, The Grand River)33, 38
Colorado Serenade (M) 194609
Colorado Sundown (Movie) 195211
Colorado War (1863-65)03
Colorado, State of (38th State) 1876 "The Centennial State"31, 39, 45
Colorado, Territory of (1861)01, 05, 09, 15, 29, 49
Colorow (Northern Ute Chief50
Colt Double Action Revolver Model 1877 “Lightning”03
Colt Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company02, 31
Colt Patterson Pistol08, 35
Colt Single Action Army Revolver, 1872 " Frontier"0
Colt Single Action Navy Revolver Model 185129
Colt Third Model "Thuer" Derringer (.41 cal.)0
Colt, Samuel [M] (Inventor, Industrialist) {TL}290201, 02, 08, 10, 29, 35, 37
Colt's Armory (Hartford, CT) 185706
Colt's Revolving Carbine (.3637
Colt’s Patent Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company01, 10, 48
Colter, John (First Mountain Man)0
Columbia Pictures (Movie Studio)48, 0
Columbia River12, 19, 43
Columbia River Bar12
Columbia River Fishing and Trading Company0
Colunbus, NM10
Colvin, Bessie (soiled dove)16
Comanche (Kotsoteka)39
Comanche (Penateka)27
Comanche Territory (M) 195042, 43
Comancheria (Indian Territory, OK)04, 19, 26, 27
Comancheros16, 25, 30
Comancheros, The (M) 196123, 35
Comcomly - (Lower Chinookan noble)24
Come on Rangers (M) 193842
Command (SS) 194638
Compañeros (M) 197045
Compañeros (Novel) 197831
Compromise of 185036
Compromise of 1850 (Federal Law)35, 36
Comstock Lode, The14, 24, 52
Comstock, Julia Bullet02
Concord Coach (Abbott-Downing)28, 37
Concordia Cemetery (El Paso, TX)48
Confederate partisans06
Confederate States of America {TL}1860186505, 13, 15, 18, 20, 22, 26, 31, 45, 49
Connelly, Charles T. (Marshal)40
Connery, Sean (Movie Star)23
Connor, Patrick Edward (Coronel) U.S. Army05
Conrad, William (RA17
Cook, Al (bartender/gunfighter)29
Cook, Thalis39
Cook, ?? (Detective)47
Cook's Canyon (NM Terr.)33
Cookie (Sidekick)07
Cooley (the Widow)0
Cooley, Scott (Outlaw)45
Coolidge, Calvin (30th U.S. President) 1923-29)02, 22
Coombs, Olive (curious Schoolteacher)10
Cooney, James C. (sergeant, U.S. Army)17
Coop, John31
Cooper, Andy (see: Blevins, Andy)0
Cooper, Gary (Movie Star)09, 19
Cooper, Myrtle Elenor (see: Lulu Belle and Scotty)0
Cooweescoowee District, Cherokee Nation43
Cope, Edward Drinker (Paleontolgist)-1511, 15, 29
Copeland, Aaron (Composer)40, 42, 46, 48
Copeland, John (Sherriff)17
Copeland, John M. (Sherriff) LCW20
Copper (horse)27
Copper Queen Mine (AZ, c. 1877)0
Cora, Charles46
Cornett, Braxton "Brack" (outlaw c. 1890's)21188821, 39
Corps of Discovery (Lewis & Clark) 1803-180617, 32, 35, 39
Corps of Topographical Engineers (U.S.)04, 09
Corrigan, Ray "Crash" (Movie Star)07, 21, 23, 32
Corriganville )Movie Ranch)32
Cosmatos, George P. (Film Director)52
Costner, Kevin (Movie Actor)28
Cotton Gin (1794)11
Coues, Elliott (Ornithologist)30
Council House Fight, The12
Country Music Association, The27
Courtin' Trouble (M) 194838
Courtright, Longhaired Jim (Gunfighter)18480606
Cover, Thomas (Explorer)16
Cow People (1964)38
Cow? What Cow? (Photo Gallery - Cowboy Photos)0
Cowan, Bertha Muzzy Sinclair (Novelist) 1871-19??0
Cowboy Artists of America (organization)26-15, 17, 26, 36, 44, 47
Cowboy Hall of Fame, The27
Cowboy Spirit Award19
Cowboy's Lament (Song) [see: Streets of Laredo]0
Cowboy's Turtle Association, The (1936)44
Cowboys Lament: A Life on the Open Range (Book)09
Cowboys, The (M) 197224
Cowboys, The (T, Criminal Gang)01, 02, 21, 28, 29
Cox, Burrell (Posseman)26
Cox, Samuel P. (Colonel) U.S. Army43
Coy, Jacob10
Coyote Bill0
Coyote Special (RR Train)28
Crabbe, Clarence Linden "Buster" (Movie Star)03, 17
Crabtree, Lotta (Entertainer, 1847-1924)51, 0
crack shot)27
Craig Samuel Henry (Sgt. 4th Cavalry) MOH20
Crane, Jim (T11, 24, 31, 32
Crashing Thru (M 1949)43
Craydon, James (Captain) U.S. Army)08
Crazy Horse (Oglala Lakota Sioux Chief) "His Horse is Spirited" {TL}1866187702, 18, 26, 31, 36, 37, 47, 51
Crazy Horse Memorial Sculpture22
Credit Mobilier of America (supplier to the UPRR)01
Creede, CO (Mining)16, 22, 23
Creek Light Horse (Indian Police) OK Territory32
Creek, Milo (Lawman)41
Cricket Saloon (Deadwood, SD) c. 187514
Crime of '73, The (de-monitizing silver)07
Crimson Skull, The (M)14
Cripple Creek Mining District (CO)04, 42
Cripple Creek, CO17, 18, 22, 27, 32, 43
Crittenden, Thomas T. (Governor of Missouri) 1881-8514
Crocket, David "Davy" (outlaw, killer)12, 39
Crockett, David (Davy) [M] (soldier, legislator, and folk hero)331010, 33, 39
Crook, George (Major General) U.S. Army (Natan Lupan, Grey Fox)05, 12, 18, 24, 25, 36
Crooked River, Battle of (Missouri)43, 44
Cross, Robert (Outlaw) TX?42, 0
Crow Creek Reservations02
Crow Dog (Brule' Sioux Chief)31
Crow, Grip (revenge seeker)31
Crow, James H. (rustler)11
Crow, Walter J. (Shooter and Victim)19
Crowe, Russell (Movie Actor)36
Crush, George (General Passenger Agent/Katy) "Boom!"37
Crush, TX (1 day town)37
Cruz, Judah Florentino (see: Indian Charlie)0
Cruzan, William "Bill"12
Cuerno Verde (Green Horn) Comanche Leader34, 35, 36
Culver , George W. (Army Scout)38
Cummings, Charlie "Trinidad" (saddle thief, killer)22
Cummings, Mary Katherine (see: Big Nose Kate)0
Cummings, Samuel M. "Doc"07, 16
Cunningham, Abe52
Curley, Samuel R. (Prospector - Gambler - Dove killer)49
Curly (Crow scout for Custer)0
Curren, Bill (Victim)28
Curry, George "Flatnose" "Big Nose" (Outlaw)121612, 16, 21, 23
Curry, Johnnie (Outlaw)05, 30
Curry, Kid (see: Kid Curry)0
Curry, Lonnie (Outlaw)05, 09, 21, 30
Curtis, Asahel (Northwest Photographer)0
Curtis, Barry (TV Actor)38
Curtis, Burt "Red" (Train Robber)35
Curtis, C.C. (Photographer)0
Curtis, Edward S. (Photographer)0
Curtis, Ken (TV Actor)17, 27
Custer Expedition of 187415, 27, 31
Custer Massacre (1876)27, 35
Custer of the West (Movie - 1967)14
Custer, Boston (cousin of George Custer)23
Custer, Elizabeth Bacon "Libby" (Wife of George A. Custer)18421414, 27, 41
Custer, George Armstrong (Lt. Col.) U.S. Army [Brevet Maj. Gen. - Civil War] {TL}492602, 05, 14, 20, 23, 24, 26, 27, 29, 30, 31, 37, 41, 47, 48, 49
Custer, Tom (Captain) U.S. Army23, 37
Custer's Last Stand (painting) E.S. Paxon45
Cut Belly - aka: Open Belly (Suicide Boy)25, 26
Cutting Horse Association Hall of Fame50
Cyclone Prairie Rangers (M) 194440
Cyrus (Ethnologist, Entomologist)30
Czolgosz, Leon Frank (Assassin)37, 44
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