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Name, Place, or Title Born Died Noted
Rabbit Fever (see: Tularemia)0
Race Horse (Bannock Hunter)30
Radenbaugh, Harry (see: Sundance Kid, The)0
Radigan (N) 195823
radio host and children's author)48
Rafferty, John03, 29
Raid on Godfrey Ranch (1863)03
Raider (Horse)12
Raiders of Sunset Pass (M) 194314
Raidler, William "Little Bill" (Doolin Gang)14, 36
Railroad Safety Appliance Act (1896)09
Rain follows the plow26
Rain in the Face (Sioux Warrior)26, 37, 51
Rainbow over the Range (M) 194001, 45
Rainbow Trail, The (1918) Silent Film23
Raine, William McLeod (Western Author)0
Ralston, "J.K." (James Kenneth) [Painter]13, 48
Ramona (Book) 188432
Ramrod (Movie) 194733
Ramrod (Novel) 194333
Ranch Girls on a Rampage (1912)41
Ranch Life and the Hunting Trail (Book) 188801
Ranch on the Beaver (1927)39
Rancho Delux (screenplay, 1973)50
Randall, Addison Byron Owen (see: Randall, Jack)0
Randall, Jack (Movie Star)19, 29
Randolph, Bill (Bank Robber, Murderer)13, 19
Range Beyond the Blue (M) 194727
Range Busters (Series)1940 to 194321, 23
Range Detective47
Range Rider08, 50
Range War (M) 193916
Ranger, New Mexico42
Rankin, ?? (Sheriff)15
Rankin, Jeannette (1st woman elected to congress) Montana1880197345
Rapelje, Hiram Edward "Hi" (Bounty Hunter)23, 24
Rash, Madison "Matt"27
Rath Trail0
Rath, Charles (Storekeeper)18, 26
Raton Pass (Novel) 195031
Raton Pass (Screenplay) 195031
Raven (Horse)01
Rawhide (TV) 196013
Ray, John (Outlaw)35
Ray, Nick (JCW)15
Raymond) Charles (Detective)27
Rebel (Dog) TV Star38
Reckless Buckaroo, The (Movie) 193504
Records, Laban Samuel0
Red Buck (horse) Emmett Dalton40
Red Cloud (Oglala Lakota Chief)33, 51
Red Cloud Agency44
Red Cloud Agency (Nebraska)18, 44
Red Cloud's War (1866 to 1868)29
Red Glove, The (M serial) 1919 [lost]13
Red River Dick (see: Deadwood Dick)0
Red River Renegades (M) 194618
Red River Robin Hood (M) 194214
Red River War, The (1874)39
Red Ryder (FC, Comics, Radio, Movies, TV)29, 43, 45, 48
Red Ryder (Radio Series)05
Red Ryder Movie Series42, 48
Red Sah Gang (see: The Cowboys)36
Red Sash Outlaw Band (c 1880's)31, 43
Red Tomahawk (Indian policeman) c. 189050
Red Young Man (Comanche leader)30
Redford, George (Victim)34
Redford, Robert (Movie Actor)43, 51
Redman, James (Sheriff)48
Reed, James C. "Jim" (Outlaw)14
Reeves, Bass (U.S. Deputy Marshal)18380202, 16
Reeves, Connie Douglas (performer)0
Regan, Ronald (Actor)18, 38
Register Cliff (WY) see: Landmarks and Registers0
Regulators (most of 'em)10, 14, 15, 18, 20, 28, 30, 31, 47
Regulators, Johnson County, WY15, 39
Regulators, Lincoln County, NM02, 10, 13, 14, 18, 20, 28, 30, 31, 47
Reid, Frank27
Reinhart, Sheriff39
Reming Model 1889 Wells Fargo Shotgun (12 or 10 bore)0
Remington Arms Company32, 48
Remington Army Revolver Model 18610
Remington Model 1866 Double Derringer (.41 rimfire)50
Remington Rolling Block Rifle (see: Weapons Photos)0
Remington, Eliphalet (Firearms Designer)32, 43
Remington, Frederick Sackrider (Artist)01, 29, 40, 52
Renaldo, Duncan (movie and TV star)173617, 21, 36, 37, 42
Rendezvous (see: Dictionary)27
Rennix, John M. (Marshal) New Castle, CO)-4747
Reno Gang, The (Outlaw Gang) {TL}1866186813, 21, 28, 29, 30, 40, 46, 50
Reno Rides Again (Radio) 1949 to ????)20
Reno, Frank (outlaw)13, 40, 50
Reno, John (Outlaw)1839189546
Reno, Marcus (Major) U.S Army [Custer]461309, 26
Reno, Simon (Outlaw)40, 50
Reno, William (Outlaw)50
Republic Picures (Movie Studio)11, 21, 23, 34, 40, 48, 51
Republican (U.S. Political Party) 185412
Republican River (KS)27
Requiem for a Gunfighter (M) 196508
Return to Dodge (TV) 198721
Rex (Horse)20
Reynolds, Don Kay (Movie Actor)0
Reynolds, Glen (sheriff) victim18534444
Reynolds, N.O. (Texas Ranger)0
Rhodius, Charley07
Rhymes of Range and Trail (Book) 191109
Riata and Spurs (B, Charlie Siringo)42
Rice and Byers Trading Post (Fort Sill) c. 18700
Rice, Herbert K. (Radio Actor)42
Richardson, Levi14, 18
Richardson, William46
Richardson, William Blaine "Bill" (30th Governor of NM) 2003-201152
Riddle, Toby "Winema" (Modoc Indian)15
Ride 'Em Cow Girl (M) 193913
Ride the High Country (M) 196209, 42, 52
Ride the Wind (Novel) 198220
Riders of Destiny (M) 193324
Riders of the Dawn (M) 193721
Riders of the Purple Sage (1918) Silent Film23
Riders of the Purple Sage (M) 191643
Riders of the Purple Sage (Novel) 191243
Riders of the Rio Grande (M) 194321, 45
Ridge, John (Cherokee politician) Treaty Party25
Ridge, Major (Cherokee politician) Treaty Party25, 52
Ridin' Down the Trail (M) 194738
Ridin' Rascals (M, 1924)01
Riding Avenger, The (M - 1936)34
Rifleman, The (TV) 1958 to 196320, 52
Right of Discovery13
Right of Occupancy13
Riley, A.T.02
Riley, John19
Riley, Charles Valentine (Entomologist)37, 38
Ring Eye (Horse)07
Ring, eyed Nellie (Horse)07
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus' Wild West Show41
Ringo, John Peters "Johnny" (T, Cowboy Leader) "King of the Cowboys" {TL}182803, 12, 15, 18, 28, 31, 36, 39, 45, 46, 50, 52
Rio Conchos (M) 196402
Rio Grande (M) 195017, 35, 38, 43
Rio Grande Posse, The (see: John W. Kinney Gang, The)0
Rio Grande Southern Railroad (1892-1951)25
Rip (Apache scout) victim22
Ritter, "Tex" (Woodward Maurice) (Singer, Movie Star)01, 02, 42, 45
Roach-Belcher feud (CA, c. 1870's)12
Roarke, Mike (Outlaw)04
Robards, Jason (Movie Star)30, 52
Robber's Roost (WB Hideout, UT)19, 48
Robbers of the Range (M) 194142
Robbins, Franklin (murdered)36
Robbins, George (Murdered)36
Robbins, Marty (Musician, Singer)0
Robert Stuart (explorer, fur trader)43
Robert, John E. (Victim)11
Roberts, Andrew "Buckshot" (LCW)14, 30
Roberts, George D. (Express Manager)31
Roberts, Jim (City Marshal)25
Roberts, Mose (PVW, V)36
Roberts, Ollie L. "Brushy Bill" (claimed to be Billy the Kid)18595212, 28, 48, 52
Roberts, Pernell (TV Actor) Bonanza37
Roberts, Will (Performer, Roper)0
Robertson, A.C. "Eck" (Fiddler)26
Robertson, Ben (see: Wheeler, Ben)0
Robertson, Cliff (Movie Actor)36
Robertson, Dale (Movie Actor)18
Robinson, G.W. (Newspaperman)26
Robinson, John H. (Physician, Pike Expedition)46
Robles, Guadalupe (Bandit)23
Robson, Lucia Clair (Author)20
Rochas, Francois-Jean "Frenchy" (carpenter, NM pioneer)385238, 52
Rock Springs Massacre, The (1885)35
Rocket (Horse)43
Rockwell, Porter0
Rocky Lane (Movie Star)38, 43
Rocky Mountain Fur Company (1830)06, 29, 44
Rocky Mountain Locust29, 37
Rocky Mountain Mystery (Movie) 193509
Rocky Mountain News (Newspaper)07, 12, 17, 22, 30, 49
Roddenberry, Gene (Television, writer/producer)36
Rodeo (Broadway Show) 194240, 48
Rodeo Cowboys Association (194544
Rodocker, David (Photographer)0
Rodriguez, Chipita (A First of sorts...)46
Roebuck, Alvah Curtis (watchmaker, businessman)04
Roerig, Peter T, Miner, Victim)11, 27
Roff, Harry14
Rogers, Annie (aka: Della Moore or Maude Williams) Kid Curry's Girlfriendc. 1880c. 192625, 37, 41
Rogers, Clement Vann "Clem" (cowboy, Cherokee Senator and judge)20
Rogers, Clement Vann "Clem" (cowboy, soldier, Cherokee Senator and judge)024302
Rogers, Ike (Lawman)03
Rogers, Jennie (Madame)44
Rogers, Jim27
Rogers, Lou (cartoonist, illustrator, writer, radio host, children's author)481010, 48
Rogers, Roy (see: Roy Rogers)0
Rogers, William Penn Adair (see: Will Rogers)0
Rogue of the Range (M, 1936)46
Rogue River War [OR] 185844
Roll (Movie) 194043
Roll, Thunder, Roll (M) 194942
Rolleri, Jimmy (Stage Passenger)44
Roman Nose (Cheyenne Chief)01
Romanov, Alexei Alexandrovich (Russian Grand Duke)02
Ronan, Charlie16
Rooker, John13
Roosevelt, Theodore [M] (26th U.S. President, Cowboy, Author, etc. (Medal of Honor) TYH! {TL}430101, 02, 10, 12, 18, 23, 29, 37, 38, 39, 43, 44, 49, 52
Rope, John (Apache Scout) c.1880's28
Roping Fool, The (M) 1922 [Will Rogers]33, 44
Rose, Al33
Rose, Della (see: Bulllion, Laura)0
Rose, Edward (Mountain Man)0
Rose, Louis "Moses"09
Roseberry, Charles W.28, 29
Rosebud Creek, Battle of12, 24, 47
Rosenberg, Herman (Roundup Founder)30
Ross Family (Rustlers)15
Ross, "Sul" (Capt., Texas Rangers) c 1860's51
Ross, John (Cherokee Chief) 1790-186625
Ross, John (Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation) 1828 - 186631186631, 40, 52
Ross, Quatie (Victim - Trail of Tears) 183852
Ross, Quatie (wife of Chief John Ross)52
Roswell, NM27
Roth, Pvt. Peter (U.S. Army) Medal of37
Roughing It (B- Mark Twain) 187231
Roulette (Gambling Game)0
round Rock, TX (1851 - present)29
Rowden, ?? (Store Keeper)22
Rowley, Cornelius (Posseman, Victim)32
Roy Daugherty) Doolin Gang Member06, 33, 35
Roy Rogers [M](Singer, Radio, Movie & TV Star, Icon) [Leonard Franklin Slye] {TL}452706, 07, 09, 11, 21, 23, 25, 27, 34, 38, 42, 45
Roy Rogers Comics (1935-98)27
Roy Rogers Show (TV) 1952 to 195702, 06, 09, 52
Rucker Canyon, Battle of (1869)42
Rucker, Edward (Pinkerton Founder)26
Rucker, John Anthony (Lieutenant U.S. Army) c.1880's28
Rudabaugh, David "Dave" (LCW, Outlaw)01, 04, 07, 46, 48, 51
Ruff, C. F. (Captain, Texas Rangers) c. 185529
Rufus Buck Gang (1896)26, 31, 32
Ruggles, Charle & John (Stage Robbers)30
Ruling his Son (Pawnee Chief)31
Run of the Arrow (M) 195725, 35
Runnels, Hardin R (Texas Gov. 1857-59)04
Russel, Majors and Waddell (Pony Express Founders)37
Russell Lillian (actress)1860-61192251
Russell, Charles M. (Artist)124305, 12, 43
Russell, Kurt (Movie Actor)52
Russell, Majors and Waddell (Founders of The Pony Express)13
Russell, Miss Kitty [FC] (see: Miss Kitty)0
Russell, Osborne (Trapper; Hunter; Author)243424, 27, 34
Russell, William Hepburn (Pony Express, Parner)05, 37
Russian Model 3 Smith and Wesson Pistorl31
Rustler03, 17, 19
Rustlers of Devil's Canyon (M) 194743
Rustlers of Red Dog (Movie Serial) ???? [Johnny Mack Brown)46
Rutherford, S. Morton (Marshal) c. 189532
Ryan, Billy39
Ryan, Harry31
Ryan, Mrs. Annie (Madame) [Cripple Creek & Denver]0
Ryan, Pug (aka: Lewis Scott)32
Rynerson, William (LCW) [DA, Lincoln, NM Territory]25
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