Rodeos and Wild West Shows

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Rodeos and Wild West Shows

Bonnie McCarroll Thrown - Rodeos and Wild West ShowsThis is perhaps the most famous rodeo photo in the world!

Proudly displayed in The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame.
It shows yet-to-be World Famous Cowgirl Rodeo contestant and performer Bonnie McCarroll
being thrown from the back of the bronc Silver, at The Pendleton Roundup in 1915.
Her first year of competition.
Fourteen years later, at Pendleton, she would be killed in what was to be her final Rodeo performance.
Photo: U.S. PD 1915, Walter S. Bowman

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Wk. 39, 09/29/1929 – Bonnie McCarroll
Pendelton Roundup
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Terms like “exposition” or “exhibition” were commonly used to indicate that the spectacles were authentic, ethnographic examples of people from the true Wild West. Many of the performers were real working cowboys and Native Americans who had been involved in legendary battles and historic events before seeing their way of life change dramatically with the settlement of the American frontier. Most of the “Wild West Shows” did not include the word “show” in their name since the term indicated that the performers were simply acting instead of portraying themselves as they really were in their life in the west.

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