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Why isn’t Old West Daily Reader free like other western sites?

I’m not completely sure, but I think this is the largest, most complete, single point, Western History site on the World Wide Web/Internet. There is NO ADVERTISING on Old West Daily Reader! If you want to be distracted by all that junk and noise, this ain’t the camp for you…
As you may know, if you follow the various issues about the web, there is an ongoing discussion about who pays for what. More often than not, it’s becoming you, the user, paying for only the content you use. That’s the game here. There is no advertising contaminating this site and I’d like to keep it that way. Problem is, this very large, high quality, immensely complicated site costs well over $1,000 a year, just for maintenance and security. That equates to fifty new subscribers per year, every year. This wonder has not yet occurred, but I think it may in time.
I personally maintain the site, research and write most of the information and produce History Riders Radio™ with no compensation. It’s well beyond a full-time job. If the site doesn’t make that $1,000 a year, I pay the difference. There is also, the nearly $20,000 it cost to build this site and the thousands of hours spent writing, editing and building the hundreds of pages of content.
So there it is folks, it ain’t free until I win the lottery or some gracious history lover/benefactor puts up some big bucks to help.

 Pull yer freight! Help keep Old West Daily Reader AD-FREE!
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