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“This is the one stop shop for anything and everything related to the Old West. Whether looking for information or something that happened during a specific week, this web site is the resource to use. A “coffee table” website that will spur western conversation all evening long. I’d also recommend earmarking the site on your mobile device for conversations around the campfire and the telling of ghost stories.”

“I was privileged to observe years of research and preparation distilled like a fine whiskey into the informative and sometimes harsh, but always interesting Old West Daily Reader.  I know of nothing comparable, this is a rich trove of old western history, a library at your fingertips.
“I have been fortunate to call Doc friend and brother since before the invention of dirt, and am very pleased that he ain’t been hung yet.  You’re ridin’ with the best now.”
CW aka: Alkali Burns

“The Old West Daily Reader is very likely the most complete and intriguing index of western facts on the worldwide web! I find it nearly impossible to begin an exploration in this tome without being led along some unexpected path of delightful exploration.
“It has been a pleasure working on this extensive guide to Western History with Mr. Boyle, who is a most enthusiastic hound of factual material. I highly recommend this site to anyone interested in the history of the Old West.”
“Coyote Caroline” Metzler

“Hey Doc, I just wanted to offer a big thank you for ‘The Old West Daily’. Gosh, its been a long time since I sat in a saddle or rode anything rough…but best memories as a kid always revolved around everything cowboy, ..even though living in the wrong time zone and way down here in New Zealand.. Having access to the ‘Old West and frontier days’ and how things really were, is about as good as it gets…so many things I didn’t know for sure and now put to rest. Cheers for sharing Doc and my thanks to your fine staff and contributors too.”
“Grey Wolf” down under


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