2016 Update

Howdy History Riders,
As always, it’s been a while since I updated the Blog. In October and November, I was engaged in a massive re-do and housekeeping on the site. ALL DONE! Not only that, but I am very pleased with the changes and additions. A lot of what was done isn’t very apparent but it will make managing and using the site easier for all.
One item I worked on was bringing some formatting standards to like pages. The Timelines are a good example of this. Now, Timeline pages are laid out in a similar fashion with more information and often a photo on the subject of a particular Timeline included in the header. There are currently 68 Timelines with another half dozen or so currently in the works. There are two Timelines which are somewhat different from the others. The Timeline “Time to Ponder” is about time itself, not individuals or places as with the others. “Commerce in the Old West” doesn’t even admit to being a Timeline, but it is, and quite a bit more. As you will note, it also belongs to the new triad of pages related to ‘Trade in the Old West“.
There are numerous new entries in the WEEKS, PLAYERS and other pages. Watch for new entries by OWDR Contributor Alkali Burns {003}, always interesting information! (Have a look at Pink Higgins)
New pages include:
The Originals Index – HorsesHorse BreedsHorse Colors
The Originals Index – Landmarks and Registers
The Originals Index – Trade in the Old WestBeads in Old West TradeCommerce in the Old West
The Originals Index – Lost Treasures in the Old WestHoaxes
Photo Gallery Index – Mining Photos – Gold Rushes Silver RushesMining Minerals
I would like to remind everyone again that I am still seeking pictures from History Riders and friends for the Young Guns photo page. Check out the page: The Pretenders – Young Guns.
You may have noticed that I have discontinued the OWDR Daily Facebooks posts as of January 1, 2016. I did it for three years but now I want to re-invest the time in working on The Reader. I have a large backlog of research that I want to filter into the site. Always very time intensive.
I will continue to produce the weekly History Riders Radio © shows. Always at least one event for each day of the week from the pages of Old West Daily Reader. Usually around six minutes long. FREE Access on the site’s front page. Try ‘em!
The site is looking good with a lot of new material, I think you will be busy just checking out what I have listed here. Enjoy!

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