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It’s been a while since I’ve had time to blog. My summer was full of performances and summer things although I was able to keep up a good work schedule on the Old West Daily Reader. I performed at True West Rail Fest in mid-August. Great fun, but, as with such things, a lot of tight focus and very tiring. You can find the photos from that event at: I do hope I’m invited back next year.

October saw me doing the 14th Annual Ghost Walk at Linwood Pioneer Cemetery in Glenwood Springs, CO. I am the Father-of-the-Feast of this event and it is one of the highlights of my performance year. There aren’t too many photos from the cemetery at night.

As usual, I spent my summer weekends at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park; the photos from that at:

As I said, I have kept a good work schedule with The Reader and have added about 100 entries since last I wrote. The biggest addition, just completed today, I might add, is a large Five page section in The Originals called “Critters of the West”. I have worked on this for some time and like all things on The Reader, it finally got complete enough to post but like everything else here, it’s not done. I have a long list of items to add already. Find the new section at:

I seem to be holding my pace of 20 to 30 new event additions to The Reader each a month, I’d like to continue that through the winter but I do have several demanding novels going, so I intend to allocate some time to them this winter as well. (They’re both SciFi, sorry…)

Well, that’s a short update but I’m still pretty busy and I always forget to do this. I probably won’t be back here ‘til January.

Oil up that leather for winter and cover the woodpile; see you later…


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