Attention History Riders

The Old West Daily Reader website is currently undergoing some major renovations. The result is a large number broken internal links in some sections of the site.
The sections most affected are the Timelines and Quotes but a number of other single pages are also affected. Some of these are on the Main Navigation Panel. The WEEKS pages and their links are NOT involved and should work normally. Links to affected pages noted in articles within the WEEKS won’t work for a while. Specific links will work again as I re-direct them, so this will be a piecemeal operation over time. As many of you know, this is a one-man operation so it will take a while to get everything going again.
This is the first such re-do of the site since 2011, a final clean-up of some leftovers from the hack of earlier this year, a re-naming of a large number of pages (thus the broken links) for consistency of format and Search Engine Optimization issues. I’m guessing this will take the first several weeks of November to totally resolve. Sorry about the inconvenience but this will result in considerable improvements to the management of the site. Most of these changes won’t really be noticeable to users, only the loss of utility while I get it all done. Again sorry about that, but I will stay on this and get it done as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding and patience. – Doc

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