Almost Summer!

Howdy everyone,

Its been a while since I wrote here but I have been performing a lot lately and the garden and yard are running wild as spring turns to summer here in Western Colorado. That said, I have not been ignoring The Old West Daily Reader, several major projects are currently under way.

Perhaps the most difficult and certainly the slowest, is finding the information to bring the entries for any given day to a minimum of three. When it gets down to looking for an event on a specific date in Western History, it gets a bit difficult to find something suitable for The Reader. I have no idea how long this will take, I’m reading a lot! Not too many left though. Suggestions and help welcome!
I have finally gotten around to building some timelines for some major players and events; a listing of all the entries, in date order for that story. Some are quite small while others have 10 to 30 entries. It’s working out quite well but the whole idea is very time consuming since I do a certain amount of cross-referencing within the Weeks articles as I build the Timelines. It sure makes The Reader better though! There are 26 Timelines as of this writing, find them on the Players fly-out. Help is always welcome with these; the instructions are on the pages.

The regular (new) listings are, as always, proceeding as well, new ones all the time. As I noted in a previous blog, I’ve just slowed down due to the summer work load. There are always a few new quotes and a photo or two.

Thanks for all those Face Book “Likes”!  Keep ‘em coming! The Old West Daily Reader is just a bit past ten months on the internet now and membership is still slow but growing, I’m happy with the results so far. I have had some nice feedback from some of the gift subscriptions to the various Museums and Historical Societies. By the way, if you have a Historical Society or Museum in your community that would like a subscription to The Reader, have them drop me an email and I’ll give ‘em one.

Enough for now, I’m in research mode today and need to get a move on; safe trails and a happy summer to all, ‘til next time.


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