Spring Roundup


Howdy History Riders,

Here is a bit of an update on happenings around The Reader’s campsite. First off, how about those radio shows? What fun! Now, I have several Reader contributors lined up to give you a break from me always doing the shows. Already, Weeks 16 and 18 are by Kid Curry Portrayalist Mike Miller and he, will no doubt, do some more, later in the year. I expect we will hear from Alkali Burns as well, before it’s over.
As always, lots of new articles, I have just completed a looong old project on the Mormon Hand Carts. Among others; still working on the huge Indian Tribes Page (forever) and the Indian Wars Timeline is getting caught up to what is actually in the WEEKS pages (It’s immense!). Speaking of Timelines, there are now over 40 completed and I get a new one done every week or so.
The weather in Colorado is Spring normal now but should soon warm up and I need to focus outside for while. I have been head-down on these keys for a good piece of the winter and The Reader shows it but it’s time for a break.
Thanks to FaceBook friends who have been suggesting new Players for The Reader, I think I added them all! Speaking of FaceBook, do you know that I post new events from The Reader pages every day? At: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Old-West-Daily-Reader/236605116359054. You will also find a weekly post, Friday evening, for the coming weeks History Riders Radio Show. (Show information for, Saturday to Friday, each week). Please keep those FaceBook “Likes” coming, both on the Reader FaceBook page and The Old West Daily Reader website. THANK YOU All!!


P.S. Have you ever seen my performance website at: www.dochollidaylive.biz? Take a look!

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