Howdy History Riders,

This is the REVISED Edition of the previous post: It’s been months since I added to the blog. I keep saying I’ll improve and someday I may. A burnt out old waddie like me doesn’t move to fast on things and there were a lot of things. This time I had some small excuses along the way but most of that is taken care of now and I’m getting back in the saddle. Actually, I have been working on The Reader, a little, all along and quite a bit lately. So there’s plenty of new material and new photos here and there, throughout the site.
I’ve been working on a very basic listing of the Indian Tribes. It’s a big (educational and fun) project and it moves in fits and starts. (see: The Originals – Indian Tribes). Note: Tribal members or others with knowledge of the subject, please feel free to offer suggestions or corrections. I want the information presented here to be accurate. There’s NO PAYWALL on this page. Take a look!
The most important single item for me last year was getting the Old West Daily Reader Internet Radio up on the home site. As of this writing, the programs for the first three weeks of 2013 are available. The program information will run from Saturday to Friday, with the posting, the Wednesday before.

Find the NEW! FREE! OWDR Radio on the Main Navigation panel.
NO Subscription required.

My other big web project, this fall, was a complete re-do of my Doc Holliday performance site. Caroline (Coyote Creative Graphic Design) did a fantastic new design for the site and gave me dashboard control. The site is full of NEW Content! As always, you can find the information to attend a Doc performance  (News) or hire me for one at your affair. Those of you who are interested in Doc and may have gone beyond the entries on Old West Daily Reader will find some additional tid-bits at There will be additions from time to time…
This should be enough to keep you busy for a while anyway.
Thanks for ridin’ by!

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