Mid-Winter Update

Howdy History Riders,

We have all been over a far piece of trail since I last slowed down and made blog. Sorta like makin’ sausage or ketchup, it ain’t always pretty in the process. Usually takes a certain amount of mental toe stubbin’, cussin’ and a tad of rye to git ‘er done. I don’t aim to be pretty here, just catch everyone up on the doin’s at The Reader.

The big event, of course, is History Riders Radio; now in the tenth week of 2013 and working well. I have had some nice feedback from listeners. Thank You! The six minute format seems about right. Turns out I can usually get at least one event for each day of a calendar week into the program. There will, no doubt, be some weeks where a big event might crowd something else out but I won’t let that happen too often. I like that everyday flow to the story. As noted previously, I usually post the new shows on the Wednesday preceding the week’s material, which runs from Saturday through Friday.

I’m still adding to various sections of The Reader, there are some forty completed individual Timelines now and I’m slowly working through the Indian Tribes section. Black History week had me chasing some notable characters and not getting as far as I might have wished. Still needing dates for Stagecoach Mary Fisher from Montana and I haven’t found a good photo of the new Bass Reeves sculpture that I can use for The Reader. Help is always appreciated on any of this.

I have continued to expand the Dictionary and recently added most of the North American fur bearers to the list along with a little more on the Mountain men. Eventually, I’ll do a time line for the fur trade references.

Plodding along here, I’ve got a slow mule but she don’t stop too often. Keep a watch on the show.

Thanks for ridin’ by…

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