Spring Update

Howdy History Riders,
As such things often do, our recent site problems led to some insights and some updates around here. Currently, everything seems to be running normally. I got away for two weeks to my little casita in Mexico (see my personal FaceBook page). Now, back to growing things. It is spring after all. I’m an early bird this year, I’ve pretty well got my garden in and going. Lettuce, spinach and radish are up several inches and dodging late spring snow. I did two “Guns of the Old West” shows, one at Silt Historical Park in Silt, CO and the other for the library in Rifle, CO (Photo’s of the gun display I built for these shows is at the bottom of this page). Now, I’m finding time to work on The Reader.
As usual, there is a lot of new material filtering onto the site. Alkali Burns tends to keep up his blistering pace of a new article every week or so, usually causing me to have to build half a dozen reference links to various other pages. All good! About half the time, the information is all new to me, but it’s all nice, new OWDR tidbits! Watch for Alkali’s Contributor number {003} on his articles. Sometimes you will see us both credited as we work together building an article {003 & 001 or 001 & 003} depending on who was the genesis of the project. There are currently 25 Contributors to OWDR (see: References – Contributors)
With me, it’s been my typical shotgun approach to additions to The Reader. I follow along in Alkali’s wake a bit and pick up related items, photos, etc., but I’ve been working some on the Plants sections (5), adding some of the more common noticeable, interesting species. Always interesting to learn more about living closer to the land. (see: The Originals – Resources & Hazards – Plants).
I have also spent quite a bit of time in the Firearms sections (14), mostly in Hand Guns and Long Guns. A certain amount of re-arranging etc. and some new photos with additional info. (see: Photo Gallery – Weapons Photos – Firearms – Handguns and Long Guns).
Old West Daily Reader currently has over 2100 daily entries in WEEKS and more than 5,000 PLAYERS entries. There is a statistics chart on the Weeks entries at: References – Days-Entry Totals but I don’t update it too often. It is current at this time.
I don’t start my performance schedule at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park until Memorial Day weekend so I expect to get in a lot of time on The Reader in the next six weeks. I plan to be posting my big new section on Outlaw Gangs. Huge and Handy! Watch for it!
That’s the most of it for now… Keep up with the daily postings on FaceBook and don’t forget History Riders Radio  with old west happenings from Saturday through Friday each week of the year.
Thanks for Ridin’ By!

My Gun Rack for “Guns of the Old West”


Front View


Back view














It can hold ten or eleven long guns, six revolvers and a derringer or two on the revolver shelf. It’s on casters so it can be turned around easily. I also use a set of laminated photographs to fill out the show. These shows can generate some good questions and great stories from the audience.
The rack sets up nice and solid and knocks down in about ten minutes for transportation and storage. It has maybe 150 lbs. of guns on it and it handles nice and smooth on bare floors or carpet. All the guns stay put. A small but stable footprint with good security and control for the after-show crowd. I’m very happy with the design.

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