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Howdy History Riders,
Just about summertime here in the Colorado Rockies. I had an interesting winter and spring, replete with a medical adventure or two, but everything worked out OK. I still found time to work on, and complete, several long-term projects on Old West Daily Reader, as well as adding the usual stream of various entries from both Alkali Burns {003} and myself {001}…
Of course, some more NEW Pages! I finally got around to building a FAQ page (Frequently Asked Questions). I mostly highgraded from the Site Guide and I hope I hit the main points. If you think of something I should add, please let me know. The link is at the bottom of the Navigation Panel – right side of every page.
(see: FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions)
(and: Site Guide)

Please Note: Only Old West Daily Reader subscribers will be able to see the complete new pages noted below (sign-in, if not already). Visitors will see whatever happens to be above the pay-wall on those pages.
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I put up two new individual Photo Pages:
Both are something I have had on the back burner for Old West Daily Reader some time but the “new” photos recently discovered for both characters have finally got me moving. The Billy the Kid Photos page is entirely new (and yet not complete, if ever?…). The Doc Holliday Photos page is a combination of two pages from my Doc Holliday performance site. While far more complete, and a bit of a different format from most of the other photo pages, I’m not quite done with it, either. But the photos are all there on both pages with plenty enough palaver…
(see: Photo Gallery Index – Billy the Kid Photos)
(and: Photo Gallery Index – Doc Holliday Photos)

I have completely re-written the existing page: Battlefields and Massacres.
The page was simply getting too large. It is now a three page section with two new pages; Massacres of Indians and Massacres by Indians appearing as sub-pages under the original, Battlefields and Massacres. The main page retains and adds to, the existing battles listings. It also retains some massacres, but generally those not involving Indians.
(see: The Originals Index – Battlefields and Massacres)
(and: The Originals Index – Battlefields and Massacres – Massacres by Indians)
(and: The Originals Index – Battlefields and Massacres – Massacres of Indians)

I have say, this whole Massacre Project was a very educational task, if not a particularly pleasant one. In the process of completing the pages enough to post, I got to the point where it was time for a break from the subject matter. Certainly vital to Old West Daily Reader and balanced understanding of the Old West, but it can be tough going. I haven’t completed quite all of the listings (some already noted on the pages), and some research, already in hand, but from here on, I’ll work at it piecemeal as I tend to do on these larger projects once they get useful enough to post on the site.

I think I’ve run my course on these smaller, page or two, projects for a while (of course, I have several more in process), but the current fantasy, is to return to a more regular schedule working, once again, on the very large project, Outlaw Gangs (maybe 1/3 complete?). It ended up on the back burner this past year, but, at least, the time was well spent. Including the above, Old West Daily Reader got seventeen, new, major pages this winter and in the process, likely several hundred new articles, events and references, all over the site.
Alkali and I have been having some fun turning up little tidbits for the Commerce in the Old West page. You might too. Take a look at the page and catch the drift of the project: What was the value/cost/expense of goods/services/the operating, of the Old West? Who made/spent/what/how and how much did they get/lose? It has been an interesting diversion…
(see: The Originals Index – Trade in the Old West – Commerce in the Old West)

I’ll be back here on the blog, sometime in the fall. I have returned to my two day a week performance schedule at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park ‘til Labor Day, so my writing time gets cramped a bit for the next few months. The schedule is posted on my Doc Holliday Live site on the NEWS page.
(see: www.dochollidaylive.biz)

This is a fairly good outline of the winter and spring work on Old West Daily Reader. My guess is that it will take you a while to look at all of it. Have a nice summer, full of Old West flavor… Enjoy and Thanks for Ridin’ By!


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