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It’s summer in colorful Colorado! Sad to say, one of those colors is ash gray. We have nearly a dozen fires burning throughout the state most of the time. We are losing homes, historic sites and occasionally people. Largely a consequence of far too many people moving into mountainous forest, which, in the natural course of things, needs to burn now and again. Usually the terrain and mountain winds make these situations impossible to control with no hope of defending the works of man. All of the Western states will share this problem as the fire season progresses. Take good care not to add to the problem with your fires. Keep your warbag close, your mount fed-up, watered and ready to fork.

As I predicted, I have slowed a bit with new additions to events in the WEEKS. However, due to the way I write the scripts for History Riders Radio ©, I end up doing a lot of needed editing and occasionally re-writing an article or doing further research to add to it. All good, just very time and focus intensive for well worn waddie.

While I’m discussing edits and articles, this is a good time to heap thanks on Alkali Burns {003} for chasin’ stray facts, roundin’ up correct spellings and generally keeping me on the trail and followin’ the tongue like I should. [I’m not sayin’ we haven’t both been mis-placed a bit, out there… now and then… Thing is, If you don’t care where you are, you ain’t lost.]

I do need to crow a bit about History Riders Radio; Week 27 (06/29- 07/05) just posted; it is the first week of the second half of 2013; made me think of old Meeker, putting out his stones on the Oregon Trail. It has been a challenge time-wise and technically for me, I’m a tad slower at the switch than I once was on these things. However, I’m very pleased that The Old West Daily Reader’s material has been more than adequate for the HRR project as originally envisioned.  And, as I noted above, HRR has actually helped expand the material available on the website. I have added some new programs and hardware, hoping to improve the quality of the recordings. Now, all I have to do is learn to make this stuff jump through the flaming hoops. Stay tuned…

The Old West Daily Reader FaceBook page has reached the same milestone. However, simple as it actually is to do, a daily post is quite a trick. Thanks to all the readers who ride by and listen to the wind from the past blow down the electron trail. If you haven’t joined us yet, try:

As some of you know I’m well into the season at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park [Sat & Sun: Noon to four PM; bring your camera. Fun, hot and gorgeous on the mountain; cool and fascinating on the tours of Fairy Cave.

August 15 thru 18 will find me at the Durango & Silverton True West Rail Fest in Durango, Colorado see:

There’s the all fit that’s news to print! Thanks for ridin’ by! Please keep giving us those FaceBook “Likes” on the OWDR site and our FB page!



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