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Animals Index Page

The Animals Index Page lists some of the main players
from the point of view of the citizens of the Old West,
be they Native American, Mexican or Anglo.
This section is growing well; Help & comment always welcome.

Arachnids and Insects

Most of these are not our friends…


Haven’t got to the ones we eat yet…

Fish and others (No page yet)

Think: trout, salmon, bass, perch… clams & crawdads


This is a pretty good run at it. Almost all the important Players.
All the furbearers are listed and the meat and hide animals.
Plenty of varmits as well.

Reptiles and Amphibians

This is kind of a mixed bag, some friends, some not…
but you want to remember that most western snakes eat rodents.

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This contemporary world-wide critter count is from David Attenborough and others.
Fortunately, we won’t be dealing with too many of these.

Amphibians                          7, 000
Birds (live dinosaurs)          9,000
Dinosaurs (extinct ones)     1,000
Fish                                       35,000
Insects                           6,800,000
Mammals                               5,700
Reptiles                                10,000

Charles Darwin’s book, On the Origin of Species,
sold out the first printing on the first day of publication.

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