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Here is a large selection of quotes from and about the Great American Wild West. We hear from those of the times and our times as well, commenting on the west itself and the events and characters which/who made it happen. Not always kind or true, but each one give us another piece of the puzzle towards a better understanding of why we view the phenomenon as we do and why it still intrigues us today.

Billy the Kid Quotes

by and about one the most enigmatic figures of the Old West

Commentators Quotes

Artists, writers, promoters & politicians, some of ’em had an axe to grind, some were just spoutin’ off. Some of them told the truth of the times.
Commerce, Industry, Mining and Transportation
Legends Begin
Mountain Men
Politics & The Law

Cowboy Quotes

Not all of ’em were silent…

Gunfighter Quotes

Rough business, but a few of ’em managed to die of old age.

Doc Holliday Quotes

By Doc and about him.

Indian Quotes

White quotes about the Indians; for and against…
Then from the Indians themselves…
Indian Wisdom

Movies and TV Quotes

A curios mix of tough guy and nostalgia.

OK Corral Quotes

Just the quotes…

Robbers and Poets Quotes

These are pretty much self-explanatory.

Rules to Live By

Most of ’em still pretty good…
Advice from Others
Olde Tyme Wisdom
Horse Thieves
The Cowboy Code
How ride the Old Time Coaches…
XIT rules
Pinkerton Code of Conduct
Indian Wisdom

the last word… Epitaphs

Women Quotes

From the ladies and about ’em.

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