Monsters and Supernatural Beings of the Old West

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Monsters and Supernatural Beings of the Old West

The Face in the Rock - Monsters and Supernatural beings of the Old WestThe Face in the Rock
North Fork of the Duchesne River – UT
Photo: U.S. PD? unknown

Monsters and Supernatural Beings combs the pages of Old West Daily Reader, and more, to find many of the unexplained happenings, sightings of the strange and wonderful, superstition and fear of the unknown that at times manifests in the human mind. We hear about such things from everyone: the Native Americans, the French, the Spanish, the Mexicans and the Anglos. Travelers, explorers, liars and priests are also on the list of eyewitness reporters in some instances. Sometimes/occasionally we get some explanation. Other times, we too, are left to ponder the legends and tales with the eyewitnesses, reporters and storytellers, wondering what it really might have been…
Note too, that the majority of the cryptids* and such listed here are mostly creatures of the West. The Missouri and Mississippi rivers being the general eastern boundaries of our interest. There will be some references to eastern paleo-cultures as they relate to more western pre-historical, historical and modern Native American Tribal stories, beliefs and legends.
Careful now! Might have slipped a local curse or two in here as well.
*References – Dictionarycryptids & cryptozoology

“Pa’dners, I seed a pewtrified forest of pwetrified trees
with their pwetrified limbs chock full of pwetrified birds
a-singing of pewtrified songs.”

Early trapper’s description of the petrified forest
near Florissant, CO. c. 1830’s – 40’sOld West Daily Reader Subscribe Today

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