Week 06: February

Week 6: February 5th thru 11th

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2/5 of… 1848

Myra Belle Shirley born in Carthage, MO. She will be remembered as Belle Starr.  {001}


Armory Hall in Aurora, NV: Citizen Vigilantes haul from the Nevada Saloon and lynch the Daly Gang. The hapless gang members: Leader “Three Fingered Jack” McDowell, John Daly, Jim Masterson and William Buckley.  {001}
Wk. 05, 02/01, 1864 – Daly Gang


Colt Armory - Hartford -1857 - Week 6Confederate saboteurs burn Colt’s Armory at Hartford, CT. All manufacturing records prior to 1861 are lost. Engraving: U.S. PD 1857 – unknown, Colt’s Armory in 1857, United States Magazine (1857) LOC.  {001}


Doc Holliday arrives in Cheyenne, WY, to work at The Bella Union Variety.  {001}


Arizona Wells Fargo detective Robert H. “Bob” Paul reels in stage robber Demetria Dominguez. Reported in the Arizona Weekly.  {001}


“$1,000 Dead or Alive” offered for Elliot Lyons in the killing of Sheriff Bill Withers. Walton, OR.  {001}


Gordon Lillie & May - Week 6 Gordon William Lillie aka: Pawnee Bill: Western Showman, died at the age of 81 in his home near of Pawnee, Oklahoma. (Article in process) Photo: U.S. PD pre-1923.  {001}


Died, Issur Danielovitch (aka Izzy Demsky) Kirk Douglas (103 yrs. old) in Beverly Hills, CA. Actor, producer, director. He supported and starred in some westerns: Along the Great Divide (1951) with Walter Brennan, The Big Sky (1952), Man Without a Star (1955), Gunfight at the OK Corral (1957) with Burt Lancaster, Last Train From Gun Hill (1959) with Anthony Quinn, Lonely are the Brave (1962), and The War Wagon (1967) with John Wayne. Photo: U.S. PD, Studio promo.  {001}

2/6 of… 1865

The immense Northbound band of Indians (estimates run to four or five thousand), Arapaho+3, Cheyenne+4 and Sioux+3, crossed the North Platte River+3 on the ice and camped among the bluffs about five miles north of the river. Here, they were joined by the raiding parties that had been terrorizing the South Platte River+2 Valley. Resting the people and the horses for the 40 mile water-less (in winter) trek across the Nebraska Sandhills+2, they also thought that they had some time to enjoy some of the spoils of their raids. It would prove not be so…  {001}
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The Chocktaw Indians have captured sixteen horse thieves and executed six. Fort Smith, AR, Western Independent.


At 11:30 the night before, in a blinding snowstorm, D&RGW passenger train #1 had rammed a 200 yard wide avalanche across the tracks near Shoshone Creek in Glenwood Canyon (CO). The tender telescoped the mail car which then telescoped the baggage car. The engineer and fireman had jumped and survived and fortunately, no one else had been seriously injured. At dawn, a wreck train with 100 men arrived to dig out train #1. At 9 a.m another small side covered the wreck train and 50 men set to dig it out. The giant slide at 12:40 in the afternoon pushed the 56 ton engine, a tool car and a caboose down to the edge of the water. Roadmaster McMahon, John Dempsy and John Mulvahill were killed when they were swept into the Colorado River. Now, there was 20 feet of snow over the damaged train sent to dig out the first wreck! Over 300 passengers were stranded in Glenwood Springs, CO during the week it took to dig out six slides, covering 375 feet of track from five to twenty feet deep, in the nine miles to Shoshone Creek. Typical of old time mountain railroading in the winter.  {009 & 001}


Article in The Lincoln Evening News (NE) reports from Cheyenne, WY, on the activities of “Col.” Tom Horn and “a half breed Indian” by the name of Ed Tewksbury in the killing of two rustlers/train robbers in the Tetons. Tom had visited the Tewksbury’s in 1887 during the height of The Pleasant Valley War in AZ.  {001}


The Thermopolis Record reports that cattlemen have murdered herders and scattered their sheep in the Big Horn Basin (WY).  {001}


Angel de Cora - Week 6Angel De Cora (Dietz), age 47, died in Northampton, Mass. Noted Winnebago painter and illustrator, perhaps the best known Native American artist in pre WWI America. She was a teacher at Carlisle Indian School and an advocate of Native American rights.  Unfortunately, most of her original work is lost. Photo: U.S. PD  {001}
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