Week 05: January/February

Week 5: January 29th thru February 4th

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1/29 of… 1863

The Bear River Massacre (Washington Territory). As the Shoshone Indians in the Cache Valley (now UT) were slowly pushed from their historical lands and forced to starvation by white settlers and miners, incidents escalated between whites and Indians. These were led by Chiefs Sanpitch, Sagwitch, Bear Hunter, and others. Finally, the Army took drastic action: troops led by Col. P. Edward Connor attacked Bear Hunter’s winter camp at the confluence of Bear River and Battle Creek. Dramatically out-gunned, the Indians were slaughtered. Modern estimates put the death toll among the Indians at between 250-350 men, women and children. The few survivors were left to starve… and the Shoshone were never again a viable force in the territory. Sagwitch survived (wounded) to lead his shattered people.  Connor was promoted to Brigadier General. {001 & 012}


Kansas admitted to the Union as the 34th state. “The Sunflower State.”  {001}


Alan Walbridge Ladd - Week 5Alan Walbridge Ladd, age 50, died in Palm Springs, CA.  Movie actor, “Shane” (1953). Photo: U.S. PD, publicity still 1953, unknown.  {001}


Eddie Dew born in Sumner, WA. Movie actor.  {001}

1/30 of… 1801

Pierre-Jean DeSmet born in Dendermonde, Belgium. He will become the Jesuit priest known to the Indians as “Black Robe“.  {001}


The Mexican pueblo Yerba Buena, Alta, California, is renamed San Francisco.  {001}


The Turkey War” in Auraria, CO. Militia and Sheriff  “Quick Draw” Mcgraw‘s citizens vigilante group have had enough, and promise hangings. Then, they did a few, and that, sent the survivors of “The Bummers” packing. Thomas Clemo, William Harvey, William Karl (alias Buckskin Bill) and William Todd (alias Chuck-a-luck).  {001}
The Originals Index – Outlaw Gangs Index – Bummers Gang


“The man who killed the man who killed Jesse James“, Edward O’Kelley is arrested for vagrancy in Pueblo, CO. The fame is gone…  {001}


Pete Spencer - Week 5(T) Pete Spencer (real name Lark Ferguson), approximate age 61, died of “pneumonia” in Webster Springs, AZ. Livery stable owner, wood cutter, outlaw, killer, cowboy. Photo: U.S. PD c.1870’s? unknown.  {001}


John McIntire - Week 5John McIntire, age 83, died in Pasadena, CA.  Movie actor. He played in Winchester ‘73 (1950), The Far  Country (1955), The Tin Star (1957), TV series Wagon Train (starting 1961) and the NBC TV series The Virginian (in 1967). Photo: U.S. PD, crop from a publicity still for Wagon Train (TV 1963)  {001}

1/31 of… 1812

William Hepburn Russell born in Burlington, VT. One of the founders of  The Pony Express.  {001}


Charles Jesse “Buffalo” Jones born near Perkin in Tazewell County, IL. American frontiersman.  {001}


Robert Newton “Bob” Ford born in Ray County, MO. Outlaw, backshooter.  {001}


Pearl Zane Grey born in Zanesville, OH. Western novelist.  {001}


JYG – Seven armed men take and hold the Iron Mountain RR station at Gads Hill in Wayne County, MO, awaiting the train from St. Louis. Between the express car and robbing the passengers, they take in about $10,000, but this robbery has some new features: The robbers are clearly looking for a specific person whom they believe will be among the first class passengers. If they find him, “…it will go bad for him.”  They do not.  The bandits return conductor C.A. Alford‘s watch because he will need it—he is the conductor. The gang leader also gives Alford a letter to deliver to the editor of the Piedmont newspaper saying, “It contains an exact account of this holdup. We prefer this account to be published instead of the exaggerated account that usually appears in the newspapers after such an event.”  The very fortunate object of the search had missed a connection in St. Louis. A tad more of the quote from the bandit, who delivered it at gunpoint to passenger O.S. Newell, will explain all: “… That old bag of bones Pinkerton is supposed to be on this train, and if he is…” The trackers lose the trail after seventy-five miles. The usual suspects in this time and place: the James-Younger Gang.  {001}


William Milton “Billy” Breakenridge - Week 5William Milton “Billy” Breakenridge died of natural causes at Tucson, AZ. He published his western memoir Helldorado in 1928.  Participant in the Sand Creek Massacre, he made a noteworthy long shot (880 yds. in 1864 at Julesburg, CO +3. Teamster, surveyor, army scout, lawman, and deputy to Sheriff Johnny Behan in Tombstone, (Cochise County) AZ. Photo: U.S. PD c. 1920’s? unknown.  {001}
References – Books used as ReferenceHelldorado


This portion of Week 5 lands in February.

2/1 of… 1864

The Aurora, NV, Daly Gang, who have been terrorizing the community, signs its own death warrant by committing two gruesome murders. First, they cut the throat and set fire to the body of one William R. Johnson. (The year before, Johnson had killed gang member Jim Sears when Sears had tried to steal his horse.) Then, a witness to the atrocity who had threatened to identify the perpetrators is left in the city streets with his throat cut. The citizenry are outraged!  {001}


The “be on the reservation or be declared hostile” declaration having passed the day before, the army acts immediately to deal with recalcitrant Indians. Involved are Brigadier General George Crook from Fort Fetterman, WY, Colonel John Gibbon with troops from Forts Ellis and Shaw (MT), and Brigadier General Alfred Terry (including Custer‘s 7th Cavalry) from Fort Lincoln in the Dakota Territory; the plan is to encircle and thus trap the “hostiles”.  {001}


Buckskin Sam Hall gone at 47 years. Buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Leominster, MA.  Beadle and Adams put up the money for the funeral. Author of dime novel stories. A man of many experiences in the West: Bullwhacker, one of Ben McCullough’s Rangers, in Texas; Union scout in the Civil War and a dead shot. Sam was working as a hotel clerk in Denver when old friends Buffalo Bill Cody and Colonel Prentiss Ingraham convinced him that he should put some of his personal experiences on paper for Beadle*. His first story, “Kit Carson, Jr.; or, The Crack Shot of the West,” was accepted and after some revision, published as No. 3, Frank Starr’s New York Library. Later, he wrote many novelettes for Beadle and many short sketches for the Banner Weekly, among others, a series on “Heroes and Outlaws of Texas,” (1885) (#’s 112 to 121). Drawing: U.S. PD ?, internet.  {001}
Wk. 02, 01/10/1917 – Buffalo Bill
Wk. 33, 08/16/1904 – Prentice Ingram
*Wk. 23, 06/09/1860 – Beadles’s Dime Novels



John Martin “Jack” Feeney (John Ford) born in Cape Elizabeth, MA. Movie director.  {001}


Johnnie Curry (Logan), brother of Kid Curry (Harvey Logan) killed by Jim Winters at his ranch near Landusky, MT.  {001, 004}


The Denver, CO U.S. Mint strikes its first coins. During the first year, 167 million coins were produced, including $20 gold (double eagle) coins, $10 gold (eagle) coins, $5 gold (half eagle) coins and assorted denominations of silver coins.  {001}

2/2 of… 1821

Born, Virginia Ann Cooksey Earp: mother of James, Virgil, Wyatt, Morgan and Warren.  {001}


Born, Francis Marion Smith in Richmond, WI. Borax, real estate and railroads, an American entrepreneur. He will become “Borax” Smith.


Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo map - Week 5The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (Tratado de Guadalupe Hidalgo), officially entitled the “Treaty of Peace, Friendship, Limits and Settlement between the United States of America and the Mexican Republic“, is the peace treaty that ended the Mexican–American War (1846–48). It defined the Rio Grande River as the boundary for Texas and gave the United States ownership of California and a large area comprising New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Wyoming and Colorado. Mexican citizens in the newly annexed areas had the choice of relocating to within Mexico’s new boundaries or receiving American citizenship with full civil rights. Over 90% chose to become US citizens.  {001}
see also:
Wk. 17, 04/25/1854 – The Gadsden Purchase


The Eagle arrives in San Francisco, CA, with the first group of Chinese immigrants to land in America.  {001}


Dallas, TX, incorporated.  {001}


The Brigham Young Express and Carrying Company is organized in Salt Lake City, UT. Now come the Mormon Hand Cart Companies.  {001}


Leland Stanford sets the first spike of the Central Pacific Railroad at Sacramento, CA.  {001}


Several thousand Indian women, children, and the tribes livestock herds crossed the frozen South Platte River+3, about 25 miles (40 km) west of Julesburg, heading north across the divide to the North Platte River. The warriors, raided Julesburg+2, again, took any remaining supplies, burned the stagecoach station, stables, an express and telegraph office, a warehouse, and the large store that catered to travelers going to Denver along the South Platte. They were unopposed, the 15 soldiers and 50 civilians safely ensconced in Fort Rankin, stayed put. No casualties on either side.  {001}


The Ormsby House in Carson City, NV+2, is the scene of a shootout between Martin V. Barnhart and ex-lawman Tom Peasley. Both die.  {001}


Madame Mary Ann Phillips is buried in the local bone orchard with “the decent folk,” her grave marked “Mother”. Carson City, NV+2.  {001}


The John Mausett Saloon at Elkton, CO (near Cripple Creek), is held up by William Dugan and Oscar Howe.  {001}

2/3 of… 1865

In the continuing reprisals for Sand Creek, Indians attack again along the South Platte River+3. Arapaho+2, Cheyenne+2 and Sioux+2 warriors burn the telegraph station at Lodgepole Creek, west of Julesburg+2, CO.  {001}


Born, Clarence E. Mulford in Streator, IL. Western author.  {001}


Charles Kelly born in Cedar Spring, MI.  Conservationist, western (primarily western Utah and Nevada) historian, one time KKK member, anti-Semitic, anti-religious, a true iconoclast and curmudgeon. Kelly wrote about the country he loved and the people who fascinated him. Among others, Outlaw Trail about Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch (1938). Kelly claimed a friendship with the artist Charles Russell (Died 1971).  {001}


Belle Starr, Myra Maybelle Shirley Reed Starr. - Week 5Belle Starr, Myra Maybelle Shirley Reed Starr. Notorious outlaw and horse thief, friend of the Youngers and the James’. She served prison time and was once accused of stagecoach robbery. Born c. 1848, at age forty, Starr was killed from ambush, shotgunned twice by unknown persons near her homestead in the Indian Territory (OK).  Photo U.S. PD, crop.  {001}


Red Ryder radio series began nationwide on the Blue Network.  {001}

2/4 of… 1822

Born in Washington, D.C., Edward Fitzgerald “Ned” Beale: diplomat, explorer, frontiersman, Indian affairs superintendent, military general, naval officer, rancher, etc.  {001}


Founding of the first railroad in New Jersey, the Camden and Amboy RR. Noted here because it was the first railroad to be conceived primarily as a passenger railroad and the first to employ steam locomotives to replace animal powered vehicles on rails.  The first locomotive was the John Bull.* Railroading in America, as we know it today, began here.  {001}
*Wk. 37, 09/15/1831 – John Bull


Representative of six southern states meet in Montgomery, AL, and form the Confederate States of America.  {001}


Battle of Mud Springs, NE: As the tide of Indians moved along the South Platte River+3, they came upon a stagecoach station with a telegraph and 14 men, including 9 soldiers, behind log and sod walls. Over several days, as re-enforcements trickled in, an inconclusive battle with an increasing number of Indians (at first Sioux+2, then, joined by Arapaho+2 and Cheyenne+2), left one soldier dead and eight wounded. The Indians captured a few Army horses and several hundred cattle, with no admitted losses.* The re-enforcements, the booty in hand, and the need to keep up with the rest of the migrating Indians apparently spared further attacks.
George Bent (son of William Bent and Owl Woman), and a Cheyenne warrior, was present for the migration and the raids, he certainly heard first-hand Indian accounts at the time. Later he was to recount the Indian side of the stories.*  {001}
(FYI: Bullets from 21 different types of firearms were found at the battle site (2008-09). The Spencer Carbine was likely the most common weapon on both sides.)
see also:
Photo Gallery Index – Weapons Photos – Firearms Photos
Long GunsSpencer Carbine
Wk. 20, 05/19/1918 – George Bent
*References – Books – Novels & History (non-ref) – authors:
Halaas and Masich, and Hyde – Books about George Bent


Print Olive and Louisa Reno married in Taylor, TX.


George Taplan “Tap” Duncan born in ??.  {001}


Stein’s Pass, NM. Southern Pacific’s westbound #20 taken by two masked men thought to be the same two who took $40,000 from the same train at Wilcox on January 30th.  {001}


Died, John Dehner film, radio and TV actor at 76 years in Santa Barbara, CA. Movies: Fastest Gun Alive (1956, The Left Handed Gun (1958), Man of the West (1958) and others. Have Gun, Will Travel (Radio – 1958-60). Photo: U.S. PD, Studio promo.  {001}

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