Dimes Pulps Mags and Comics

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Dimes Pulps Mags and Comics

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This is a very small look at the immense amount of material available…

Western Dime Novels (1860’s – 1920’s – 50’s)

OWDR Malaeska coverBeadle’s Dime Novel Series  (see: Wk. 23, 06/09/1860)
Maleaska, the Indian Wife of the White Hunter
by Ann S. Stephens; credited with founding the genre.

Ned Buntline (Wk. 29, 07/16/1886)
Ned was certainly one of the founding fathers of the genre.

Hopalong Cassidy (1904) (see: Wk. 37, 09/12/1972)
by Clarence Mulford

Dime Westen Magazine March 1953Elmore Leonard (1953)
Three-ten to Yuma and more…
(see also: Wk. 32, 08/07/1957)

Western Pulp Magazines (1880’s – 1930’s – 40’s)

Cowboy Stories
Hopalong Cassidy (1904)
Ranch Romances
Star Western
Western Story Magazine
Wild West Weekly (c. 1908)

Western comics (1940’s – 1967)

Charlton Comics
Billy the Kid
(see: Wk. 28, 07/14/1881)
Cheyenne Kid (1957–1973)

DC Comics
All-Star Western (1951–1961)
Western Comics (1948–1961)

Dell Comics

OWDR Gene Autry Comic cover 1952Gene Autry Comics (1946 – 1959)
(see: PLAYERS – Timelines Index – Timelines A-L Index – Gene Autry Timeline)



OWDR Roy Rogers Comic cover02Roy Rogers Comics (1948–1961)
(see: PLAYERS – Timelines Index – Timelines M-Z – Roy Rogers Timeline)



Fawcett Comics
OWDR Gabby Hayes Comic cover 19Gabby Hayes
Western (1948–1953)
(see: Wk. 06, 02/09/1969)



OWDR Hopalong Cassidy Comic cover 1943Hopalong Cassidy (1948–1953)
(see: Wk. 37, 09/12/1972)



OWDR Tom Mix Comic cover 1948Tom Mix Western (1948–1953)
(see: Wk. 41, 10/12/1940)



OWDR Durango Kid Comic cover02Magazine Enterprises
Charles Starrett as the Durango Kid (1949–1955)
(see: Wk. 12, 03/22/1986)
Straight Arrow (1950–1956)

Marvel Comics (1948 – 1967)
Kid Colt Outlaw (1949–1979)
Marvel Wild Western (1948–1957)
Rawhide Kid (1955–1957, 1960–1979)
Two-Gun Kid (1948–1962)

Prize Comics 
Prize Comics Western (1946 – 1956)

Red Ryder (comic strip) (1938–1964), syndicated in hundreds of American newspapers.

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