The Players: H

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Name, Place, or Title Born Died Noted
H Bar O Rangers (Radio) 1932 to 1936 and 1939 to 195542
Hackett, George28
Hadell, Frank (Sheriff, Natrona County, WY)29
Haguewood, Jim (bartender)--50
Hainer, Al (Outlaw)14
Hale, John (Drunken Shooter15
Hale, Monte (Movie Star)09, 13
Hall of Great Western Performers (Oklahoma City, OK)17, 33
Hall, Gus (ranch hand) V02
Hall, Thomas H. (Deputy Sheriff46
Hallidie, Andrew Smith (inventor, engineer)161716, 17, 31, 35
Halloway Massacre (1853)33
Hamer, Frank (Captain) Texas Rangers0
Hamilton, Bill (Stage Robber)36
Hamilton, Bob (Stage Robber)36
Hamilton, James H. (Photographer)0
Hamilton, William0
Hampton, John (American Western Artist)26, 47
Hancock, Winfield Scott (General, U.S. Army)14, 23
Hand Cart Company # 01 (Ellsworth] 185623, 39
Hand Cart Company # 02 (McArthur) 185624, 39
Hand Cart Company # 03 (Bunker) 185625, 40
Hand Cart Company # 04 (Willie) 185633, 42, 45
Hand Cart Company # 05 (Martin) 185630, 42, 44, 48
Hand Cart Company # 06 (Evans) 185721, 37
Hand Cart Company # 07 (Christiansen) 185724, 37
Hand Cart Company # 08 (Rowley) 185923, 29, 36
Hand Cart Company # 09 (Robison) 186023, 35
Hand Cart Company # 10 (Stoddard) 186027, 39
Hand Cart Company Leader: Evans, Capt. Israel [#06]37
Hand Cart Company Leader: Stoddard, Capt. Oscar A. [#10]39
Hand, Dora (Soiled Dove)18444040, 52
Hanging Judge, The (see: Parker, Issac Charles )0
Hanks, O. Camilla “Deaf Charley” (T)11, 27
Hannum, Joshua (Irate Father)42
Hanrahan, James "Jim"26
Hard Times Come Again No More (Stephen Foster song)02
Hardin, John Wesley "Wes" (Gunfighter) {TL}213303, 07, 14, 16, 20, 21, 25, 27, 29, 32, 33, 34, 40
Harjo, Joy (U.S. Poet Laureate - 2019)19, 25
Harkins, Thomas21
Harlan, Herbert (fiesty passenger)04
Harmon, Appleto (Engineer/Craftsman)19
Harney, William S. (Brig. General, U.S. Army)301919, 30, 34, 36
Harold, George (Texas Ranger)29
Haroney, Mary Katherine (see: Big Nose Kate)0
Harper, Thomas (killer)12
Harper's Ferry, VA (1859 Raid)42
Harrington, ?? (unknown)02
Harrington, Pvt. John U.S. Army) Medal of Honor 187437
Harris, Bill38
Harris, Ed (Movie Actor, Director)40
Harris, Mary (see: Mother Jones)0
Harrison, Benjamin (23rd U.S. President)09
Harrison, Charley28, 29, 30, 31, 47
Harrison, Dave (murder victim)14
Hart, Johnny B. (prospector) 187744
Hart, Loss23
Hart, Pearl (Stage Robber)c. 18715222, 23, 24, 41, 51, 52
Hart, William S. (Movie Star)25, 42, 49
Harte, Bret (Francis Bret Harte) [Author]18, 34
Harvey, William05
Harwood Museum of Art (Taos, NM)04
Hasbrouk, L.B.30
Hashknife Outfit, The (Novel, Zane Grey) ????0
Hashknife Outfit, The (PVW, NM)27
Haslam, "Pony Bob"09
Haslett, Bill (T and New Mexico, Victim)23, 24
Haslett, Ike (T and New Mexico, Victim)23, 24
Hastings Cutoff, The (The Donner Party's Doom)29
Hastings, Fox (early female Rodeo competitor) c. 1920's0
Hatchet, The (Newspaper)23
Hatfield, Charles A.P. (Capt. 4th Cavalry) c. 1880's20
Hathaway, Henry (Henri Leonard de Fiennes) [Director]06, 11
Hatton, Raymond (Movie Star)21, 27, 42
Haun's Mill Massacre, The (Missouri)44
Haunted Mesa, The (Novel)23
Have Gun, Will Travel (Radio) 1958 - 19601960185805, 47
Have Gun, Will Travel (TV) 1957 to 19631957196302, 19, 37, 52
Hayden Expeditions26, 51
Hayden Geological Survey (1871)26, 34, 51
Hayden, Ferdinand Vanderveer Hayden (Army Surgeon, Explorer)34, 36, 51
Hayden, Russ (Movie Actor)0
Hayes City, KS (founded 1867)29
Hayes, "Gabby" (George Francis Hayes) [Movie Star, Sidekick)190606, 19, 48
Hayes, Bob (HFG, Outlaw)32
Hayes, Ira Hamilton (Pima Indian) WWII War Hero02, 04
Hayes, Rutherford B. (19th U.S. President)09
Hayfork Massacre (see: Bridge Gulch Massacre)0
Hays, Clara (see: Bullion, Laura)0
Hayward, R.B. (Victim)32, 37, 52
Hazards of Helen, The (1915-17 Silent) Serial41
Hazen, Joe (Sheriff)23
He Dog (Sunka Bloka) [Oglala Lakota Sioux Warrior]18
he will become51
Head, Harry (T, Stage Robber, Gunman)11, 23, 24
Hearst, George51
Hearst, William Randolph (Newspaper Publisher)17
Heart of the Rio Grande (M) 194238
Heart, Dick08, 11
Heath, John (Mastermind)08, 13, 49
Heavy Runner (Chief Piegan Blackfoot)04
Heflin, Van (Movie Actor)32
Helena, MT Territory10
Hell Bent for Leather (M) 196022, 43
Hell on the Border (Book) 189923
Helldorado (Book)05, 52
Helldorado (Movie) 194611
Heller in Pink Tights (M) 196023
Heller, Louis (Photographer) c. 1870's0
Helm, Boone (Serial Killer, Cannibal)02
Helm, Jack (Captain, Texas State Police, Sheriff)20
Hemus, Percy39
Henderson, (unknown) (saloonman, killer)14
Henderson, George (Range Detective) WY29
Henderson, William "Bill" (Outlaw, Killer)17
Hendricks, William (Wells, Fargo Agent)20
Henry Rifle (.44 cal. rimfire, 15 rds.)02, 09
Henry Vinton (Chaplin to the Buffalo Soldiers)08, 31
Henry, Anson G31
Henry, Benjamin Tyler42
Henry, William Tyler (Firearms Designer)50
Hensley, William "Buttermilk Bill" (shooter)51
Heny Red Neck (survivor)48
Her Imperial Majesty Empress Carlota15
Herberg, "Buckskin Bessie"0
Heritage of the Desert (M) 193206, 09
Heritage of the Desert (Novel) 191043
Herman, Albert (Movie Director)45
Heroine of Fort Brown51
Herrera, Juan Jose (co-founder Las Gorras Blancas)0
Herrera, Nicanor (co-founder Las Gorras Blancas)0
Herrera, Pablo (co-founder Las Gorras Blancas)0
Herrerra, Frank (Bank Clerk)32
Hester Faction (Porum Range War) 1906 - 191222
Hester, Cliff (Porum Range War) Hester Faction22
Hester, Thomas L. (Porum Range War) Hester Faction22
Heston, Charlton (Movie Star, NRA President)45
Hewins, E.M. "Ed0
Heye, George Gustav (1874 -1957)03, 38
Hi Jolly, Hadji Ali (Camel Driver, Scout)50
Hickman, "Wild Bill" (Morman Partisan/Assassin)33, 34, 40
Hickman, Sam (Financier)35
Hickok, James Butler "Wild Bill" (see: "Wild Bill" Hickok)0
Hicks, Charles R. (First non-full blood Chief of the Cherokee) 1813 - 182702
Hicks, William (victim)15
Hidalgo (Horse)0
Hidalgo (M) 20040
Higgins, Fred (U.S. Marshal)17
Higgins, John Calhoun "Pink" (cattleman, shootist)-5104, 51
High Fives, The (Outlaw Gang) [Black Jack Christian]17, 32, 40
High Forehead (Miniconjou Warrior)33
High Noon (M) 195313, 49
Hildreth, Jesse (Rube Burrow capture) 189049
Hill, Galen O. "Gale" (Victim)39
Hill, James (unruly tongue)47
Hill, James Jerome ("Empire Builder" Shipping and Railroads)22, 37
Hill, Joe (aka: Joe Olney) [T, Cowboy/Earp Informant]31, 50
Hill, Nathaniel (Mining Engineer)18
Hill, Tom07, 10
Hillers, Jack (Photographer, co-founder of the USGS)0
Hills of Oklahoma (M) 195009
Hilton, John39
Hindman, George13
Hines, Joe12
Hinkle, George15
His Brother's Ghost (Movie) 193?)17
His Only Son (1912 Silent)34
Hite, Clarence28
Hite, Wood (Outlaw)49
Hite, Woodson "Wood" (Outlaw)28
Hodge, Joe (killer)14
Hogg, James Stephen "Big Jim" (Governor of Texas) 1891-95120907, 09, 12
Holbrook, Joseph39
Holden, William (Movie Star)0
Holderman, Thomas (Victim)20
Hole in the Wall (WY) see: Landmarks and Registers0
Hole in the Wall Gang (Outlaws)11
Hole in the Wall Pass (Johnson County, WY)0
Holliday, John Henry 'Doc' (T, Gambler, Shootist) {TL}334501, 03, 06, 07, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 27, 28, 29, 32, 33, 36, 38, 39, 43, 44, 45, 48, 51, 52
Hollister, Cassius M. "Cash" (Deputy U.S. Marshal) c.188315, 42
Holloway, Sterling (Movie Actor)0
Hollywood Barn Dance (Radio)16
Holmes, Julia A. (Mountain Climber) 185831
Holmes, William A. "Hunkydory" (sheriff) victim44
Holt, Jennifer (Movie Actress)0
Holt, Tim (Movie Star)29, 36, 42
Hombre (M, 1961)34
Home in Oklahoma (M) 194627
Home in Old Oklahoma (M) 194606
Home on the Range (M, 1946)13
Homer and Jethro (Country Singers)16
Homestead Acts, The (U.S. Law)1862-01, 15, 20, 24, 30, 36
Homesteaders of Paradise Valley (M) 194743
Hondo (M) 195323
Hondo (Novel) 195323
Hondo (TV) 196723
hoof and mouth disease10
Hooker, Henry (T)15
Hoover, George M. (Entrepreneur)15, 33
Hop King of the World (see: Meeker, Ezra M.)0
Hopalong Cassidy "Hoppy" (Movie Star) [Willam Lawrence Boyd "Bill"]-3701, 06, 16, 19, 23, 27, 37, 50, 52
Hopkins and Allen XL Double Action Pistol 18??0
Hoppy (see: Hopalong Cassidy)0
Horn, Tom "Col." (Pinkerton, Range Detective, Hired Killer) {TL}474706, 27, 29, 32, 33, 35, 40, 47
Hornaday, William Temple (Zoologist)10, 48
Horner, "Texas Joe" (see: Canton, Frank M.)0
Horrell Brothers (TX & NM c. 1870's)--06, 11
Horrell, Ben (outlaw, killer)-4848
Horrell, Mart (outlaw, killer)11
Horrell, Merritt (outlaw, gunfighter)-0404
Horrell, Merritt (outlaw, killer)04, 11
Horrell, Tom (outlaw, killer)-- 11
Horrell-Higgins Feud (1873-78)04, 11
Horse Breeds (see: The Originals - Horses - Horse Breeds)0
Horse Colors (see: The Originals - Horses - Horse Colors)0
Horse in Motion Study (1878)25
Horse Nomenclature (see: The Originals - Horses)0
Horse Soldiers, The (M - 1959)34
Horse: Inyan36
Horseman, Pass By (novel) 196122
Horseman, William (Bushwhacker)25
Horton, Robert (TV Actor)38
Hot Springs Shootout, The (AR)11, 25
Hour of the Gun (M) 196752
House of Faces and Mirrors (Denver44
House Party Shootout, The CA 1892)31
Houston, George0
Houston, Samuel "Sam" (Texas Independence)093009, 16, 20, 30, 32, 33
Houston, Temple Lea (Attorney)32, 33
Houston, TX30
How The West Was Won (M) 196217, 32, 35, 38
How The West Was Won (Novel) 196323
How the West Was Won (TV) 197706, 21, 25
How to make areal Indian Teepee (1903)43
Howard, Charles (Photographer)0
Howard, George (see: Stunce, George Howard)0
Howard, Tex (Outlaw)13
Howard, Thomas (see: Jesse James)14
Howard, Tillie (Madame - 1894)14
Howe, Oscar (Outlaw)05
Howell, Edgar (poacher)11
Howell, Warren36
Howling Wolf (eye witness to the Sand Creek Massacre)48
Hoxie, Jack (Wild West Performer)0
Hoy, Jim09
Hoy, Jim (Victiim)30
Hubbard, Richard B. (Texas Govenor)03
Hud (movie ) 196322
Hudson, James (Fall Creek Massacre) 182402
Hudson, Sadie32
Hudson's Bay (TV) ????0
Hudson's Bay Company (English Fur Co.)39
Huerfano Butte (CO) see: Landmarks and Registers0
Hueston, Thomas (Deputy U.S. Marshal)35, 48
Huffman, Layton Alton (Photographer)0
Hughes, Florence (early Rodeo competitor) c. 1920's0
Hughes, John Reynolds (Captain, Texas Rangers)062206, 22, 26, 32, 39, 52
Hughes, Mary Beth (Actress)49
Humboldt River (NV)29, 33
Humbolt River (NV)20
Hume, James B. (Wells Fargo Detective)042004, 16, 20, 44
Hummer, Susan Ellen52
Hunt, A. C. (Judge)40
Hunt, Frank (Bushwacker)25
Hunt, Hugh22
Hunt, James (Texas Cowhand)23
Hunt, W.E. (ID, Deputy Sheriff)13
Hunt, Zwingle Richard "Zwing" (T, Cowboy, Killer)13, 22, 31
Hunt, Zwingle Richard "Zwing" (T, Outlaw)12
Hunter, John Marvin (Journalist)11, 26
Hurst, J.H. (Lieutenant - U.S. Army) c. 1880's25
Hurst, Paul (Movie Actor, Sidekick)09, 42
Hutchinson, Lottie and William (T, Birdcage Theater Owners)51
Hyde, George E. (author)20
Hydrick, Hance (Train Robber)36
Hyman's Saloon (Leadville29
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