Week 44: October/November

Week 44: October 29 thru November 4th

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10/29 of…1866

James P. Beckwourth - Week 44: October 29th thru November 4th Or, was it 1867? Doubt has followed Jim’s coming and going… but he was gone at 67 or 68 years; James Pierson Beckwith, aka, Jim Beckwourth: blacksmith, explorer, Indian Chief, Mountain Man,* scout, soldier, trader and more… Born a mulatto slave, he was apprenticed to a blacksmith until age 19, when an argument with the smith ended that career. Sent to four years schooling in St. Louis; manumitted* by his father in 1824; he then signed on with William Ashley‘s Rocky Mountain Fur Company and headed west. Somewhere in there, he changed his name to Beckwourth and became a legend. Eventually living eight years with the Crow Tribe as a warrior, clan leader and war chief. Later he would scout for the U.S. Army, including at the Sand Creek Massacre. For his participation in that event, he was banned forever by the Cheyenne and might have been murdered for it? All highly debated, even today, his story is simply too big for Old West Daily Reader, look up this complicated, controversial, amazing man and gain much insight into his times.  {001}
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Wk. 48, 11/29/1864 – Sand Creek Massacre
The Originals – Landmarks and RegistersBeckwourth Pass
References – Books – Novels and History (non-ref)Thomas D. Bonner
The Life and Adventures of James P. Beckwourth:
Mountaineer, Scout, Pioneer and Chief of the Crow Nation


Tom Newcomb guns down Moses Embree “California Joe” Milner at the Red Cloud Agency, NE.  {001}


Lexington, NC. Annie Oakley is among the seriously injured when Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show is devastated in a train wreck.  {001}


Leon F Czolgosz - Week 44: October 29th thru November 4thLeon Czologosz, the assassin of President William McKinley, is electrocuted in Auburn Prison (NY). Out west, they’re still “stringin’ ‘em up”. Photo: U.S. PD; Cover of the McKinley extra, Frank Leslie’s Weekly of 09/09/1901.  {001}


Denver, CO, sees the passing of Georgia-born Madame Jennie Rogers. In 1888 Rogers built the notorious “House of Faces and Mirrors” at 1942 Market Street — said to have been accomplished with a blackmailed $17,000. One of the finest and most extravagant bawdy houses in the west, it featured twenty-two “boarders”. After her death, it was owned by the “Queen of the Tenderloin“, Mattie Silks* until 1919.  {001}
Wk. 34, 08/25/187 – Kate Fulton and Mattie Silks
The Originals Index – Entertainment in the Old West


Ropin' Fool cover - Week 44: October 29th thru November 4th First release of The Ropin’ Fool starring Will Rogers+2 as “Ropes Reilly”. The classic rope trick movie: a cowboy comedy featuring Rogers performing more than twenty roping feats, including the amazing three-rope trick invented by Bee Ho Gray. If you want to be a roper, if you think you are a roper, if you want to know what a roper really is… watch this film! Will was a lot more than just a roper! TYH! Photo: U.S. PD Movie poster/cover, c. 1922.  {001}

 10/30/ of…1830

Born, Jerry Thomas, in Sackets Harbor, NY. He will become a bartender extraordinaire and “The Father of Mixology“.  {001}


The Haun’s Mill Massacre, Caldwell County, MO. Seventeen Mormon men, women and children are murdered by 240 vigilantes/militia/mob (take your pick), and 13 more are wounded in this fallout from the Battle of Crooked River. Led by Caldwell County Sheriff Col. William Jennings and including prominent men from several counties, the killers, although well identified, were never prosecuted.  {001}
Quotes Index – Commentators Quotes – about Mormons


Born in Bedford, MA, is Charles E. “Charlie” Bassett. Soldier and lawman.  {001}


Gertrude Atherton (Franklin, Horn) born in San Francisco: novelist and feminist.  {001}


Alex Mitchell & Co. Bank of Lexington, MO, taken for $2,000, by “Little Archie” Clement’s Gang.  {001}


Austin, NV, vigilantes have to hang young Rufus B. Anderson three times to get the job done, but they extract their vengeance for the murder of Noble T. Slocum.  {001}


Colfax County WarClay Allison leads vigilantes (a lynch mob) to hang constable Cruz Vega (a Grant man) suspected of murdering the Rev. F.J. Tolby.* Vega claims that his friend Manuel Cardenas is the actual killer — but is swung from a telegraph pole and shot. Clay drags the corpse with his horse. Cimarron, Colfax County, NM Territory.  {001}
11/01/1875 – below
Wk. 37, 09/14/1875 – Reverend F.J. Tolby


Ezra Pound is born in Hailey, Idaho. The “poet’s poet,” due to his unstinting encouragement of the work of other writers. In his early 20s he began teaching literature at a modest Midwestern college, until he allowed a marooned vaudeville actress to sleep over at his place — triggering the scandal for which he was fired. The college paid him his full year’s salary, and he packed off to Europe with it.  {003}


Charlie Dye - Week 44: October 29th thru November 4th Dye Charlie - painting - Week 44: October 29th thru November 4th Canon City, CO sees the birth of Charlie Dye, destined to become a real working cowboy and a first rate, American Western Artist. Among his numerous career accomplishments, Charlie was a founder of Cowboy Artists of America (1965). This for-real old timer cashed in his chips in Sedona, AZ in January of 1973 at age 66. Hunt up this man’s work! Photo: U.S. ©? CA, Fair Use. Painting photo: U.S. © Rockwell Western Museum of Western Art, “Come and Get It!”, Fair Use.  {001}


PRCA - logo - Week 44: October 29th thru November 4th The Cowboy’s Turtle Association is, “Slow to organize, but unafraid to stick its neck out to get what it wants“. Rodeo cowboys at Boston Gardens had a walkout over money and stuck to their guns until promoter W.T. Johnson gave in. Encouraged by the results of unified action, they formed The Turtles. One of the few women organizers was Alice Greenough Orr*. The Turtles changed their name to the Rodeo Cowboys Association (RCA) in 1945, and in 1975, RCA became today’s Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) located in Colorado Springs, CO. Rodeos are sanctioned in 37 U.S. states and 3 Canadian provinces. Top 15 money winners in each PRCA discipline compete in the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (National Finals, NFR) Las Vegas, NV, each December. PRCA is the highest-paying American rodeo organization in the world. TYH! Logo © courtesy PRCA.  {001}
see also:
*Wk. 34, 08/20/1995 – Alice Greenough Orr
Week 15, 04/09/2005 – ProRodeo Hall of Fame
Wk. 09, 02/28/1948 – Women’s Professional Rodeo Association
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Rodeos and Wild West Shows

10/31 of… 1855

The Battle of Hungry Hill. This was the major engagement of the Rouge River War in Oregon. Some 300+ dragoons, militia and volunteers muffed a sneak attack on an Indian camp of about 200 which included women and children. The Indians, armed only with bows and arrows and muzzle-loading firearms, had good cover and position and the attackers took a beating, with some 36 killed, wounded, or missing.  {001}


Just short of Devils Gate, WY: the main rescue party finally meets with the tattered, late-starting Fifth Hand Cart Company (Martin). Storm-battered and starving, they are in terrible condition and there is yet a long way to go. More wagon trains of rescuers and supplies are battling their way east through the deep snow, but are still weeks away. {001}
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Thomas Edward Ketchum born in San Saba County, TX. Outlaw, train robber, killer.  {001}


Nevada Seal - Week 44: October 29th thru November 4th Nevada, “The Silver State” is admitted to the Union as the 36th state.  {001}


Wild Bunch members Kid Curry, Walt Putney, and the Sundance Kid escape from the jail in Deadwood, SD.  {001}


Prospecting in the Santa Catarina (today, the Santa Catalina) mountains, Albert F. Banta and Johnny B. Hart, located what the Arizona Citizen called “some very rich strikes of gold and silver.”  {001}


Lucille Wood Smith (Frances Octavia Smith, aka Dale Evans) born in Uvalde, TX. Singer, radio, recording, movie and TV star.  {001}


John Meyers Meyers - Week 44: October 29th thru November 4th The passing of John Myers Myers at age 82. Among his western works: The Last Chance: Tombstone’s Early Years (1950), Doc Holliday (1955)*, The Westerners: A Roundup of Pioneer Reminiscences (1969). Photo: U.S. PD pre-1988.  {001}
*His Doc Holliday (1955) was certainly my first introduction to the western legend I have now portrayed from around the campfire, to the stage, for 20+ years. – Doc
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The remaining days of this week fall in November.

11/1 of… 1875

Colfax County War: Francisco “Pancho” Griego is unhappy with Clay Allison’s involvement in the lynching of his relative, Constable Cruz Vega*. He fans his hat and tries to sneak a shot, but Clay is not fooled and shoots twice. The saloon at St. James Hotel in Cimarron, New Mexico Territory, is closed until after the following morning’s inquiry; the locals are dry and incensed. Pancho no longer cares. Eventually the army from Fort Union is sent in to keep the peace. The Reverend O.P. McMains continues his largely unsuccessful fight to allow settlers on the grant.  {001}
*09/30/1875 – above
Wk. 30, 07/25/1875 – Constable Cruz Vega


Almost 40, dead of consumption, Canada Bill Jones – Gambler Extraordinaire! He won and lost $150,000 to $200,000 a year playing Three Card Monte, then consistently fell for short card cons himself. Born in a gypsy tent in Yorkshire, England in 1836, he immigrated to Canada at 20. A master of the cons he learned as a child, he worked the Mississippi and Missouri riverboats and the Kansas City to Omaha railroads of the burgeoning old west. Often with partners: Dick Cady, George Devol, Tom Brown, Holly Chappell, Jimmy Porter and “Colonel” Charlie Starr among others.
Generous with with friends and the Sisters of Mercy, but with others he practiced his credo, “It’s immoral to let a sucker keep his money.” A colorful and quotable figure in the Eastern Old West, he cashed out in the Charity Hospital in Reading, PA. The gamblers of Chicago repaid the mayor for Bill’s funeral. Photo: U.S. PD pre-1923.  {003}
Quotes Index – Gambler Quotes – several, by and about… (not yet a live page)


Carlisle Indian School Logo - Week 44: October 29th thru November 4th Founded by Captain Richard Henry Pratt, the Carlisle Indian School opened with 147 students, from five to twenty-five, the majority being teenagers. The class included eighty-four Lakota, fifty-two Cheyenne, Kiowa and Pawnee, and eleven Apache. Two-thirds were the children of Plains Indian tribal leaders. The school operated from 1879 until 1918 with over 10,000 Native American children from 140 tribes attending; however, only 158 students ever graduated. The Indian schools were very controversial. Native Americans say that they forced children to leave their families at young ages and often compelled them to give up their Indian names in favor of Anglo designations. They lost their culture, language and religion. The psychological damage to the children, parents, and the tribes themselves haunts Indian relations yet today. School Logo U.S. PD 1900.  {001}


Johnson County War: Nate Champion and Ross Gilbertson are attacked by hired killers Frank Canton, Fred Coates, Joe Elliot and Tom Smith at a line shack on the Powder River, WY. Champion wounds two in the fray and the would-be killers flee.  {001}


The brazen Doolin Gang takes the Ford County Bank at Spearville, KS for cash and $1,500 in treasury notes. This and previous activities will bring about a $5,000 reward offered for some members. The fleeing outlaws will eventually hide at the home of gang member Oliver Yantis‘ sister near Orlando, KS, but it won’t won’t work out well for “Ol” because he was recognized during the robbery.  {001}
The Originals – Outlaw Gang Index – Doolin Gang – Wild Bunch


A golden spike, driven on the Spanish Creek trestle at Keddie, in Northern California, marked the completion of the Western Pacific RR, the last transcontinental railroad to be built in the United States. Sparked by Arthur W. Keddie, the Western Pacific ran from its connection with the D&RG RR at Salt Lake City, UT, through Nevada, the Chilcoot tunnel under Beckwourth Pass, and through amazing Feather River Canyon of Northern California to terminate on the shores of San Francisco Bay at Oakland, CA.
The Western Pacific was absorbed in to the Union Pacific along with the Missouri Pacific in 1982.  {001}
see also:
James Beckwourth


Bill Tilghman 1912 - Week 44: October 29th thru November 4th Then City Marshal William Matthew “Bill” Tilghman, Jr. {27}, age 70, is shot to death by drunken prohibition officer Wiley Lynn in Cromwell, OK. Buffalo hunter, saloon keeper, army scout, lawman, state senator, film writer/director. One of the Three Guardsmen (1889-1905) (with Heck Thomas & Chris Madsen) working for U.S. Marshal Evett “E.D.” Nix and “Hanging Judge” Issac Parker (1875 – 1896) and successors, who cleaned up the Oklahoma Territory. Tilghman was popular throughout the territory, and obvious irregularities with the trial and the acquittal of Lynn led to the town’s “profit center” being torched — likely by the KKK. There never was an arson investigation and with every brothel, flophouse, gambling hall and saloon in ashes, Cromwell never recovered. Among his films: The Bank Robbery (1908) and The Passing of the Oklahoma Outlaws (1915). TYH! Photo: U.S. PD 1912  {001}
see also:
Wk. 33, 08/14/1912 – Henry Andrew “Heck” Thomas
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11/2 of… 1831

Saturday Evening Post Woodcut - depicting James Bowie's 1831 battle with Indians - Week 44 Having obtained permission from the Mexican government to search for the legendary Lost Los Almagres Silver Mine (aka: the lost San Saba Mine or the lost Bowie Mine), James “Jim” Bowie, his brother Rezin, and ten others set out for the ruin of the Spanish Mission Santa Cruz de San Saba in Indian territory. About six miles from their destination, they stopped to negotiate with a large Indian raiding party, said to have consisted of more than 120 Tawakoni and Waco and perhaps 40 Caddo. The parley failed and Bowie and his group were forced to fight for their lives. When the Indians finally retreated some 13 hours later, Bowie’s party had lost but one man. They later reported that the Indian war party had 40 killed and 30 wounded in the fight.
In the meantime, San Antonio received word from a party of friendly Comanche who had seen the raiding party and reported that Bowie’s group had been outnumbered, 14 to 1, leaving the citizenry assuming the Bowie expedition had been wiped out. Ursula Bowie even began wearing widow’s weeds. However, to everyone’s surprise, the eleven survivors returned on December 6th.
Bowie wrote a report of the expedition, in Spanish, which was printed in several newspapers. The following month, with a larger force, he set out again, but after two and a half months of searching, they returned home having failed to locate the mine.  Even so, Bowie’s reputation was certainly further enhanced by these exploits. Woodcut U.S. PD Saturday Evening Post – unknown engraver – depicting the 1831 battle.  {001}
see also:
The Originals Index – Lost Treasurers in the Old WestLost Los Almagres Silver Mine (1831)


Jefferson Randolph “Soapy” Smith II, born in Coweta, GA. Confidence man extraordinaire!  {001}


Theodore D. Judah died of yellow fever in transit from Panama to New York. Visionary RR engineer “Crazy Judah” thought he couldTheodore D. Judah - Week 44: October 29th thru November 4th build a railroad over the Sierra Nevada Mountains. After securing funding from four Sacramento merchants, he was appointed chief engineer for the Central Pacific RR. He helped with the passage of the Pacific Railway Act in 1862 to secure federal funding to build a transcontinental railroad. But he did not live to see the completion (1869) of the line he surveyed and designed.* Photo: PD Wikipedia  {001}
Week 25, 06/21/1893 – Leland Stanford


Abilene, KS, Chief of Police “Bear River” Thomas James Smith, killed by homesteaders Andrew McConnell and Moses Miles during an attempted arrest for a murder. Smith was shot through the right lung, struck on the head with a pistol, and his head nearly severed with an axe — but not before he wounded both of his assailants.  {001}


Apache Kid - 1889 - Week 44: October 29th thru November 4th Glenn Reynolds - sheriff - Week 44: October 29th thru November 4th Kelvin Grade Massacre, AZ: Two Sheriffs, Glen Reynolds and William A. “Hunkydory” Holmes attempted to transfer one Mexican and eight Apache prisoners from Safford, AZ to the Yuma Territorial Prison by stagecoach and train. Things went amiss when, on the second day, the heavily loaded stage couldn’t climb the rain soaked Kelvin grade. The two sheriffs got seven manacled Apache prisoners and the Mexican out of the coach to walk up the hill; leaving the more dangerous Apache Kid manacled in the coach. As soon as the stage was out of sight, the lawmen were overpowered, disarmed and killed. The Mexican prisoner, Jesus Avott, fled the scene, caught up with the coach and told Driver Eugene Middleton what had happened. Told to get in the coach, Avott hid in the bushes. Close behind him, the Apaches arrived, shot Middleton and released the Apache Kid. After robbing the dead sheriffs and the wounded driver (who survived) the Apaches fled in the desert. Avott, on a borrowed horse, rode back to Florence with the news. (later pardoned for his actions). The Apaches escaped and disappeared. Save for the Apache Kid, who became a survival legend in the Southwest. Seen everywhere, killed by numerous lawmen, bounty hunters and others over 20+ years. It’s most likely he died in 1894, but some claim it was old age in Mexico, c. late 1930’s. Look it all up! Photos: U.S. PD, LH pre-1889 unknown – Sheriff Glen Reynolds; RH unknown, The Apache Kid.  {001}


North Dakota Seal - Week 44: October 29th thru November 4th North Dakota admitted to the Union as the 39th state. “The Peace Garden State”. North Dakota Seal U.S. PD.  {001}


South Dakota Seal - Week 44: October 29th thru November 4th South Dakota admitted to the Union as the 40th state. “The Mount Rushmore State”. South Dakota Seal U.S. PD.  {001}


Sixteen posse members led by Deputy Marshal Paden Tolbert attempt to use a cannon to blast down the walls of Ned’s Fort, OK. The cannon fails after thirty rounds and by nightfall nothing has changed.  {001}
(see: 11/03 – below)


Big Nose Kate - Week 44: October 29th thru November 4th Big Nose Kate (born Mary Kathryn Harony, aka: “Kate” Elder, Fisher, Mary K. Cummings), age 90, died in the Arizona Pioneers Home at Prescott, AZ. She was Doc Holliday’s mistress and alleged wife of many stormy years.  {001}

11/3 of… 1793

Stephen Fuller Austin born in Wythe County, VA.  {001}


Jeff Milton and Guy Welch pursue (in Milton’s Ford car) a bank robber who has just killed Tombstone, AZ, banker T.R. Brandt. They take robber Fred Koch after Milton shoots him in the arm with his .38.  {001}


Black Bart - Week 44: October 29th thru November 4th Number 26: Black Bart (born 1829?) takes down the stage on Funk Hill between Sonora and Milton in Calaveras County, CA. This is the site of his first robbery and it is Bart’s last hurrah. He is interrupted and shot (a minor wound, if any) by Jimmy Rolleri, a passenger. During his escape Bart loses his lunch, his eyeglasses, and a handkerchief with a San Francisco laundry mark. This ultimately leads Wells Fargo detective James B. Hume and San Francisco detective Harry N. Morse, via a Chinese laundry, to one Charles E. Bolles of San Francisco. Confessing at last, Bolles goes to San Quentin Prison for four years (charged for only the final robbery), then disappears from history shortly after his release in 1888. Photo: U.S. PD, c. 1880’s… but, is it really him?  {001}
PLAYERS – Timelines Index – Timelines A-L Index – Black Bart Timeline
Quotes Index – Robbers and Poets QuotesBlack Bart


Annie Oakley - Week 44: October 29th thru November 4th Annie Oakley, “Little Sure Shot”, Phoebe Ann Mosey, age 66, died in her sleep in Greenville, OH. A famous American sharpshooter, she performed with Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show. Likely the best of them all. TYH! Photo: U.S. PD, Wikipedia  {001}


The final assault on Ned Christie’s Fort, OK. A mobile barricade, dynamite, and plenty of gunfire flush Ned Christie and Arch Wolf from Ned’s stronghold of seven years. Ned is killed by Wess Bowman; Arch Wolf escapes for a while but is ultimately caught and sent to prison.  {001}
(see: 11/02 – above)


The payroll for the Aramayo Franke and Cia Silver Mine is taken near San Vicente, Bolivia. The masked banditos are likely Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. It will be their last holdup.  {001}
Wk. 45, 11/07/1908 – Butch and Sundance


Charles Dennis Buchinskas, aka Charles Bronson, is born in Ehrenfeld, PA. Movie star.  {001}

11/4 of… 1862

Ft. Sumner is established in what will become Lincoln County, NM Territory.  {001}


Born: William Penn Adair Rogers (Will Rogers+2), in Oologah Indian Territory, OK. Cowboy, philosopher, movie star.  {001}


Commodore Perry Owens is elected sheriff of Apache County, AZ . {001}


Shot six times, killed by persons or persons unknown, the body of Judson “Comanche” White, an employee of the San Simon Cattle Company, was discovered in Skeleton Canyon. All of his camp and personal possessions had been taken. Article in The Deseret News of 11/07/1889.  {001}



Indian Head Eagle obverse 1932 - Week 44: October 29th thru November 4th Indian Eagle - reverse - Week 44: October 29th thru November 4th First release date of the Indian Head Eagle $10 gold piece. Championed by Theodore Roosevelt, the coin quickly raised an outcry from the public.  Omission of the motto “In God We Trust” (intentional) on the new coins caused public outrage and prompted Congress to pass a bill mandating its inclusion. The phrase was added in 1908. Indian Head Eagle reverse 1932 - Week 44: October 29th thru November 4th The coin was produced with minor changes until 1933 when all gold in the U.S. was called in. This ended the eagle series of gold coins, originally initiated in 1795.  Photos: U.S. PD 1908 & 1932 coins, anonymous.  {001}
Wk.52, 12/28/1933 – call in the gold…

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