Week 44: October/November

Week 44: October 29 thru November 4th

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10/29 of…1866

James P. Beckwourth - Week 44: October 29th thru November 4th Or, was it 1867? Doubt has followed Jim’s coming and going… but he was gone at 67 or 68 years; James Pierson Beckwith, aka, Jim Beckwourth: blacksmith, explorer, Indian Chief, Mountain Man,* scout, soldier, trader and more… Born a mulatto slave, he was apprenticed to a blacksmith until age 19, when an argument with the smith ended that career. Sent to four years schooling in St. Louis; manumitted* by his father in 1824; he then signed on with William Ashley‘s Rocky Mountain Fur Company and headed west. Somewhere in there, he changed his name to Beckwourth and became a legend. Eventually living eight years with the Crow Tribe as a warrior, clan leader and war chief. Later he would scout for the U.S. Army, including at the Sand Creek Massacre. For his participation in that event, he was banned forever by the Cheyenne and might have been murdered for it? All highly debated, even today, his story is simply too big for Old West Daily Reader, look up this complicated, controversial, amazing man and gain much insight into his times.  {001}
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The Life and Adventures of James P. Beckwourth:
Mountaineer, Scout, Pioneer and Chief of the Crow Nation


Tom Newcomb guns down Moses Embree “California Joe” Milner at the Red Cloud Agency, NE.  {001}


Lexington, NC. Annie Oakley is among the seriously injured when Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show is devastated in a train wreck.  {001}


Leon F Czolgosz - Week 44: October 29th thru November 4thLeon Czologosz, the assassin of President William McKinley, is electrocuted in Auburn Prison (NY). Out west, they’re still “stringin’ ‘em up”. Photo: U.S. PD; Cover of the McKinley extra, Frank Leslie’s Weekly of 09/09/1901.  {001}


Denver, CO, sees the passing of Georgia-born Madame Jennie Rogers. In 1888 Rogers built the notorious “House of Faces and Mirrors” at 1942 Market Street — said to have been accomplished with a blackmailed $17,000. One of the finest and most extravagant bawdy houses in the west, it featured twenty-two “boarders”. After her death, it was owned by the “Queen of the Tenderloin“, Mattie Silks* until 1919.  {001}
Wk. 34, 08/25/187 – Kate Fulton and Mattie Silks
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