Week 39: September

Week 39: September 24 thru 30th

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9/24 of…1789

U.S. Marshal Badge - Week 39: September 24th thru 30th.The Judiciary Act of 1789, passed by the First Congress and signed into law by President George Washington, created the office of United States Marshal. The United States Marshal’s primary function was to execute all lawful warrants issued to him under the authority of the United States. The law defined marshals as officers of the courts charged with assisting federal courts in their law-enforcement functions. “…to execute throughout the district, all lawful precepts directed to him, and issued under the authority of the United States, and he shall have the power to command all necessary assistance in the execution of his duty, and to appoint as shall be occasion, one or more deputies.” Badge Image: U.S. PD, courtesy USMS Publishing & Multimedia Services.  {001}


Dakota Territory (today, in SD), from the 24th to the 28th, on the south side of the mouth of the Bad River where it enters the Missouri; The Corps of Discovery (Lewis and Clark) met, talked and traded with the Teton Sioux Indians.  {001}


Salt Lake City, UT. The Tenth Hand Cart Company, under the command of Capt. Oscar A. Stoddard, arrives safely from Florence, NE, after eighty-one days. There will be no more hand carts on the Mormon Trail.  {001}
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A proclamation directing all Mormons (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) to obey the federal government decree forbidding multiple marriage is issued by Church President Wilford Woodruff.  {001}


Devils Tower - Week 39: September 24th thru 30th.Devil’s Tower (WY) is proclaimed the nation’s first national monument by President Theodore Roosevelt. Photo: U.S. PD, 2005, Colin.faulkingham  {001}


The first outdoor rodeo under lights was produced by Earl and Weldon Bascom. Columbia, MS.  {001}

9/25 of… 1825

Gordon Belt born in Beltsville, MD. Southern sympathizer, judge.  {001}


William H. “Billy” Dixon born in Ohio County, WV. Buffalo hunter, scout, author.  {001}


All of the brave volunteers successfully complete the harrowing 60 mile trek to Fort Wallace and buffalo soldiers of the (unit ?) commanded by (rank?) Louis Carpenter ride to the rescue of the survivors of the Battle of Beecher Island. Scout Thomas O’Donnell died of his wounds at Fort Wallace in November. Floods in 1935 took the original site and its 1905 monument. Today, a replacement monument stands on Beecher Island. The army never again fielded a civilian force.  {001}
Wk. 37, 09/17/1868 – Battle of Beecher Island
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Oliver Loving - Week 39: September 24th thru 30th.Oliver Loving, age 54, is killed on the Goodnight-Loving trail by Indians. The New Mexico cattle rancher was a partner with Charles Goodnight and John Chisum. It is said that Goodnight carried a photograph of Loving for years after his death. Photo U.S. PD.  {001}


MCW: Johnny Ringo and Bill Williams murder James Cheyney at his home in Mason, TX, in retaliation for his involvement in the killing of Mose Baird and the wounding of George Gladden*. They also try for Dave Doole whom they believe was involved. Doole is armed and they are driven off.  {001}
* Wk. 36, 09/07/1875 – Ambush!Old West Daily Reader Subscribe Today

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