Week 39: September

Week 39: September 24 thru 30th

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9/24 of…1789

U.S. Marshal Badge - Week 39: September 24th thru 30th.The Judiciary Act of 1789, passed by the First Congress and signed into law by President George Washington, created the office of United States Marshal. The United States Marshal’s primary function was to execute all lawful warrants issued to him under the authority of the United States. The law defined marshals as officers of the courts charged with assisting federal courts in their law-enforcement functions. “…to execute throughout the district, all lawful precepts directed to him, and issued under the authority of the United States, and he shall have the power to command all necessary assistance in the execution of his duty, and to appoint as shall be occasion, one or more deputies.” Badge Image: U.S. PD, courtesy USMS Publishing & Multimedia Services.  {001}


Dakota Territory (today, in SD), from the 24th to the 28th, on the south side of the mouth of the Bad River where it enters the Missouri; The Corps of Discovery (Lewis and Clark) met, talked and traded with the Teton Sioux Indians.  {001}


Salt Lake City, UT. The Tenth Hand Cart Company, under the command of Capt. Oscar A. Stoddard, arrives safely from Florence, NE, after eighty-one days. There will be no more hand carts on the Mormon Trail.  {001}
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A proclamation directing all Mormons (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) to obey the federal government decree forbidding multiple marriage is issued by Church President Wilford Woodruff.  {001}


Devils Tower - Week 39: September 24th thru 30th.Devil’s Tower (WY) is proclaimed the nation’s first national monument by President Theodore Roosevelt. Photo: U.S. PD, 2005, Colin.faulkingham  {001}


The first outdoor rodeo under lights was produced by Earl and Weldon Bascom. Columbia, MS.  {001}

9/25 of… 1825

Gordon Belt born in Beltsville, MD. Southern sympathizer, judge.  {001}


William H. “Billy” Dixon born in Ohio County, WV. Buffalo hunter, scout, author.  {001}


All of the brave volunteers successfully complete the harrowing 60 mile trek to Fort Wallace and buffalo soldiers of the (unit ?) commanded by (rank?) Louis Carpenter ride to the rescue of the survivors of the Battle of Beecher Island. Scout Thomas O’Donnell died of his wounds at Fort Wallace in November. Floods in 1935 took the original site and its 1905 monument. Today, a replacement monument stands on Beecher Island. The army never again fielded a civilian force.  {001}
Wk. 37, 09/17/1868 – Battle of Beecher Island
Quotes Index – Commentators QuotesSoldiersThe Frontier Defenses of Kansas


Oliver Loving - Week 39: September 24th thru 30th.Oliver Loving, age 54, is killed on the Goodnight-Loving trail by Indians. The New Mexico cattle rancher was a partner with Charles Goodnight and John Chisum. It is said that Goodnight carried a photograph of Loving for years after his death. Photo U.S. PD.  {001}


MCW: Johnny Ringo and Bill Williams murder James Cheyney at his home in Mason, TX, in retaliation for his involvement in the killing of Mose Baird and the wounding of George Gladden*. They also try for Dave Doole whom they believe was involved. Doole is armed and they are driven off.  {001}
* Wk. 36, 09/07/1875 – Ambush!


Dodge City Marshal Bat Masterson and his brother, Deputy Marshal Ed Masterson exchange words and shots with drunken cowboy A.C. Jackson. Jackson barely escapes on his fatally wounded horse.  {001}


Native Daughters of the Golden West: An American non-profit organization for women born in California focuses on the care and preservation of California history. Sister organization to Native Sons of the Golden West.  {001}


Floresville, Wilson County, TX. William “Bill” Whitley, co-leader of the Bill Whitley/Brack Cornett Gang is shot to death and one other gang member captured by U.S. marshals. Brack Cornett escapes towards Frio, TX, but the reception will be chilly.  {001}


The Tom Mix Ralston Straight Shooters Radio Show (15 min.) debuted from New York City with Artells “Art” Dickson as Tom and “The Old Wrangler” played by Percy Hemus. There were numerous character changes and additions, a year long hiatus beginning in 1943, and the extension of the show to thirty minutes in 1949. The adventures from the TM Bar Ranch near Dobie, TX, ended due to competition from television in 1950.  {001}

9/26 of… 1847

The Donner Party rejoins the California Trail near the place that will become Elko, NV, having endured serious problems crossing the Wasatch Mountains and the Great Salt Lake Desert and worse, losing more than three precious weeks over the normal time on the California Trail. By the end of October they are caught in a blizzard, losing additional time. The party goes into camp near Truckee Lake (Donner Lake) at the eastern foot of modern-day Donner Pass. Slaughtering their oxen, they hunker down in an attempt to survive the oncoming winter. The folly of the Hastings Cutoff is slowly becoming apparent.  {001}
Wk. 29, 07/19/1847 – Hastings Cutoff


Zion at last! The First Hand Cart Company (Ellsworth) arrives safe and sound in Salt Lake City, UT. In the one hundred-ten days since leaving Iowa City, IA, they have lost but thirteen of the 274 immigrants who began the westward journey. The concept has been proven! There will be more!  {001}
Photo Gallery Index – Transportation PhotosMormon Hand Carts


Proven indeed! One Hundred and eight days out of Iowa City, IA, the Second Handcart Company (McArthur) arrives the same day as the first, with 214 survivors of 221 who started.  {001}
Photo Gallery Index – Transportation PhotosMormon Hand Carts


The “Monitor,” an iron-lined stagecoach built by the Cheyenne and Deadwood Stage Company was held up at Canyon Springs Station. Shotgun messenger Galen O. “Gale” Hill was wounded, telegraph operator H. Campbell killed, and the road agents got away with somewhere between $140,000 and $500,000 (debated) from the “impregnable” strong box bolted inside the coach. After attempting to sell stolen bullion in Deadwood, SD, sometime later, William Mansfield and Archie McLaughlin, while being transported as prisoners, were taken from the stage and lynched.  {001}


The Great Deadwood, SD fire. Among the losses is Al Swearengen’s Gem Theater. Al would soon rebuild and the Gem would be grander than ever! Al would run it for twenty-two years and it would burn three times, the last in 1899.  {001}


Sheriff Barney Watson and Deputy James Sullivan kill New Mexico outlaw Ike Stockton during an attempted arrest near Silverton, CO.  {001}


J. Frank Dobie (James Frank Dobie) was ranch-born in Live Oak County Texas. Teacher, columnist, folklorist, author.  {001}


Jim Brock, (Burrow Gang) arrested in ??  {001}


Levi Strauss - Week 39: September 24th thru 30th.Levi (Leob) Strauss, age 73, died in San Francisco, CA. Entrepreneur and clothing manufacturer. In 1853 he was making tents and pants, out of canvas, for miners, in booming San Francisco. His business gradually became a large supply and manufacturing facility. As his success grew, so did his philanthropy. Strauss was well known for giving back to his community. He helped establish Congregation Emanu-El, the first Jewish synagogue in the city of San Francisco.
Then, Latvian tailor, Jacob W. Davis* brought his proven, successful, copper rivet reinforced pants design from Nevada (1873). Strauss, was already the supplier of the indigo denim (genes in the trade) Davis used to make the pants. With the change to manufacture, the name of the product was changed to Jeans and patented. The product was wildly successful, still is, spread worldwide… You probably own a pair.  Photo: U.S. PD – Ad photo – Levi Strauss.  {001}
*Wk. 20, 05/19/1873 – Jacob W. Davis
Dictionary Denim


The passing of western author Andy Adams in Colorado Springs, CO, at age 76. The Log of a Cowboy (1903) is considered by many to be the best account of cowboy life and pushing cattle ever written; still in print today. Others: The Outlet (1905), Ranch on the Beaver (1927).  {001}


The beginning of Frontier Doctor — syndicated TV series, B&W, 30 min., starring Rex Allen as Dr. Baxter.  {001}

9/27 of… 1854

Peter Skene Ogden - Week 39: September 24th thru 30th.Died at Oregon City, OR: Peter Skene Ogden, age 64, (born c. 1790). Canadian explorer and fur trader who, during his many expeditions, explored British Columbia, parts of Oregon, Washington, Nevada, California, Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. He started with the North West Company in 1809; then, despite numerous previous confrontations with the Hudson’s Bay Company, he became chief trader (in 1823) of the HBC’s Columbia Department for the Snake River Country — after the two companies had merged (1821). Find some of his expeditions west at*. During the 1840s he administered a fur trading post at Fort Vancouver, thwarting American fur competition and trading successfully with the local tribes. In 1847, he averted an Indian war and recovered 49 settlers taken as slaves by the Cayuse and Umatilla Indians after the Whitman Massacre**. Namesake of the Ogden River and Ogden, UT. This was a busy man, look him up! Photo: U.S. PD c. 1854 Oregon History Project (crop).   {001}
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Wk. 48, 11/29/1847 – Whitman Massacre
References – Books – Novels and History (non-ref)Peter Skeene Ogden


Born in Bridgeport, OH, is Joseph Henry Sharp, painter.  {001}


The Centralia Massacre (MO) takes place at the hands of Anderson’s Raiders led by “Bloody Bill”. These Confederate partisans terrorized the populace and looted the town, then stopped a northern Missouri train, robbed the passengers, murdered, scalped, and mutilated 22 Union soldiers traveling home on leave. They then retreated, taking one sergeant as a potential hostage. Later in the day, Anderson led pursuing 39th Missouri Infantry Regiment (mounted), commanded by Major A.V.E. Johnston, into an ambush, killing and mutilating 120 more Union soldiers, beheading some. The fate of the unneeded hostage is not hard to imagine. It is likely that Frank and young Jesse James were participants in these events.  {001}


Wild Bill Hickok and deputy Peter “Rattlesnake Pete” Lanihan quell a riot at John Bittle’s Saloon in Hays City, KS. Bill kills Samuel Strawhim with a shot to the head. “Too much credit cannot be given to Wild Bill for his endeavor to rid this town of such dangerous characters,” (Leavenworth Daily Commercial, Oct. 3 1869).  {001}


Doc Holliday registers to vote in Tombstone, AZ, (Pima County).  {001}


The Bozeman Hotel in Bozeman, MT: an evolving relationship between working ranchers, the Northern Pacific Railway* and national park officials, results in the creation of the Dude Ranchers’ Association.  Larry Larom of Valley Ranch, became the first president. A.H. Croonquist of Camp Senia at Red Lodge was named vice president and Ernest Miller of Elkhorn Ranch was named secretary-treasurer. Seven directors were appointed. Six objectives were set forth:
1. Establish cooperation among ranchers and railroad officials.
2. Discuss the transportation and proper care of guests.
3. Create advertising and publicity for the association.
4. Standardize practices.
5. Create an efficient sales organization.
6. The organized protection of fish and game.
The organization is alive and well today, representing over 100 Dude Ranches,** look ’em up. Photo: DRA logo © DRA, Fair Use.  {001}
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* Wk. 27, 07/02/1864 – Northern Pacific Railway
** References – Dictionarydude ranch


Frank M. Canton - Week 39: September 24th thru 30th.Outlaw turned lawman, Frank M. Canton (aka: “Texas Joe” Horner“) dead at age 78. He rustled cattle, had a shootout with some buffalo soldiers* and robbed a bank in Comanche, TX (1877). After escaping Texas Ranger custody for that affair, he went to Nebraska and went mostly straight. He did a stint as an enforcer/Regulator in Wyoming’s Johnson County War (some murders and a lynching or two), then turned real lawman, becoming a sheriff and later a U.S. Marshal for “Hanging Judge” Parker in Ft. Smith, AK. All in all a colorful fellow, he even got a pardon from the Governor of Texas for his crimes as “Texas Joe”. An interesting cross-section of the Old West in one man, look him up! Photo: U.S. PD pre- 1923.  {001}
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9/28 of… 1832

Born in Kemper County near Meridian, MS, is William Jesse “Bill” McDonald. U.S. deputy marshal, Texas ranger.  {001}


The Trail of Tears. Tragedy ensues due to monumental problems encountered in the first phase of the forced removal of the Cherokee to Oklahoma. Cherokee chief and orator Going Snake and others had negotiated with the General Winfield Scott and secured agreement to allow following groups to travel under the management of the Indians themselves. Going Snake traveled with the first such group. They were four months in transit to the Indian Territory, and upon arrival he constructed a cabin for himself along Ward Branch Creek about six miles north of present-day Westville, OK. He was eighty years old at the time.  {001}


Everyone had had enough of criminal Sheriff “Big Dave” Updyke and the evidence was in. He was still sheriff but it wouldn’t help much longer. The Payette River Vigilance Committee arrested him on a charge of defrauding the revenue and failing to arrest a hard case outlaw named West Jenkins. Dave made bail but he was also well aware of  the reputation of the Vigilance Committee. He fled to Boise City, ID where he had more influence and thought he would be safer. It would last for a while…  {001}


McClellan Creek, Gray County, TX. The camp of Kotsoteka Comanche chiefs Kai-Wotche (killed) and Mow-way is attacked by U.S. 4th Cavalry+2 troops under the command of Colonel Ranald S. Mackenzie+2. The village, its trading goods, and winter stores are destroyed, and their ponies taken. The Indians are forced to the reservation. This is really the first major action of the Red River War+2. These tactics would become the successful formula for the war.*  {001}
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U.S. 4th Cavalry troops under the command of Col. Ranald S. Mackenzie +2 destroy villages, horses and winter supplies of Cheyenne, Comanche and Kiowa Indians at the Battle of Palo Duro Canyon (TX). This is the final and decisive battle of the Red River War (1872-74) +2. Losses sustained here drive most of the Indians back onto the reservation around Fort Sill, OK.  {001}
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Coolidge, KS. An attempted robbery of the westbound cannonball at the station results in the death of engineer John Hilton, and the wounding of fireman George Fadel. Lon Chambers, Mack Dean, Harry Donnelly and Jim Looney are arrested by Dodge City’s “Mysterious Dave” Mather and Sheriff Parsons of Bent County, CO. All are released for lack of evidence, and the crime remains unsolved.  {001}
(Conflict, 29th in Encyclopedia of Western Gunfighters)


A Texas Ranger posse, including Thalis Cook and led by Captain John Hughes, trailed horse thieves Ease Bixler, and Art and Jubel Friar to Nogalitos Pass, TX. In the ensuing gunfight, both the Friars were killed. Bixler escaped bareback on one of the stolen horses.

9/29  of… 1775

Lieutenant Colonel Juan Bautista de Anza set out on an expedition to escort 240 settlers to Monterrey, (CA).   {003}


JCW: Nathan D. “Nate” Champion born in Williamson County near Round Rock, TX. Cowboy, rustler.  {001}


Virginia City, NV. Chinese workers are terrorized and chased out of town by an estimated 350 vigilantes.  {001}


Nathan Meeker - Week 39: September 24th thru 30th.The Meeker Massacre, CO. Knowing that troops were approaching, White River Ute Indians attacked the agency run by Nathanial Cook Meeker, killing him, nine male employees, and taking some of the women and children as hostages. The incident was precipitated by Meeker’s heavy-handed fantasies of civilizing the Indians to his Christian and farming standards. Plowing up their race track had been the final insult. The troops Meeker sent for were met at Milk Creek and mauled for several days before being relieved (13 dead, including the commanding officer, and 28 wounded). These events ultimately led to the Utes being forcibly removed to the Utah Territory. Photo: PD, Nathan C. Meeker  {001}
Wk. 35, 08/28/1881 – Southern Ute Indians


The Denver Times calls the recent bank robbery in Glenwood Springs, “the most daring bank robbery known in the history of Colorado“.  {001}


Bonnie McCarroll - Week 39: September 24th thru 30th.Killed when her horse rolled over her during her final performance in a bronc riding exhibition at the Pendleton Roundup: internationally famous rodeo performer, bulldogger, and bronc rider Bonnie McCarroll, age 32 or 33. Her death caused the elimination of women’s bronc riding from rodeo, which was then in the process of transforming into a professional sport. This lady had won what there was for a woman to win in rodeo of her time; this was her retirement performance. She was named to the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame in Fort Worth, TX, in 2006. Photo: U.S. PD promo shot pre-1929  {001}
The Originals Index – Rodeos and Wild West Shows – Photo, bottom of page

9/30 of… 1876

David “Davy” Crocket, age 23, nephew of Alamo hero Davy Crocket, is killed in a shootout with Cimarron’s Sheriff Reinhart and two deputies, rancher Joseph Holbrook and postmaster John McCullough. Schwenk’s barn, Cimarron, NM. Shotguns!  {001}


Gold discovered in Idaho near where Pierce, ID, is today.  {001}


John Dovey coal mine payroll robbery near Central City, Mercer County, KY. Thought to have been accomplished by Jesse James, Billy Ryan and J.A. “Dick” Liddil.  {001}


First airing of the Western Anthology radio show, Death Valley Days on the Blue Network/ABC, CBS, and NBC.  {001}


Billy the Kid Gang member Billy Wilson is said to have died of natural causes at New Madrid, MO, on September 30, 1935.  {001}
(Info conflict: see June 14)

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