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Name, Place, or Title Born Died Noted
S.S. Brother Jonathon (paddle wheel steamship) 1865steamship31
S.S. Central America (Steamship)36, 37
Sacagawea (Indian Guide)07, 14, 20, 51
Sacajawea (Lewis & Clark Guide)12, 32
Sackett (Novel) 196123
Sacramento, CA (Capitol of CA)46
Sacred Blue Lake (NM)50
Saddlemates (M) 194150
Safford, Anson P. K. (AZ Terr Gov - 1869-77)18
Saga of Death Valley (M) 193938
Sagebrush Law (M) 194329
Sagwitch (Shosone Chief)05
Salina Canyon, Battle of (UT, Terr.)15
Sallie Gardner - a horse25
Salmon, M.H. "Dutch" (author11, 13
Salt Creek Canyon Massacre, UT (1858)23
Salt Lake City, UT05, 21, 23, 24, 30, 32, 35, 37, 39, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 48
Salter, Susanna (1st female Mayor)1860196114
Sam Bass Gang (Outlaw Gang08, 15, 23, 24, 38, 45, 52
Sample, Red (Outlaw)13
Sampson, Sam (outlaw)26
San Antonio de Valero (see: Alamo, The)0
San Antonio, TX12, 37, 44
San Antonio-SanDiego Mail Line (The Jackass Mail)28
San Bernardino Ranch, AZ (Historic Site)07
San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation08
San Carlos Reservation (AZ Terr.)38
San Francisco and Pacific RR11
San Francisco Call (newspaper)49
San Francisco Examiner (newspaper)23, 24
San Francisco, CA (Terminis City, Gambling)02, 05, 09, 11, 16, 17, 30, 31, 35, 36, 37, 38, 42, 46, 52
San Ildefonso, Third Treaty of (1800)48
San Jacinto, Battle of (Texas Independence)13, 16, 20
San Jose House (T, Boarding House)0
San Juan Mining District (CO)31
San Luis, CO15
San Quentin (CA prison)45
San Saba Colonization Company (1842)26, 27
Sand Creek Massacre (CO)52not yet...01, 05, 06, 17, 29, 32, 44, 48
Sand Creek, Battle of (see: Sand Creek Massacre, The)0
Sanders, Abner "Ab"18, 29
Sandhills (NE) see: Landmarks and Registers06
Sands of Iwo Jima (M, 1949)04
Sandy (Horse)48
Sanpitch (Shoshone Chief)05
Santa Anna (Mexican General and President of Mexico)13, 16, 20
Santa Catalina Mountains, AZ44
Santa Fe (Movie) 194041
Santa Fe RR04, 10, 15, 28, 33, 36
Santa Fe Stampede (M) 193821
Santa Fe Trail (Missouri to Santa Fe, NM approx. 1200 mi.) {TL}1821187202, 18, 21, 22, 33, 35, 46, 48
Santa Fe Uprising (M) 194643
Santa Fe, NM03, 33, 34, 41, 43, 52
Santank (Kiowa Chief) c. 1870's20
Santanta (Kiowa Chief, Orator) c. 1870's20, 48
Santee (Movie, 1973)10
Sapiah, Ute Chief (see: Buckskin Charley)0
Sapp, W. W. (Wyatt Earp alias)29
Sasquatch (see: The Originals - Critters of the West - Mammals)0
Satank (Kiowa Chief) c. 1860-70's0
Savage Arms Company48
Savage Model 99 Lever Action Rifle38
Savage, Authur William (Firearms Manufacturer)19, 38
Savage, Charles (Photographer)0
Savage, John (Murder Victim)46
Sawyer, Andrew (Fall Creek Massacre)25
Saylor, Robert (Policeman, Knoxville, TN)50
Saylor, Syd (Movie Actor, Sidekick)21, 51
Scanlon (FC, Movies)32
Scarborough, George18591414, 25
Scarfaced Charley (Modc Chief)17, 49
Schaefer, Jack (journalist, author)47
Schaefer, Jack W. (journalist, author)04
Schieffelin, Ed (T, Prospector)36
Schneider, W.P. "Henry" (T, Mining Engineer) [brought a knife to a gunfight]02
Schonchoin, John (Modoc Leader)40
Schoonover, Frank Illustrator) 1877 to 19720
Schreyvogel, Charles (Artist)01, 04
Schumacher, Charles (Pinkerton Agent)13, 19
Schuster, Adolph (wise merchant) 188822
Scott, Fred (Cowboy Star)42
Scott, Randolph (Movie Star)04, 06, 09
Scott, Walter Edward (see: Death Valley Scotty)0
Scott, Winfield (General) U.S. Army37, 39
Scotts Bluff (NE) see: Landmarks and Registers0
Scotts Bluff National Monument50
Scotty's Castle (Death Valley01
Scout (Horse)05, 10, 27, 30, 33, 51, 0
Scouts of the Prairie (Movie Serial) ????0
Scouts of the Prairie (Play)29
Scouts to the Rescue0
Scouts to the Rescur (Movie Serial) ????32
Scudder, John16
Scurlock, Doc (LCW)023002, 10, 20, 29, 30, 33
Seaborn, J.C.20
Searchers, The (M) 195617, 24, 35
Searcy, Fred M. (V-stage driver)49
Sears Colt, The (Unique Firearm)0
Sears, Jim05
Sears, Richard Warren (Businessman)04
Sears, Roebuck and Company04
Seaton, Ernest Thompson (Author)43
Seattle, Duwamish Chief22, 23
Seattle, WA04, 10, 12, 22
Secret Service (U.S.) [see: Pinkerton National Detective Agency)19
Sedberry, J.M. (Texas Ranger)20
Segale, Maria Rosa (See: Sister Blandina)0
Sellars, Peter (author/coposer)47
Selman, John Henry (Deputy, Rustler, Killer, Drunk)10, 14, 33
Selvidge, George (Selvage?) (victim)15
Seminole, Joseph F.32, 36, 37, 52
September Dawn (Movie) 200737
Sepúlveda, José Antonio Andres (early CA pioneer)04
Sequoyah Constitutional Convention (1905)38
Seton, Ernest Thompson (Author/Naturalist)33
Seven Cities of Gold38
Seven Rivers Cowboys (LCW)18
Severns, Harry (see: Tracy, Harry)0
Seward, William (U.S. Secretary of State) 1861-6913, 29
Seward, William Henry (politician)20
Seward's Folly (1867)13
Shadler, Ike (Victim) [2nd. Adobe Walls]26
Shadler, Shorty (Victim) [2nd. Adobe Walls]26
Shadley, Lafe (Lawman)35
Shadow Riders, The (TV) 198223
Shadow Valley (M) 194709
Shadows of the Sage (M) 194245
Shafter, Col. William "Pecos Bill" (U.S. Army)0
Shakalo (M) 196823
Shakespeare of the Western range19
Shanahan, Phil (young Hero)17
Shane (M) 195305, 17, 45
Shankersville Whorehouse Robbery (WY) [Kid Curry]0
Sharkey, Tom (boxer)49
Sharp, Joseph Henry (painter)39
Sharps 1874 Rifle11
Sharps, Christian (Gunsmith)11
Shave-Head (Arapaho Chief)07
Shaw, Robert "Bob" (Dance Hall owner)45
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (M) 1949)24, 35, 38
Shea, John43
Sheep Wars (1870 - 1920)46
Sheets, John (Captain, Missouri Federal Militia)02, 49
Shehan, Larry08, 11
Shepard, Claude (Train Robber)36
Shepherd, George (JYG)12
Shepherd, Oliver (JYG)12
Sheridan, Phillip (General USA)38
Sherman Silver Purchase Act (1890)15, 28, 32
Shibell, Charles Alexander (miner, sheriff, teamster)114211
Shiloh Ranch (TV-FC) The Virginian45
Shiprock (NM) see: Landmarks and Registers0
Shirley, Jim (Bank Robber)41
Shootist , The (M) 197602, 24
Shootout on Juneau Wharf, Alaska)27
Shores, C.W. (Pinkerton Agent)35
Short Grass (Novel) 195031
Short Grass (Screenplay) 195031
Short, Capt. Oliver Francis (US Army) massacre victimShort34
Short, Ed (Deputy U.S. Marshal)34
Short, Luke (Western Writer)33, 47
Short, Luke L. (Shootist)18543606, 08, 36, 51
Short, Mark (local badboy)06
Short, Truman ( massacre victim) 187434
Short, Wash (local badboy)06
Shoshone Mike" Daggett (Rustler, Killer)03, 08
Shotgun John Collins474847, 48, 52
Shotgun Messenger04
Shotgun Slade (TV) ????0
Shoup Brothers0
Showdown at Boot Hill (M) ????0
Sibley, Henry H. (Brigadier General) U.S. Army08, 13
Sibley, Hiram (Telegraph Line Builder)43
Sidekicks (Western Movies)03, 06, 07, 09, 13, 17, 19, 21, 23, 24, 25, 27, 29, 30, 34, 36, 37, 40, 42, 45, 49, 50, 51
Sidominadotah (Santee Sioux) victim10
Sieber, Al (Chief of Scouts) c. 1879090808, 09, 22
Siege of Tubac (AZ Terr.) 186133
Sierra Baron (Novel) 195531
Sierra N27
Sierra No. 3 (a RR locomotive - "3-spots") Western Movie Star13
Sign Talk of the Indians (1918)43
Significance of the Frontier in American History, The11
Silks, Mattie (Madame)1845192934, 44
Sills, H.F. (Witness) OK Corral48
Silver (Horses) [2]37, 48
Silver Bullet (Horse)43
Silver City08, 15
Silver City, NV (Mining & Gambling)0
Silver Dollar (1792)14
Silver Rushes (see: Mining Photos flyout)0
Silver Spot (Horse)0
Silver Trails (Movie) 194843
Silverado (M, 1985)28
Silverheels, Jay "Tonto" [Harold J. Smith)10, 21, 37, 52
Silverton Northern Railroad (1889-1942)25
Silverton Railroad (1887-1926)25
Silverton, CO28, 31
Simms, Billy10
Simms, Pink (Deputy U.S. Marshal) [Champion Pistol Shot]0
Simpson, Benjamin F. (U.S. Marshal) 1870's03
Simpson, W.C. "Bill" (Deputy Sheriff)46
Sin Killer (novel) 200222
Singer, Fred02
Singing Cowgirl, The (M) 193913
Siringo, Charles A. "Charlie" (Cowboy, Pinkerton Agent and Silent Movie Actor)064206, 42
Sitler, Henry L. (Pioneer Rancher)33
Sitting Bull (Hunkpapa Lakota Sioux Chief)c. 18315020, 21, 23, 26, 36, 50
Six Months In Mexico (Book) 188804
Six-Shooter Jim (Tombstone c. 1885)0
Skeleton Canyon, AZ31
Skull, Sally (Horse Trader/killer) -0
Sky Chief (Pawnee Chief)31
Slade, Joseph Alfred "Jack" (Gunfighter)10
Slater, Hannah (inventor) c18
Slaughter (Novel) 199234
Slaughter Slough (see: Lake Shetek Massacre)34
Slaughter, Gabriel (Victim)10
Slaughter, John Horton (Cattle Baron, Lawman, U.S. Marshal, Gunfighter)400707, 23, 40
Slaughter's Kid (see: Newcomb, George "Bitter Creek")0
Slaves (taken for)39
Slim Pickins51
Sllways, R.R. (Sheepman)52
Sloat, John D. (Commodore) U.S. Navy27
Slocum, Noble T. (Murder Victim)44
Slye, Leonard Franklin (see: Roy Rogers)0
Smashers Mail (newsletter)23
Smith and Wesson "Schofield" Pistol31
Smith and Wesson Company (Firearms Manufacturers)03, 14, 31
Smith and Wesson Revolver Model 3 "American"21, 34
Smith Will (Outlaw)18
Smith, ?? (Detective) [Kiled Franklin)47
Smith, Charlie12, 30
Smith, Dave48
Smith, Dean (Actor, Stuntman)0
Smith, Ed "Nervy" (Horse thief)35
Smith, Edmund Kirby, General (military officer)22
Smith, Frances Octavia (see: Dale Evans)0
Smith, Francis Marion ("Borax" Smith)02, 05, 35
Smith, Fred (killer and victim)34
Smith, George A. (Marshal, Rico, CO)22
Smith, Harold J. (see: Silverheels, Jay)0
Smith, Horace (Firearms and Cartridge Designer)03, 31, 41
Smith, James "Jim" (Victim)52
Smith, James L. (Railroad Detective)0
Smith, Jedediah (Mountain Man)012101, 21, 25, 43
Smith, Jefferson Randolph "Soapy" (see: Soapy Smith)0
Smith, Joseph (LCW)29
Smith, Joseph [M](Mormon Founder)06, 17, 26, 35
Smith, Lillian (Roper) "Broadway Wenona"0
Smith, Lucian (Inventor)41
Smith, Lucille Wood (see: Dale Evans)0
Smith, Oregin Charles "Harelip Charley)28, 45
Smith, Pvt. George W. (U.S. Army) Medal of Honor 187437
Smith, Thomas James (Marshal, Abilene, KS)23, 44
Smith, Thomas L. "Pegleg" (Fur Trapper, Kidnapper, Horse Thief, Mountain Man, Prospector, etc....)41
Smith, Tom (BJKG)0
Smith, Tom (Chief of Police, Abilene, KS)43
Smith, Tom (deputy sheriff)29
Smith, Tom (Hired Gun, WY)44
Smith, Wayt10
Smith, William "Black Bill" (Cowboy, Glenwood Springs, CO)0
Smith-Dixon Gang48
Smithers, A.L. (Deputy Sheriff46
Smithsonian Institution (Founded 1846)37
Smokey Hill Route, The (592 miles)26, 38
Smoky Hill River (KS)37
Smoote, Daniel (Plaintiff)02, 41
Smuggler-Union Mine (Telluride, CO)25, 27
Snake River (OR)32
Snow Snake (Indian winter game) see: Dictionary0
Snow Snake (see: Reptiles)0
Snow, Charles "Bud"31, 32
Soapy Smith (Jefferson Randolph Smith) [Confidence Man Extraordinaire]442723, 27, 44
sodbusters (settlers)09
Soiled Dove Plea (1899)33
Solomon Fork, Battle of (KS)30
Sommerville, (Gray) Ada0
Song of Old Wyoming (M) 194527
Song of the Lark, The (novel - 1915)17
Songs of Billy Yank (song)28
Sons of Katie Elder (M) 196506
Sons of the Pioneers (Singing Group)09, 27
Sons of the Saddle (M) 193012
Sontag, George Contant (CA outlaw) Evans Gang-c.1929?12, 26, 31
Sontag, John (CA outlaw) Evans Gang-2721, 24, 26, 27, 31, 37
Sooners (Land Rush Cheaters)16, 37
Sopris, Capt. Richard (Explore/Prospector)14, 26, 30
Soreass Lake, CA (see: Dry Lake, Battle of)0
Sorenson, Julius (deputy) survivor47
Soto, Juan "The Human Wildcat)02, 44
Soto, Juan (CA outlaw) c.1870's0
Soule, Capt. Silas Stillman (Co..D, 1st CO Cav.)301717, 30, 48
South Dakota, State of (40 th State) "The Mount Rushmore State"08, 44
South Pass (Important Rocky Mountain Pass) Oregon Trail43
South Platte River (CO)01, 05
Southern Pacific RR05, 06, 10, 11, 12, 19, 20, 31, 36, 50
Southworth, Dorothy Fay14, 45
Souveniers of My Time52
Spafford Farm Massacre, The (WI24
Spalding, T.E. (see: Black Bart)0
Spanish American War20, 34
Sparks, Frank30, 40
Sparrow, Joseph J. "Joe" (shooter)33
Spearfish, SD (Theon Stone location)11
Spearman, Frank H. (American Author, Westerns and non-fiction Railroad))52, 0
Spearman, Frank H. (Writer)36
Speed, Dick (Posse Member)35
Spence, Lowell (Pinkerton Agent)0
Spence, Pete (aka Elliot Larkin Ferguson) [T, Cowboy]18520501, 05, 12
Spencer Arms Company (1883-90)02
Spencer Lever Action Repeating Rifle (c.1859)02, 05, 33
Spencer Pump Action Shotgun (c.1882)02
Spencer Repeating Rifle Company (1862-68)02
Spencer, Christopher Miner (Inventor/Gunsmith)250202, 10, 25, 33
Spencer, Marietta (T, Pete's Wife)11
Spencer, Pete (Cowboy gang)12
Spicer, Wells (T, Justice of the Peace)18311885?23, 28, 46, 48
Spiolers, The (1914) Silent Film23
Spirit Lake Massacre (1857)10
Spirit Mound34
Split Rock (WY) see: Landmarks and Registers0
Spotted Elk (Lakota Sioux Chief)52
Spotted Horse (Pawnee Indian)20
Spotted Tail (Brule' Sioux Chief)01, 02, 31
Spring Creek Raid, The (WY)14
Spur Award (Literary Award from The Western Writers of America)34
Spurs and Saddles (M, 1926)01
Square Deal Sanderson (M) ???? [Silent pre 1920]25
Squaw Fight, The (UT)29
Squaw Jim see: Finds Them and Kills Them24
Squires, Charles (soldier17
St Joseph22
St. Clair, Dave27
St. Ignatius Misson School (42
St. James Hotel (Cimarron, NM)44
St. John, Al (see: Fuzzy Q. Jones)0
St. John, Vincent (hero)25
St. Joseph, MO14, 0
St. Leon, William "Diamond Dick" [Texas Ranger]26, 35
St. Louis, MO {TL}10, 11, 18, 20, 22, 25, 28, 29, 32, 34, 36, 37, 38, 42, 43, 46, 47, 50
St. Vrain Massacre (1832)21
St. Vrain, Ceran de Hault de Lassus de (Trapper, Trader, Miller)184320, 24, 43
St. Vrain, Felix (Indian Agent)21, 25
Stacey, Minnie ("the" Soiled Dove)33
Stack, William (posseman)23
Stage Robber)32
Stagecoach (M) 193904, 07, 21, 24, 35
Stagecoach Mary (Mary Fields) c. late 1890's49
Stagecoach to Denver (M)194643
Stagecoach War (M) 194016
Staked Plains Horror, The (TX - 1877) {TL}1877187728, 29, 30, 31, 33
Staked Plains, The (Llano Estacado)28, 29, 30
Standard Time (U.S.)46
Standefer, William W. (US Marshal)42
Standifer, "Little Bill"0
Standing Bear (Ponca Chief)18, 19
Standing Bear v. Crook18
Standing Rock Reservation, SD50
Stands in Timber (Cheyenne warrior)26
Stanford, Amasa Leland [M] (Railroad tycoon102505, 10, 25, 40
Stanley, Davis S.(Colonel) Twenty-Second Infantry31
Stanley, Emma (Victim, Soiled Dove)22, 23
Stanley, Henry M. (Journalist)14
Stanley, John Mix (artist)181418720
Stanton, Edwin (Sec. of War for Lincoln)33
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady (women's rights/suggrage, abolitionist, author)464343, 46
Star of the West (Union Supply Ship)02
Star Trek (Sci-Fi TV series)36
Star, Pony (Porum Range War) - Davis Factionr22
Stark, Charles "Proffesor" "The Mexican Negro" (Victim)28, 29, 30
Starr Arms Co. (firearms maker)43
Starr, Ebenezer "Eben" Townsand (firearms designrer/manufacturer)33, 43
Starr, Henry (Outlaw)02, 03, 13, 18, 50
Starr, Jim0
Starr, Myra Maybelle Shirley Reed "Belle" (Outlaw)060505, 06, 14, 16, 30, 42, 47, 51
Starr, Pearl (Madame)0
Starr, Sam16, 24, 51
Starr, Samuel Saguila "Pony" (Porum Range War)24
Starrett, Charles (Movie Star)07, 12, 13, 29, 40
State Fair (Movie, 1933)33
State of Deseret (Utah)35
Steamboat 'Round the Bend (Movie, 1935)33
Steamboat Belle of Alton0
Steamboat Ben Campbell (c. 1850's)0
Steamboat Bertrand13
Steamboat Cochan (1900)0
Steamboat F.Y. Batchelor (1878)33
Steamboat Far West (c. 1870's)27
Steamboat General Jessup (c. 1850's)01, 03
Steamboat Louella (1870's - '80's)0
Steamboat New Orleans (c. 1811)15, 42
Steamboat Welcome (1905)0
Steele, Bob (Movie &TV Star)03, 21, 50, 51
Steele, Fanny Sperry (Cowgirl)0
Steele, George31
Stegner, Wallace (Author)26
Steinfeld, Hailee (Movie Actress)51
Stemler, Garland (Lynched)34
Stephens, Ann S. (Writer)13, 23
Stephens, Dwight B. (Sheriff) Luna County08, 45, 46
Sternberg, Charles H. (Geologist, Paleontologist)-2929
Stetson, John Batterson (Hatter)180707, 18
Stevens Isaac (Governor WA Terr.) c. 1850's04
Stevens, Edwin (victim)52
Stevens, Jennie "Little Britches" (Doolin Gang Lookout)0
Stewart, Capt. William (Fur Trader)27
Stewart, Harry (posseman)23
Stewart, Jimmy (Movie Star)34, 43
Stewart, Patrick (Outlaw) swinger52
Stewart, Peggy (Movie Actress)23
Stiles, Billy (lawman, outlaw, lawman...)18714907, 14
Stiles, William (see: Chadwell, Bill)0
Stillman, Isaiah (Illinois Militia commander)20
Stillman's Run, Battle of20
Stillwell, Frank (T, Deputy Sheriff, Cowboy, Stage Robber)18561212, 15
Stinson, Buck26
Stirling, Linda (Movie Actress)41
Stockton, Ike39
Stofflett, Dorothy Lillian (see: Page, Dorothy)0
Stokes, Doc (Gunfighter)13
Stone Calf26
Stone Massacre (1869)42
Stone, Ed L. (Lawman)23
Stone, Fred (Roper)0
Stone, John Finkel (Col. - Mine President) victim40
Stone, Milburn (TV Actor)37
Stoney Brooke (FC, Three Mesquiteers Character)21
Stories of the Century (TV Series) 195411
Storm (Arapaho Chief)07
Storm in the Rocky Mountains (Painting)07
Storms, Charlie08
Stormy Jim (crack shot)27
Stoudenmire, Dallas (Marshal)503815, 16, 34, 38, 50
Stowe, Harriet Beecher1811189612
Stranger Wore a Gun, The (M) 195309
Stratton, W.S. (Prospector)42
Strauss, Levi (Loeb) (Pantsman)08, 20, 39
Strawberry Roan (Movie, 1948)02
Strawhim, Samuel30, 39
Strawwhim, Samuel (victim)31
Street and Smth (Pulp Magazine Publishers)19
Street Fight in Tombstone (see: Gunfight at the OK Corral)0
Streets of Laredo (novel) 199322
Streets of Laredo (Song) [Cowboy's Lament]09
Strickland, Mabel (early Rodeo competitor) c.1920's0
Stuart, J.E.B. (Confederate General)42
Stuart, Robert (explorer, fur trader)084308
Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing Company48
Studebaker Brothers Wagon Company07, 48
Studebaker, Clement (wagon maker)11, 48
Studebaker, H. & C. (Wagonmakers)01
Stumbling Bear48
Stunce, George Howard (aka: George Howard)18
Stutsman, Nicolas "Doc" (gunfighter)29
Sublett, Phil (disgruntled mark)32
Sugar Point40
Sughre, ?? (Sheriff)19
Suicide Boys, The (vow to fight to the death)--25, 26
Sullivan, James (Deputy Sheriff)39
Sullivan, Tom (see: O'Day, Tom "Peep")0
Sully, Alfred (Brig. Gen. U.S. Army)17, 36
Summit Tunnel (Central Pacific RR)16
Sumner, Edwin V. (Coronel) U.S. Army30
Sun Chief (Pawnee Chief)31
Sun Valley Cyclone (1946) Movie48
Sundance Alliance, The (Plains Indians)23
Sundance Kid (outlaw) {TL}18674508, 23, 31, 35, 38, 44, 45, 48, 51
Sundial of the Seasons (Book - 1964)08
Sundown in Santa Fe (M) 194843
Sundown, Jackson0
Sunset Carson (Movie Star)18, 49
Supreme Court (US)13
Surlock, "Doc" (LCW)14
Susie Parker's brothel (Laramie, Wy)32
Sutter, John (mill ownwer)04
Sutter's Fort (CA) c. 1840's20
Sutter's Mill (Gold Strike) 184804
Sutton Taylor Feud (War) [TX]20
Sutton, William "Billy"10
Sutton-Taylor feud (1865-78)10
Swain, Louisa Ann (first woman voter)36
Swearengen, Eliss Albert "Al" (Deadwood, SD) [Entrepreneur]12, 14, 27, 39, 46
Swearengen, Lemuel (V, Al's twin)46
Sweet, A.M. (Victim)08
Swilling, Hank (T) [aka: Apache Hank & "Indian Hank"]11
Sycamore (1st wife of Charles Autobee)24
Sylph (Horse)14
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