Marcel’s Guns

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Marcel’s Guns

Marcel Cansee

All photos included here are from Old West Daily Reader Contributor Marcel Cansee {014} and used by permission. You need to get his permission too, if you want use any. Marcel lives in Belgium and collects early American and Old West firearms among his other interests. This fine collection contains numerous unusual and rare Old West firearms, Enjoy! All photos: © Marcel Cansee




The Massachussets Arms Co. .28 cal. percussion Pocket Pistol (above left) is quite interesting for two reasons: First, it’s Maynard tape primed, Marcel has opened up the primer mechanism so we can see how it worked. Second, the cylinder must be turned by hand.  {001}
see also:
Wk.18, 05/04/1891 – Dr. Edward Maynard




Smith & Wesson Mod 1 1/2 .32 SW, lngrim


Whintney & Beals “Walking Beam”


Otis Smith .32 cal


Hopkins and Allen XL5 .38 cal. rimfire


Robbins and Lawrence Pepperbox .31 cal. Firing pin rotates, barrels do not turn


  OWDR Cansse25 crpNicely hand-engraved small Lombard (Bacon) ss pistol, .32 RF cal


OWDR Cansse29Barrel length is 2 7/8 “, Only a few made like this.


OWDR Colt Cloverleaf House PistolColt Cloverleaf House Pistol, 4 shot


OWDR Cansse03 crpAbove: Daniel Moore 7-shot .32 rf
Below: Daniel Moore Teatfire w/ 1 original cartridge


OWDR Cansse15 crpAbove: Smith & Wesson 1st 2nd, cal .22 short
Middle: Factory engraved Manhattan .22 Long – Infringement on the Rollin White patent
Below: Springfield Armory .32 RF 5-shot Pocket. Also an infringement


OWDR Cansse01Two Spur trigger Remingtons


OWDR Cansse05 crpAllen & Wheelock Sidehammer – .31 cal percussion


Wesson and Levitt 1849 .40 cal.

In regard to the Wesson and Levitt Pistol (left) Marcel tells us, “…wonderful condition, retaining almost all of it’s original colors. Said to have been part of Gregory Peck’s private collection (I can’t prove that). Only about 900 made before Colt’s trial.”





OWDR Cansse09Whitney Navy First Model 2nd issue – .36 cal. percussion


OWDR Cansse08Above: Colt 1862 Police – .36 cal. percussion
Below: Remington 1863 Police – .36 cal. percussion


OWDR Cansse26 crpColt 1862 Police – .36 cal. percussion


OWDR Cansse24 crp Original Lefaucheux 1854 Cavalry Model – one of the 11.833 sold in 1861 to the Union Army (serial# 34050). Cal 11 mm pinfire. Inside the grip I found a small bristol card saying the gun belonged to Supply Officer Michaux (French or Belgian name), D-company of the 21st Michigan Infantry Regiment. The regiment still exists. They sent me a copy of the 1861 enlistment rosters, and I found out Michaux enlisted that year as a private in the A company. The gun has now a brown patina all over; loading gate is a field replacement. Single Action, still perfectly working. – Marcel
Note the similar lines in the later LeMatt revolver. – Doc

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OWDR Cansse17Whitneyville Armory 7 shot – .22 rf  Quite rare round barrel!
“Not allowed without a license in the Netherlands” – Dirk Lagerwij
“Not even allowed with a license in England” – David Ferguson


OWDR Cansse21 crpLucius Pond .22 short with removable thimbles – all thimbles present, which is quite rare.


OWDR Cansse14Above: 7-shot Daniel Moore .32 RF.
Below: The first revolver with swing-out cylinder – made in the 1860’s.
Infringement on the Rollin White patent.


OWDR Cansse27Colt SAA ’73 in .32 Long Colt caliber. Made 1903, still black powder frame


OWDR Cansse23 crpEngraved and gold inlaid Liège copy of a 3rd Model SA Smith&Wesson, cal .32 S&W


OWDR Cansse19Colt New Police .32 (not the Police Positive)


 OWDR Cansse20Colt DA 1877 aka Lightning – Cal 38 Long Colt with attached ejector rod.
Made 1907. Accepts smokeless ammo.


 OWDR Colt SSA Cavalry Model crpColt SAA Peacemaker Cavalry Model
.45 cal. 7 1/2″ barrel

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