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Players Notation Index

Players Notation Index is the key to the letter notations that sometimes appear in a Player’s listing. I have been writing some of these out, but there are still plenty of listings with only the letters and for some: feuds, the gangs, movies and TV, it still saves considerable space to do it this way. – Doc

  • (A)  Author
  • (BJKG) Black Jack Ketchum Gang
  • (BG) Burrow Gang
  • (B)  Book
  • (D)  Director (could be Movie and/or TV)
  • (DG) Doolin Gang
  • (FC)  Fictional Character
  • (H)  Horse
  • (HFG)  High Fives Gang
  • (IV)  Innocent Victim (passers by and the like)
  • (GV) Guilty Victim (got killed but probably deserved it)
  • (JEG)  Jesse Evans Gang
  • (JCW)  Johnson County War  –  WY
  • (JG)  James Gang
  • (JYG)  James-Younger Gang
  • (LCW)  Lincoln County War  –  NM
  • (M) A Freemason – US (Some movies still show (M) they should be (MP) Working on it – Doc
  • (MA) Movie Actor
  • (MCW)  Mason County War  –  TX
  • (MD) Movie Director
  • (MP) Motion Picture
  • (MS)  Movie Star
  • (N)  Novel
  • (PVW)  Pleasant Valley War  –  AZ
  • (R)  Radio Show
  • (S)  Serial
  • (SS)  Short Story
  • (T)  Tombstone
  • (TVA) TV Actor)
  • (TV) TV Series
  • (TVS)  TV Star
  • (TYH!)  Tip Yer Hat!  A Western Hero
  • (V)  Victim (not specified)
  • (W)  Writer
  • (WB) Wild Bunch

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