Week 02: January

Week 2: January 8th thru 14th

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1/8 of… 1774

Captain Juan Bautista de Anza begins to blaze a trail from Sonora to San Gabriel Mission in Alta California, near today’s Los Angeles. That November (1774), he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  {003}


Died, Pathkiller, last hereditary chief of the Cherokee (1811 – 1827). However, after 1813, he had only been the de facto chief through 1827. The actual authority in the Cherokee Nation had shifted to Charles R. Hicks, the first chief of partial European descent. The creation of the constitutional republic in 1828 led to the election of John Ross as Principal Chief. Pathkiller and Hicks had both been mentors to Ross, having identified the talented young mixed-blood Cherokee of Scots-Irish descent as the future leader of the Cherokee people.
Pathkiller’s grave appears in two places, in the woods just outside the fenced Garrett family cemetery next to the Coosa River in Centre, Cherokee County, AL …and burial site for a Colonel Pathkiller,  previously recorded as a tomb of an “unknown Indian”. This one located at the site of the old Cherokee town of New Echota.  {001}


Battle of New Orleans, 01 1815 - Week 2The end of the last major battle of the War of 1812 in the American south; the defenders of New Orleans have saved the city and sent the last British Army home in defeat (gone, 18 Jan). Military issues with the Spain had been basically resolved by the Louisiana Purchase (1804). Commercial issues, such as the Northwest salmon fisheries and the fur trade were in various types of somewhat more peaceful “negotiations” with British and French neighbors to the North. Now, attention would turn to the lands of the southwest and a Mexico, not yet free of European influence. Copy of a lithograph U.S. PD 1890, Kurz and Allison, Battle of New Orleans.  {001 & 003}
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John Veatch discovers borax: sodium borate (Na2B4O7 • 10H2O) at Tuscan Springs, CA—the beginning of borax mining in the great basin desert. Later, Francis Marion Smith* would tell everybody about borax.  {001}
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