Week 31: July/August

Week 31: July 30th thru August 5th

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7/30 of… 1844

Marie LaFitte born in France, she will become a Madame in Fort Collins, CO.  {003}


Day five of the “Thirsting Time“: Capt. Nolan and thirteen men reach Double Lakes. Help will arrive the next day. Eventually the dead will all be accounted for: twenty-five horses, four mules, four soldiers and one buffalo hunter. Most survivors had been without water in the barren desert for more than eighty hours. This incredible story — of courage, deceit, and survival — replete with dissent and desertion in the ranks… and the Eastern papers in a tizzy over the whole event. The “Staked Plains Horror” is almost over.  {001}


James Miller+2 takes his first victim, brother-in-law John Coop. Coop was shot in the head while sleeping on his porch after a disagreement with the teenage Miller, whose life sentence was voided by a technicality. Plum Creek, TX.  {001}


Bat Masterson orders a pair of .45 cal. single action revolvers from Colt on the stationery of Cary and Wright’s Opera House Saloon: “…the barrel length should be the same length that the ejacting [sic] rod is, its finish should be nickel, and the grips, gutta percha.”  {001}


The Rufus Buck Gang+3 kills U.S. Deputy Marshal John Garrett, OK, Indian Territory  {001}
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Midnight: the closing of the Chicago Union Stockyards after a run of 106 years.  {001}
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7/31 of… 1860

Denver, CO. A group of rowdies from the Criterion move to take action against Rocky Mountain News editor W.N. Byers for his editorial against gambler Charley Harrison.* Assaulting Byers at his office, the group coerces him to accompany them back to the Criterion — where he is rescued by Harrison, armed and sent back to his workplace. Byers and others barricade themselves in, and soon George Steele rides by on a horse and fires Old West Daily Reader Subscribe Today

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