Week 37: September

Week 37: September 10th thru 16th

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9/10 of… 1855

Samuel Colt patents his revolving carbine, 6 or 5 shots, .36, .44 or.56 cal. One of the earliest dependable repeating rifles.  {001}


William Hepburn Russell, age 60, died in Palmyra, MO. He was a partner in the Russell, Majors and Waddell company which created the Central Overland California and Pikes Peak Express Company, the Pony Express.  {001}


Red Cloud and American Horse - Week 37: September 10th thru 16thThe Battle of Slim Buttes (SD). Crazy Horse and his band attempt to save his old friend American Horse, headman of a small Minniconjou village, under attack by Captain Anson Mills and two battalions of the 3rd Cavalry. They are unsuccessful—the village is taken by the troopers and American Horse is killed.  Photo: Grabill, U.S. PD, Red Cloud (l) American Horse (r) (crop, full size*)  {001}
*Photo Gallery Index – Indian Photos
Crazy Horse?


Baker shotgun mark - Week 37: September 10th thru 16thDied in Batavia, NY, William H. Baker of TB and/or silicosis. Gunsmith and designer, the founder (sometimes with others) of the chain of companies bearing his name: W.H. Baker; W.H. Baker and Co.; Baker Gun & Forging Co.; Baker Gun Co. and others from about 1860 until 1930 (41 years after Baker’s death).  From muzzle loaders to fine Damascus barrels and nicely engraved guns, Baker shotguns offered a wide variety. Some still valued as collectibles in today’s gun world. Photo: U.S. PD W.H. Mule ear Baker shotgun.  {001}
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Photo Gallery Index – Weapons Photos – Firearms photos – Firearms Oddities Clubbed Baker Shotgun (bottom of page)


Born: Al St John, aka “Fuzzy Q. Jones” and “Stoney”. Movie star, sidekick+4.  {001}


Parachute, CO, sheep massacre. Brown’s sheep camp on Roan Creek is attacked by some fifty masked men, and Brown is “accidentally” wounded (and then cared for by the miscreants). The cowboys attempt to run half of the sheep over a cliff but that doesn’t work, so the knives come out. By day’s end they cut the throats of almost four thousand sheep (equal to about 80 sheep per man). A busy day.  {001}


Leo Carrillo - Week 37: September 10th thru 16thPancho & Loco - Week 37: September 10th thru 16thLeopoldo Antonio “Pancho” Carrillo, age 81, died in Santa Monica, CA, having played in some ninety movies. At the age of 70 he began his best known role (TYH!), portraying sidekick+4 “Pancho” opposite Duncan Renaldo as “Cisco“, in 156 episodes of the Ziv Television series, “The Cisco Kid. Horse: Loco. Photos: U.S. PD, Publicity shots: LH Pancho and Loco, RH Leo Carrillo. {001}
Wk. 36, 09/03/1980 – Duncan Renaldo


With an introduction by John Wayne, Gunsmoke comes to CBS television, starring James Arness as U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon, Dennis Weaver as sidekick+4 Chester, Amanda Blake as Miss Kitty Russell and Milburn Stone as Doc Adams.

9/11 of… 1847

The Eagle Ice Cream Saloon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Stephen Foster‘s minstrel song “Oh! Susanna is first played in public (published in 1848). Foster would become America’s first professional song writer; his music would travel west with the immigrants and everyone else.  {001}
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Photo Gallery Index – Transportation PhotosThe Clippers


Completing the first trip since the disasters of 1856, the Sixth Handcart Company (Evans) reaches Salt Lake City with 148 people. It is unknown if any were lost on the trek.  {001}


The Mountain Meadows Massacre. A group composed of Paiute Indians and Mormon militia dressed as Indians attack a wagon train and murder 120 adult immigrants. Seventeen surviving children are adopted by the Mormons; stolen property is auctioned off in Cedar City*. Historical debate swirls around the details concerning the involvement of Brigham Young, then President of the Mormon Church. Washington County, Utah Territory. Recent documentary and Canadian movie September Dawn (2007).  {001}
*Wk. 10, 03/08/1865 – Olive Coombs


German Family Massacre – Southern Cheyenne Chief Medicine Water and his band, including his warrior wife Mochi,* attacked John German and his family as they were breaking camp along the stagecoach route which followed the Smoky Hill River (KS), while en route to Fort Wallace. German, his wife Liddia (Cox), son Stephen Wise, and daughters Rebecca Jane, and Joanna Cleveland were killed and scalped. Mochi killed Liddia with a tomahawk blow to the skull. They plundered the camp and set fire to the wagon. The four youngest daughters Catherine Elizabeth (17), Sophia Louisa (12), Julia Arminda (7), seven and Nancy Adelaide (Addie) (5), were taken captive. Julia and Addie were traded to Grey Beard‘s band and were liberated after an attack on his camp.** Catherine and Sophia were released in March when Chief Stone Calf and most of the Southern Cheyenne surrendered at Fort Leavenworth, KS.  {001}
*Photo Gallery Index – Indian Photos – Indian Warrior WomenMochi
**Wk. 45, 11/09/1874 – Adelaide and Julia German rescued


Joseph F. Seminole and Samuel Woodruff murder R.B. Hayward, stuff his body under a bridge, and steal his wagon and team in Mt. Vernon Canyon near Golden, CO.  {001}
Wk. 52, 12/27/1879 – Samuel Woodruff and Joseph Seminole


Porum Range War – Cicero Davis was ambushed and murdered near Porum, OK. Mack Alfred was arrested for the murder but acquitted.  (028}
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PLAYERS – Timelines Master Index- Timelines A-L – Porum Range War Timeline

9/12 of… 1818

Richard Jordan Gatling born in Como (Maneys Neck?), NC. Doctor, inventor.  {001}


SS Central America - Week 37: September 10th thru 16thThe worst peacetime disaster and largest economic loss in U.S. history to date! The 280 foot side-wheel steamer S.S. Central America founders in a hurricane off the Florida Keys with the loss of 425 lives and 9.1 tons of California gold worth over eight million in 1857 dollars (est. 292 million in 1987 dollars). More than just a maritime disaster, the loss of the gold and the reaction of the public and the financial markets was considered to be one of the major causes of the Panic of 1857.*
The ship was located in 1987 and some $150 million in gold recovered. Then, the recriminations and lawsuits began… Illustration: U.S. PD Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper 10/03/1857.  {001}
*Wk. 34, 08/24/1857 – Panic of 1857


Executed by firing squad in Honduras, William Walker (age 36): physician, lawyer, journalist, mercenary and filibuster.* He is buried in the “Old Cemetery”, Trujillo, Colón. Walker had a fantasy of conquering vast regions of Latin America and creating new slave states to join those already part of the United States. It didn’t work out…  Photo: U.S. PD pre-1923, William Walker.  {001}
*References – Dictionaryfilibuster
Wk. 02, 01/12/1851 – William Walker


Will Carver born in Coryell County, TX. The Wild Bunch.  {001}


Buffalo Wallow - Week 37: September 10th thru 16thAt Washita River, TX, the Battle of Buffalo Wallow. Sgt. Zachariah T. Woodall and his six-man courier detachment fight a running battle with 125 Indians. Their horses killed and every man wounded, they take shelter in a buffalo wallow and hold out until rescued by the 8th U.S. Cavalry. Woodall, privates John Harrington, Peter Roth, George W. Smith, and civilian scouts Amos Chapman and Billy Dixon all received the Medal of Honor for this action.  TYH!  Photo: a buffalo wallow, Willard Drake Johnson, USGS 1897 {001}


NBC TV airs the first episode of Bonanza, starring Lorne Green (Ben Cartwright), Pernell Roberts (Adam Cartwright), Dan Blocker (Eric “Hoss” Cartwright), Michael Landon (Little Joe Cartwright) and others.  {001}


Hoppy - Week 37: September 10th thru 16thThe good guy in the black hat! Hopalong Cassidy, aka Hoppy (William Lawrence Boyd) gone at age 77 in Laguna Beach, CA. Here is one of the few early western actors who wasn’t a real cowboy at one time or another. He was already a successful leading man when he asked for and received the leading role in Hopalong Cassidy in 1935. Sixty-six “Hoppy” films later, it was 1954 and he was a film legend. His was a squeaky clean image in a man of honor who never failed his fans — and he had plenty! Smart enough to buy the rights to his films before TV, he did just fine when the re-runs of Hollywood films began. The licensed: comics, comic strip, merchandise, radio shows, trading cards, etc. didn’t hurt either, but “Hoppy” never forgot his fans, and in his case, that meant the youth of America in general, whom he always called his “friends”.  Careful of his image and behavior he made every attempt to live up to the character he had created. Photo: U.S. PD, Unkown, cropped – Chicago c. 1950 with one of his “friends”).  {001}
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Wk. 01, 01/01/1950 – Hopalong Cassidy Radio show

9/13 of… 1847

General Winfield Scott captures Mexico City. Mexican-American War.  {001}


From Copenhagen, Denmark, the Seventh Hand Cart Company (Christiansen) wins through to Salt Lake City, UT. They have lost fewer than six of their original group of around 330. Ninety-three days in transit from Iowa City, IA, (1,300 miles) and the last group to start from that far East.  {001}
PLAYERS H Mormon Hand Carts
Photo Gallery Index – Transportation PhotosMormon Hand Carts


The Battle of Sampson’s Flat (CA): Deputy Marshal Vernon C. Wilson and posse-man Andrew McGinnis are killed in an eight hour gun battle with Evans Gang outlaws Chris Evans and John Sontag. Both miscreants escape… again!  {001}
The Originals Index – Outlaw Gangs Index – Evans Gang (Chris)


Alice Van Springsteen - Week 37: September 10th thru 16thAlice Van Springsteen, age 90, died in Point Loma, CA. Rodeo performer, jockey, stunt-woman (starting in 1935). She was the stunt double for Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet (1944), and for Gail Davis and Dale Evans among numerous others. This lady was a piece of work! TYH! Photo: U.S. PD, pre-2008.  {001}

9/14 of… 1875

CCW: The Reverend F.J. Tolby, an outspoken critic of the speculators in control of the Maxwell Land Grant and their tactics attempting to dislodge the “squatters” on the property, is found murdered in Cimarron Canyon. The Colfax County War claims its first prominent victim. New Mexico Territory.  {001}


Rocky Mtn Locusts 1870 - Week 37: September 10th thru 16thCharles Valentine Riley, age 52, dies in Washington, D.C. from a bicycle accident. A world- famous entomologist, writer and artist, Riley was responsible for the creation of the U.S. Entomological Commission in 1877. This also included the Grasshopper Commission which sought to understand, deal with, and perhaps eliminate the devastating western grasshopper plagues (1866, & 1874-78). Riley served as entomologist to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (1878, 1881 – 1894). Just for thought: the cloud of grasshoppers in the 1874 plague was estimated at 1,800 miles long, half a mile thick and 110 miles wide stretching from Canada to Texas. Photo: U.S. PD Jacoby’s Art Gallery, 1870.  {001 & 003}
Wk. 29, 07/20/1874 – Rocky Mountain Locusts
The Originals Index – Resources & Hazards
– Animals Index Page – Arachnids and InsectsRocky Mountain Locust


Jim “Killer Miller” discovers his old enemy Bud Frazer had returned to Toyah, TX, to visit his mother and sister. Miller located Frazer in a local saloon, burst through the swinging doors and blew Frazer’s head apart with his shotgun. When Frazer’s bereaved sister cursed him, Killin’ Jim offered to shoot her, too.  {001}
Wk. 15, 04/12/1894 – Killin’ Jim Miller
Wk. 52, 12/26/1894 – Jim “Killer Miller”
Photo Gallery Index – Hangings and Shootings (Caution!) – 1st photo


Born in New York City, NY: James Warner Bellah, American author.  {001}


William McKinley, 25th President of the United States is assassinated by Leon Frank Czolgosz in Buffalo, NY.  {001}


Theodore Roosevelt inaugurated as 26th President of the United States.  {001}


Kid Curry returns to Fannie Porter’s whorehouse in San Antonio, TX, to meet up with Annie Rogers.  {001}


LCW: George Peppin, age 62, died in ??. Army officer, sheriff of Lincoln County, NM Terr.  {001}


OWDR Rain in the Face c1893 - Week 37: September 10th thru 16thSioux warrior and chief Rain in Face (Ité Omáǧažu), born c. 1835, died at approximately age 70 on the Standing Rock Reservation (ND). He is often credited as the slayer of General George Custer, and for taking the heart of his brother, Captain Tom Custer (as he had sworn to do). Shortly before his death, in a conversation with author Charles Eastman, he denied doing either act. A brave and valiant warrior. TYH! Photo: U.S. PD 1893, George E. Spencer.  {001}
Wk. 26, 06/25/1876 – Little Big Horn


The passing of six-term Grant County, NM Sheriff Harvey Whitehill, in Deming, NM at age 68. Indian fighter ( Apache Wars (mid-1860’s), lawman and Territorial Legislator (1880’s). Internment in the Masonic cemetery in Silver City, NM. Whitehill was the first lawman to arrest William Bonney (later, Billy the Kid) (Sep & Nov 1875). He is famous/notorious for taking on Dangerous Dan Tucker as a deputy (1875). He led the posses that captured, shot or hung the Gage Station train robbers.* Whitehill is credited by many historians as having been a more effective lawman than many who became much better known. TYH! {001}
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Wk. 47, 11/24/1883 – Gage Station
Just For Fun Pages – Firsts in the Old West1906


Jack Carlton Moore, aka Clayton Moore+2, the “Lone Ranger”+2 is born in Chicago, IL.  {001}


The final radio show for Western Anthology production Death Valley Days. It had changed into Death Valley Sheriff in 1944, then to The Sheriff in in 1945. One of the earliest and longest running radio shows. The Death Valley Days TV show fired up in 1952.  {001}
Wk. 09, 03/01/1952 – Death Valley Days


Richard Boone stars as Paladin in the opening show of Have Gun, Will Travel” on CBS-TV.  {001}

9/15 of…1831

John Bull and train 1831 drawn by Isaac Dripps in 1887 - Week 37Having been built by Stephenson and Company in Britain, disassembled and sent by ship to America and reassembled by American inventor and machinist Isaac Dripps; in eleven days (without any instructions or drawings), The John Bull (Stevens) made its first run under its own power. Originally on the C&A roster as number 1, with the name “Stevens” (Robert L. Stevens was president of the C&A at the time.). However, the crews began to call it the old John Bull. The name stuck and finally became official. The Locomotive worked from 1833 to 1866 in regular service on the  Camden and Amboy Railroad (NJ).* Stored, modified, used to power a sawmill and more, it survived to become the first large engineering artifact acquired for display at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.
This was the beginning. Railroads grew rapidly to serve the growing eastern states, they crossed the Mississippi River and became a major factor in the settlement of the West. The Transcontinental Railroad**was completed in 1869 and the expansion continued…  Drawing: U.S. PD, John Bull and train (1831), drawn by Isaac Dripps in 1887.  {001}
see also:
09/15/1981 – below
*Wk. 05, 02/04/1830 – Camden and Amboy Railroad
**Wk. 19, 05/10/1869 – Promontory Summit, UT
Photo Gallery Index – Transportation Photos – Railroads in the West


Josiah Horner born in Harrison Township, Henry County, ID. Bank robber, killer, rustler; aka: Frank M. Canton: enforcer, sheriff, marshal…  {001}


Fort Defiance established in Apache country, Arizona Territory-to-be.  {001}



Born Ayr, ID, Willis Ray Willey, destined to be one of the most unique individuals in the Old West, an “Early Day Hippie“!  {001}


Born a slave near Inez in Victoria County, TX, Daniel Webster Wallace. He will become “80 John“, one of the most successful black ranchers in Texas.  {001}

The Dalton Gang takes the train on the Katy (Missouri-Kansas-Texas RR+2) for $3,000, at Lillietta, OK.  {001}


KATY logo - Week 37Forty thousand bystanders at the temporary town of Crush, TX, witness a publicity stunt put on by KATY general passenger agent George Crush. Two railroad locomotives on the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad+2 were run together head on at a combined speed of about 90 miles an hour, resulting in a spectacular crash and magnificent double boiler steam explosion. Three bystanders were killed and photographer Jarvis “Joe” Deane lost an eye to a flying bolt. The Great Crush Collision March by Scott Joplin (whom legend has attending the festivities) was dedicated to the KATY.  {001}
Photo Gallery Index – Transportation Photos
Railroads in the WestCrush, TX


The locomotive John Bull, temporarily removed from display at the Smithsonian Institution, operated under steam on a few miles of branch line near the Potomac River within Washington, D.C. With this exhibition, the locomotive became the oldest operable steam locomotive (and oldest self-propelled vehicle) in the world.  {001}
09/15/1831 – above

9/16 of… 1823

Francis Parkman born in Boston, MA. Pioneer, author, historian.  {001}


James J. Hill born in Eramosa Township, Wellington County, Upper Canada. “Empire builder” of shipping and railroads. {001}


J.A. “Dick” Liddil born Jackson County, MO. Outlaw.  {001}


The Butterfield Overland Mail commences service on the “Oxbow Route” with a $600,000, six year mail contract with the U.S. Postal Service. Concord coaches would leave from Tipton, MO, and San Francisco, CA, on a twice weekly (Monday & Thursday) run, scheduled for twenty-five days (usually about 22 days). One-way fare from Memphis, TN, or St. Louis to San Francisco was $200. The railroad ran from St. Louis to Tipton and a stage served from Memphis to Fort Smith, AR, to meet the westbound mail coach.  {001}
see also:
Quotes Index – Commentators QuotesWm. Ormsby
Photo Gallery Index – Transportation Photos
Tally Ho Coach – 3rd. down
Don’t think the mail runs carried quite this many passengers. – Doc


The first to try since the disasters of 1856, the Sixth Hand Cart Company (Evans) led by Capt. Israel Evans,  arrives in Salt Lake City, UT, after one hundred and nine days’ travel from Iowa City, IA. “All in excellent spirits, time and condition.”  {001}
PLAYERS – H Mormon Hand Carts
Photo Gallery Index – Transportation PhotosMormon Hand Carts


The birthday of department store founder James Cash “J.C.” Penney Jr., Hamilton, Missouri.


Jackson County, OR. Black Bart stops the stage bound for Yureka, CA, from Roseburg.  {001}


Near Navajo, AZ, Atlantic and Pacific engine number seven is held up by Billy Bonner, “Kentuck” O’Callon, “Kid” Swingle and two other men. A swift posse kills two, and O’Callon is later killed resisting arrest in Allentown, NM. Bonner is dispatched by a posse from Gila, AZ. The money, estimated to be as much as $75,000 is never found.  {001}
Wk. 47, 11/19/1887 – “Kid” Swingle


Robert “Bob” Younger (b. 1853) died in prison of tuberculosis. Outlaw, member of the Younger Gang.  {001}


Cherokee Strip Land Rush 1893 - Week 37: September 10th thru 16thThe Cherokee Strip Land Run: After the Civil War, because they had supported the Confederacy, the Cherokee tribe was forced to renegotiate all treaties and was eventually coerced, largely by the changing reality of white intrusion, into selling the Cherokee Outlet (7 million+ acres — for $1 an acre; actually $8,595,736.12.) The government then sponsored what still stands today as the biggest land run in the U.S. and the world — and allowed settlement of the east end of the outlet. An estimated 100,000 people raced for some 40,000 homesteads and town lots. During this and other land giveaways in Oklahoma (seven in all), those who broke the rules and slipped in early were called “Sooners”. It stuck, and today anyone from Oklahoma is a “Sooner” (Photo: U.S. PD 1893 McClenny Family Picture Album; Map U.S. PD).  {001}
Cherokee Outlet Strip - Week 37: September 10th thru 16th


Premier of the ABC television series “The Lone Ranger” starring Clayton Moore+2 as the “Lone Ranger” (Horse: Silver) and Jay Silverheels as his sidekick+4, Tonto. (Horse: Scout)  {001}

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