Week 37: September

Week 37: September 10th thru 16th

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9/10 of… 1855

Samuel Colt patents his revolving carbine, 6 or 5 shots, .36, .44 or.56 cal. One of the earliest dependable repeating rifles.  {001}


William Hepburn Russell, age 60, died in Palmyra, MO. He was a partner in the Russell, Majors and Waddell company which created the Central Overland California and Pikes Peak Express Company, the Pony Express.  {001}


Red Cloud and American Horse - Week 37: September 10th thru 16thThe Battle of Slim Buttes (SD). Crazy Horse and his band attempt to save his old friend American Horse, headman of a small Minniconjou village, under attack by Captain Anson Mills and two battalions of the 3rd Cavalry. They are unsuccessful—the village is taken by the troopers and American Horse is killed.  Photo: Grabill, U.S. PD, Red Cloud (l) American Horse (r) (crop, full size*)  {001}
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Crazy Horse?


Baker shotgun mark - Week 37: September 10th thru 16thDied in Batavia, NY, William H. Baker of TB and/or silicosis. Gunsmith and designer, the founder (sometimes with others) of the chain of companies bearing his name: W.H. Baker; W.H. Baker and Co.; Baker Gun & Forging Co.; Baker Gun Co. and others from about 1860 until 1930 (41 years after Baker’s death).  From muzzle loaders to fine Damascus barrels and nicely engraved guns, Baker shotguns offered a wide variety. Some still valued as collectibles in today’s gun world. Photo: U.S. PD W.H. Mule ear Baker shotgun.  {001}
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Born: Al St John, aka “Fuzzy Q. Jones” and “Stoney”. Movie star, sidekick+4.  {001}


Parachute, CO, sheep massacre. Brown’s sheep camp on Roan Creek is attacked by some fifty masked men, and Brown is “accidentally” wounded (and then cared for by the miscreants). The cowboys attempt to run half of the sheep over a cliff but that doesn’t work, so the knives come out. By day’s end they cut the throats of almost four thousand sheep (equal to about 80 sheep per man). A busy day.  {001}


Leo Carrillo - Week 37: September 10th thru 16thPancho & Loco - Week 37: September 10th thru 16thLeopoldo Antonio “Pancho” Carrillo, age 81, died in Santa Monica, CA, having played in some ninety movies. At the age of 70 he began his best known role (TYH!), portraying sidekick+4 “Pancho” opposite Duncan Renaldo as “Cisco“, in 156 episodes of the Ziv Television series, “The Cisco Kid. Horse: Loco. Photos: U.S. PD, Publicity shots: LH Pancho and Loco, RH Leo Carrillo. {001}
Wk. 36, 09/03/1980 – Duncan Renaldo


With an introduction by John Wayne, Gunsmoke comes to CBS television, starring James Arness as U.S. Marshal Matt Dillon, Dennis Weaver as sidekick+4 Chester, Amanda Blake as Miss Kitty Russell and Milburn Stone as Doc Adams.Old West Daily Reader Subscribe Today

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