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Name, Place, or Title Born Died Noted
Mabry, Thomas J. (New Mexico Governor) 1947-5148
MacIntosh, A.N. (Victim)33
Macintosh, Archie (Scout)0
Mackenna's Gold (M) 196935
Mackenzie, Alexander (1764 - 1820) Scottish explorer29
Mackenzie, Donald (Explorer, Fur Trade Pioneer)03, 24
Mackenzie, General Ranald Slidell (U.S. Army - Civil War; Indian Wars) "Bad Hand"300303, 08, 20, 30, 39, 47
Madame Moustache (Gambler, Madame)c. 18343636
Madden, Bill48
Madison, Guy07
Madness of Bald Eagle (Novel)02
Madsen, Chris (Deputy Marshal)02, 06, 08, 14, 33, 40, 45, 48
Madsen, Michael (Movie Actor)0
Magnificant Seven (M) 196735
Magnuson Act (Chinese Exclusion Act Repeal)18
Magpie (wife of George Bent)20
Mahoney, Jack (aka: Jacques, Jock or Jack O'Mahoney or Mahomey) [Stuntman] TYH!07, 50
Major Adams- Trailmaster (see:Wagon Train, TV)0
Major Crimes Act of 188531
Major Dundee (M) 196540, 52
Majors, Alexander (Pony Express Founder)40
Making the Gather (TX)50
Maleaska: The Indian Wife of the White Hunter (Dime Novel)23
Maledon, George (Hangman, Ft. Smith, AR) 1873-9623, 30, 32
Mallen, Perry M. (Phony Dectective, Conman)20
Maloy, May (Dance Hall owner)04
Malvern, George0
Man of the Forest (193?)17
Man of the West (M - 1958)05
Man Who Rode Midnight, The (Novel) 198834
Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The (M) 196207, 24, 35, 41
Man with No Name Trilogy (M)18
Man Without a Star (M) 195534, 50
Man, John47
Man-Who-Always-Kept-His-Word (see: Harney, William S.)19
Mangas Coloradas (Apache Chief)03, 25, 33
Manhattan Earthquake (1867)17
Manifest Destiny15
Manitou (Horse)01
Manitou Springs0
Mankato Mass Hanging (1862)52
Mankiller, Wilma Pearl (Cherokee Chief)1414, 46
Mann, Jim34
Manning, "Doc" (Gunfighter)38
Manning, Frank38
Manning, James "Jim"38
Mansfield, William39
Maples, Dan (Deputy U.S. Marshal)-1818
Marcus, Josephine Sarah "Josie" (T, Dancer)c. 18615123, 51
Marcy, Randolph B. (Captain, U.S. Army)29
Margaret Ellen Mitchell (journalist23
Marias Massacre (MT) Piegan Blackfoot Indians04, 33
Marion Hedgepeth Gang (Train Robbers)205247
Mark Twain (Samuel Clements) [M] (Author, Humorist, Social Commentator) {TL}481607, 15, 16, 18, 27, 31, 32, 33, 46, 48, 51
Marland, Ernest Whitworth "E.W." (OK oilman)16, 19, 40
Marlin Model 1881 Lever Action Rifle0
Marlin, John (Gunsmitth)0
Marlow Brothers {TL}188818890
Marlow, Alfred (Victim) {TL}03, 04, 51
Marlow, Boone (Victim) {TL}03, 04, 51
Marlow, Charles (lawman) {TL}03, 51
Marlow, George (lawman) {TL}03, 51
Marlow, LLewellyn (Victim) {TL}03, 04, 51
Marsh, Grant Prince (Riverboat Pilot, Captain)19
Marsh, Othneil Charles (Paleontologist) Bone Hunter-1111, 15
Marshal of Cripple Creek (M) 194743
Marshal of Windy Hollow, The (M) 197212
Marshall, Elisha (1st. Lt US Army) Mojave War (1859)04, 31
Marshall, Frank (Rube Burrow capture) 189049
Marshall, James W. (Prospector) 184804
Martin, Henry (Horse Thief)16
Martin, Jim34
Martin, John (UFO witness)04
Martin, R.A.C. (Bank Clerk) Victim17
Martin, Richard "Chito" (Movie Actor, Sidekick)36, 50
Martinez, Juan (Constable - Lincoln, NM)48
Marvel Comics20
Marvin, Lee (Movie and TV Star)083508, 35, 38
Masked Raiders (M) 194936
Mason County War, The (TX) "The Hoodoo War"36
Mason, Charlie (Cowboy Explorer))51
Mason/Henry Gang (Souther California)22
Massacre (SS) 194738
Massacre Canyon, NE31, 0
Mast, Milt (Sheriff23
Masterson, Edward J. "Ed" (City Marshal, Dodge City, KS) [TL]381515, 38, 39, 45
Masterson, James P. "Jim" (Lawman) [TL]381302, 06, 13, 15, 16, 23, 30, 35, 38
Masterson, Robert Benjamin "Ben"0
Masterson, William Barclay "Bat" (Lawman, Gunfighter) [TL]484302, 03, 04, 07, 08, 13, 15, 16, 22, 25, 26, 29, 31, 38, 39, 40, 43, 48, 51
Matchlees, The (a Silver Mine)15
Mather, David Allen "Mysterious Dave" (Lawman, Shootist)32c. 188704, 19, 29, 39
Mather, Josiah19
Matt Dillon (FC, Marshal of Dodge City, KS)17, 21, 37
Matthews, Billy13
Maun, J.D. (Lt., U.S. Army)52
Maximilian [Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph] (Second Emperor of Mexico) 1864-6715, 21, 25
Maxwell Land Grant (NM)02, 30, 37
Maxwell, Arty (Porum Range War) - Hester Faction22
Maxwell, George (Porum Range War) Hester Faction22
Maxwell, J. N. (Express Messenger)41
Maxwell, Jesse (Porum Range War) - Hester Faction15
Maxwell, Lucian Bonaparte (NM Rancher)06, 30, 36
Maxwell, Martha A. "The Colorado Huntress"22
Maxwell, Pete (rancher)28
May, Karl0
Mayberry Hotel Massacre, The (1880's)0
Mayfield, John49
Mayfield, William0
Maynard Tape Primer System (Firearms)18
Maynard, Edward (Dentist, Firearms Designer)17, 18
Maynard, Frank H. (Poet, Author)09, 15, 50
Maynard, Kenneth Olin "Ken" (Movie Star)12, 29, 34
McCabe and Mrs. Miller (M, 1971)25
McCain, Charles R.49
McCall, John "Broken Nose" Jack (Murdered Wild Bill Hickok) Deadwood)18520901, 09, 31, 38, 49
McCanles Gang (Outlaws)0
McCanles Massacre, The (Nebraska Territory)28
McCanles, David C.28
McCann, Marion29
McCarroll, Bonnie (Early Rodeo Star)18972939
McCarroll, Frank (early Rodeo competitor) 1920's-30's0
McCarty, ?? (drunk Cowboy)48
McCarty, Bill (outlaw)36
McCarty, Fred (outlaw)36
McCarty, Henry (see: Billy the Kid)0
McCarty, Tom (outlaw)13
McCloskey, William10
McCloud, Jim (Jailbird)32
McClure, Charlie (Porum Range War) Davis Faction34
McClure, Park42
McCluskie, Mike (LCW)34
McCollough, Leonard (Parum Range War) Hester Faction15
McCombs, Joe (buffalo hunter)0
McConnell, Andrew (Bad Neighbor)43, 44
McCormick, Richard (Newspaperman)42
McCowan, Samuel M. (Indian Educator, Anthropologist)22
McCoy, Tim (Movie Star)42
McCrea, Joel Albert (Movie Star)09, 42, 43, 47, 49
McCreary, Donna (Witness)40
McCubbin, Bob (part owner True West Magazine42
McCullough, John (Postmaster, Deputy Sheriff)39
McCurdy, Elmer (outlaw, mummy)01, 40
McCutcheon, Willis0
McDaniels, Thompson03
McDonald, Frank23
McDonald, William Jesse "Bill" (Captain, Texas Rangers)390303, 39
McDougall, Duncan (Pacific Fur Company) partner24
McDoulet, Anna Emmaline (see "Cattle Annie")0
McDowell, John “Three Fingered Jack” (HFG)06
McDuffie, John (Rube Burow capture) 189049
McFaddin, James Alfred "J.A."0
McGinnis, Andrew (Posse man) KIA37
McGinnis, William (see: Lay, "Elzy")0
McGinty (Petrified Man)23
McGivern, Ed04
McGivern, Edward "Ed" (Exhibtion Shooter)42, 50
McGoldric, George "The Kid" (killer)35
McGrath, Frank (TV Actor)38
McGrath, Seamus0
Mcgraw, "Quick Draw" (Sheriff) Auraria05
McGraw, Billy (stage robber)49
McGraw, M.B. (Deputy Sheriff)33
McGuaner, Thomas (screenwriter, novelist)50
McIntire, John (TV Actor)05, 26, 38
McIntosh, William (land buyer)13
McIntyre, Charles (Lynched)22
McIntyre, Christine (Movie Actress)0
McJunkin, George W.0
McKay, Alexander (Pacific Fur Company)23
McKee, Thomas M. (Photographer)0
McKidrict, Joe (Texas Ranger)14
McKim, Sammy (TV Actor)0
McKinley, William [M] (25th U.S. President)09, 37, 44
McKinney Gang (1875 - 1883)34
McKinney, John William Youg (McKinney Gang founder)34
McLaren, Mary (Movie Actress)0
McLaughlin, Archie39
McLaughlin, James (U.S. Indian Agent) Standing Rock c. 189011, 50
McLaughlin, Moses A. (Capt., 2nd California Cavalry) c.1860's16
McLaughlin, Patrick (Miner)24
McLaury Ranch (AZ - c. 1880's)25
McLaury, Robert Franklin "Frank" (T, Cowboy, Victim/OK Corral)22, 31, 36, 43, 48
McLaury, Thomas Clark (T, Cowboy, Victim/OK Corral)22, 31, 36, 43, 48
McLennan, M.K. (stage driver)29
McLeod, Raine William (Western Author)03
McLintock (M) 196343, 50
McMahan, John (Deputy ?)03
McMahon, (unknown) (D&RGW RR, Roadmaster)06
McMains, O.P. (Revernd) [CCW]44
McMasters, Sherman "Sherm" (T, Earp Faction)12
McMullen, H.C. (RR Livestock Agent)35
McMurtry, Larry (author)22
McNab, Frank10, 18
McNear, Harley (Radio Actor)17
McNeil, Red (AZ, Outlaw/Poet)22
McNew, Bill07
McQueen, Steve (Movie Star)06
McRae, Donald (sheriff)45
McRose, Martin25
McShane, Ian (TV Actor) Deadwood12
McSween, Alexander (LCW, Victim)01, 19, 28, 29, 51
McSween, Susan Ellen (Baker, Barber)01
Meacham, Alfred B. (Chairman, Modoc Peace Commission 1873)15
Mears, Otto (Colorado Railroad Pioneer)18, 25
Medal of Freedom (U.S.)38
Medal of Honor (TYH!) {TL}1861197101, 02, 04, 07, 11, 20, 22, 23, 29, 30, 37
Medal of Honor {TL}18, 27
Medicine Bill (Scout)0
Medicine Lodge Treaty (Kansas) 10/21/18670
Medicine Tail Coulee (1876)26
Meek Cutoff, The (1845)02
Meek, Fielding Bradford (Geologist, Paleontologist)51
Meek, Joseph L. (U.S. Marshal)22
Meek, Joseph Lafayette "Joe" (Mountain man, trapper, farmer, politician, sherrif)09, 25
Meek, Stephen Hall (mountain man, trapper, guide)02, 27
Meeker Massacre, The (CO) 187901, 39, 42, 0
Meeker, Ezra Manning (Pioneer, Farmer, Author, Historian)524908, 49, 52
Meeker, Josephine (Indian captive)42
Meeker, Nathanial Cook (Reformer, Indian Agent)-3939
Meeks, Henry Wilber "Bub" (WB)-4716, 33, 47
Mellor, N.H. (mining speculator)52
Melody Ranch (Radio Show)01, 20, 30, 31, 38
Melton, Ernest (Victim)11
Melville, Andrew (Private, Texas State Police)11
Memories of an Indian Boyhood (B02
Menger Hotel (Amarillo, TX)13, 15
mercenary and filibuster )02, 19
Merril, Dave (Outlaw, Victim)23
Merwin, Hulbert and Co. Arms (Revolvers)0
Mesa Verde National Park (CO)51
Mesquiteer (FC's, Film Series)32
Mexican Bend, Battle of (UT)13
Mexican Expedition, The (U.S. Army) 1916-1702, 06, 11
Mexican Hat Rock (CO) see: Landmarks and Registers0
Mexican History on The Reader {TL}182119970
Mexican Joe0
Mexican Rurales11
Mexican settlers18
Mexican-American War, The (1846 to 1848)1846184804, 05, 19, 27, 37, 43
Mexico02, 17, 18
Mexico & Colorado RR (c.1909)0
Meyers, Roland Charles43
Mickey Mouse Club (TV Show)45
Middaugh, W.H. (Marshal)40
Middleton John (LCW - Regulator)07
Middleton, Eugene (stage owner/driver) lucky!44
Middleton, John10, 13, 14
Mike Roark Gang (KS Train Robbers) 18770
Milburn Wagon Company (c.1850's -60's)48
Miles, Moses43, 44
Miles, Nelson Appleton (Lt. General) U.S. Army322002, 20, 32, 35, 38
Mill Iron Ranch27
Millain, John (Murderer)17
Miller Brothers 101 Ranch40
Miller Brothers 101 Ranch Real Wild West (1907)40, 51, 0
Miller, Broncho Charlie (Movie Star)03
Miller, Burchard (Land Grant26, 27
Miller, George Washington (Colonel)0
Miller, James B. "Killer Miller" "Killin' Jim" "Deacon" (Just what the names say...) {TL}431609, 15, 16, 31, 33, 37, 43, 52
Miller, Joe23
Miller, John (BtK candidate)45
Miller, Loraine (Movie Actress)0
Miller, Zachary Taylor "Zack"0
Million Dollar Highway (1883)25
Mills, J.B. (victim)52
Mills, Samuel C. (Photographer)0
Milner, Moses Embree "California Joe" (Outlaw) "44
Milton, Jeff Davis (Lawman)07, 19, 20, 25, 44, 45
Milton, Jefferson "Jeff" Davis Texas Ranger)45
Mine Creek, Battle of43
Miner's Angel, The (see: Nellie Cashman)13
Minneapolis, MN10
Minnesota Raid, The (JYG)36, 42
Minnesota Territory09, 19
Minnesota, State of (1858)19
Mint Act of 179214
Mirabel, Juan (Tapaiu, Red Dancer) [Taos Painter]04
Miracle of the gulls (1848)23
Miracle Staircase (Loretto Chapel) NM52
Miranda, Guadalupe (Mexican Beet Farmer)02, 06
Miss Kitty (FC, TV) Gunsmoke17, 33, 37
Mission San Bunaventura (est. 1782 CA)1782183638, 0
Mission Santa Cruz de San Saba (est. 1857 TX)1857185844
Mission with No Record (SS) 194738
Mississippi River13, 19, 34
Missouri Breaks, The (screenplay, 1976)50
Missouri Compromise, The (U.S. Law)12, 22
Missouri Pacific RR32, 41, 44
Missouri River13, 17, 19, 34, 36, 39, 43
Missouri, State of (24th State) "The Show Me State"28, 32
Missouri, Texas and Pacific Railroad (Katy)40
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad18
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad (The "KATY")37, 40
Missourians, The (M) 195009
Mitchel, Daniel S. (Photographer)0
Mitchell, Cooney (Mitchell-Truitt Feud)41
Mitchell, Frank (Movie Actor)0
Mitchell, Harry (victim)04
Mitchell, Luther (murder victim)09, 15, 16
Mitchell, Robert B. (General, U.S. army)03
Mitchell-Truitt Feud41
Mitchum, Robert (Movie Star)36
Mix, Tom (Thomas Hezikial) [M] movie star014101, 21, 41, 42, 48
MN - Battle of (The End)40
Mochi (Southern Cheyenne Warrior Woman)34, 37
Mochillla (Pony Express Mail Pouch)0
Model Indian School, The (1904)22
Modoc War, The03, 15, 16, 19, 40, 48, 49
Mohave War (1857 - 59)31
Monagram Picture45
Monahseetah (Southern Cheyenne) Custer rape victim?48
Monitor, The (Ironclad Stage Coach)39
Mono County Lynching (1891)23
Monogram Pictures (Movie Studio)21, 23, 38
Monroe, Bill (Country Musician)16
Monroe, Felix (Pimp)04
Monroe, Mollie0
Montana Blizzard (Horse)27
Montana Moon (M) 193046
Montana, State of (41st State) "Big Sky Country"09, 17, 45
Montana, Territory of01, 02, 05, 21, 22, 49, 51
Monte (Movie Actor)23
Monte Montana (Cowboy20, 25
Montezuma Castle National Monument (1906)190649
Montgomery, Charlie33
Montgomery, George (Movie Star)0
Moon Riders, The (M, 1919)01
Moore, Clayton "The Lone Ranger "(TV Series)10, 36, 37, 52
Moore, Della (see: Rogers, Annie)0
Moore, Douglas (composer)10
Moore, John J. (Reno Gang)30
Moore, Morris (Deputy Sheriff)29
Moore, Richard "Dick" (Dance Hall owner)45
Moore, Thomas36
Moran, Thomas (Painter)073407, 34, 51
Morco, John "Happy Jack"36
Moreno, Louis (Lynched)34
Morgan, Harry (Movie/TV Actor)49
Morgan, John D. (Marshal)52
Morgan, Lowell Dale (Historian)13, 51
Morganthau, Henry (U.S. Sec. of Treasury) 1934-4552
Mormon (an adhereent of the religion)06, 08, 20, 22, 23, 24, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 39, 42, 43, 44
Mormon Church (see also: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)12, 13, 33, 40, 48
Mormon Crickets23
Mormon Extermination Order, The (Missouri)43
Mormon Hand Cart Company [10 in all] (see: Hand Cart Company # ??)05, 29, 0
Mormon Militia (see: Nauvoo Legion)0
Mormon Trail (1846-68)23, 39, 0
Mormon War, The (Missouri - 1838)43
Morrell [Robbins], Dorothy (early Rodeo competitor) c. 1920's0
Morrell, Edward H. "Ed" (CA outlaw) Evans Gang43, 45, 52
Morris, Bill (NE rancher) V02
Morris, James Corbitt (see: Jimmy Driftwood)0
Morris, Sarah (Indian captive)02
Morrison, Ed38
Morrison, Ralph (Buffalo Hunter) Victim49
Morrison, William V. (Investigator)12, 48
Morrow, "Prairie Dog" Dave (Constable; Dodge City , KS) c. 18830
Morse, Harry Nicholson (Lawman, Detective)18350202, 08, 44
Morse, Samuel (Co-Inventor of the Telegraph)21
Mortensen, Viggo (Movie Actor)40
Morton, William07
Moses (Mule)49
Moses Merrill Mission0
Mosey, Phoebe Ann (see: Annie Oakley)0
Mossman, Burton "Cap" (AZ Businessman, First Captain of the Arizona Rangers)183618, 36
Mother Jones (Mary Harris)18, 48
Mouache (see: Ute, Southern)52, 0
Mount Hornaday (1938)10
Mount Mary Austin (1966)33
Mountain Man (1820's - 1840's)44
Mountain Man (see: Dictionary)03, 18, 21, 29
Mountain Meadows Massacre, The (1857)10, 12, 29, 37, 43
Mountain Men, The (M) 198025
Mouseketeer (they're still out there...)45
Movie and TV Star)52
Movie Star Locomotive, The (see: Sierra No.3)27
Movie Star)47
Moving River Woman (Sioux Woman Warrior)26
Moving Robe (Sioux Woman Warrior)26
Mow-Way (Kotsoteka Comanche Chief)39
Mowry Massacre (1863)52
Mowry, Sylvester (Miner)52
Mr. Ed (TV Show) 196143
Mrs. Maurice (see: Bullion, Laura)0
Mt. Sopris14
Mt. Sopris (CO)30
Muck, a, Muck (Short Story)18
Mud Springs, Battle of (1865)05
Mulford, Clarence E. (Western Author)01, 05
Mulhall, Lucille (Wild West Performer)425142, 51
Mulhall, Zack (Wild West Performer)51
Mullet Slough Tragedy43
Mulvahill, John (avalanche victim) RR06
Mulvey, Bill (dumb drunk)35
Murders at Moondance (Novel) 194317
Murieta, Joaquin (Mexican Bandit, CA) 1850's0
Murphy , James "Jim" (Sam Bass Gang) "Judas"-2723, 29
Murphy & Dolan Mercantile & Banking (LCW)07
Murphy Wagons (c 1840's?)0
Murphy, Audie (MS) [Medal of Honor] TYH!11, 22, 25, 43, 52
Murphy, Horace (Movie Actor)0
Murphy, Lawrence (LCW)0
Murphy, Mary0
Murphy, Michael Martin (Singer, Movie Star)0
Murphy/Dolan Faction (LCW)17, 20, 25, 28, 29, 33
Murrietta, Joaquien (outlaw)18293030
Museum of the American Indian (1909)38
Musgrave, George (HFG)32
Musgrove, L.H. (Swinger)47
Muskogee County Oklahoma Territory24
Muskogee, OK Porum Range War locale)15
Mussel Slough Tradgedy (Shootout) [CA]19
Mustang (feral horse) Equus ferus caballus51
Mustang (M) 197642
Mustangs, The (B-1952)38
Mutual Network (Radio)01
Muybridge, Eadweard James (Pioneer Photographer)151915, 19, 22, 25
My Ántonia (novel - 1918)17
My Darling Clementine (M) 194604, 32, 35, 38
My Old Kentucky Home (Stephen Foster song)02
Myers and Leonard's Store (Adobe Walls, TX)26
Myers, John Meyers (Writer) Fiction02
Mystery Airship46
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