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Transportation Photos

icon - Transportation PhotosAll photos included here are in the Public Domain in the United States of America unless noted otherwise. Western photographers are noted in the Players (if I have a workable date for them) [LOC = Library of Congress]. Nothing in the way of enhancement has been done to these photographs they are as originally produced.

Gettin’ Around in the Old West

Hooves, Travois and Wheels


The Clippers


Mormon Hand Carts


Hooves, Travois and Wheels Horn and family (Southern Cheyenne); showing home and horse drawn travois.
Photographed by Christian Barthelmess, 1890. U.S. PD


Heston as trail scout sculpture - Transportation PhotosThe horse was the basic mode of transportation in the old west. Here, Charlton Heston, carrying a Henry Rifle, is depicted as a scout on the Santa Fe Trail. This commemorative sculpture by Fred Hoppe was dedicated 08/30/2003; placed on a portion of the old Santa Fe Trail that runs through the National Rifle Association’s Whittington Center at Raton, NM. Photo: © courtesy National Rifle Association.
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A caravan arrives at Santa Fe c. 1844 - Transportation Photos

A caravan arrives at Santa Fe c 1844
Engraving: U.S. PD c. 1844, unknown


Nebraska Homesteaders c. 1866 - Transportation Photos

Loup Valley, NE 1866: with everything they own in the photo, these pioneers pose on the prairie with the wagon they are living and traveling in while seeking a homestead. This rig is somewhere between a spring wagon and a “Prairie Schooner. Think early RV. Photo: U.S. PD LOC. {001}



Conestoga style wagon - Transportation PhotosA replica of one of the original covered wagons that traveled to Oregon in the 1800s. This one was built in the 1960’s and used as a vehicle in a historical re-enactment; displayed at The High Desert Museum.  Quite a bit larger and heavier than the rig pictured above. This wagon needed mules or oxen. Photo: B.D’s World via Flickr & Wikipedia

Ox drawn on the Oregon Trail - Transportation Photos

Ox drawn wagons on the Oregon Trail – Photo: U.S. PD






 Painted on an emigrant’s wagon…
Pickin’ up bones to keep from starvin’
Pickin’ up chips to keep from freezin’
Pickin’ up courage to keep from leavin’
Way out West in No-Mans land.

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 The Coaches

As settlements began to grow and the trails between them became established, public transportation became useful and many availed themselves of the services provided. Here are some of the conveyances…

The Last Deadwood Coach - U.S. PD - Grabill LOC - Transportation Photos

The Last Deadwood Coach – U.S. PD – Grabill LOC


This is an Abbot & Downing Celerity (mud) wagon.
Count the people, how much weight is on this coach?
Quite a bit too much for a celerity for anything but a day outing.
This coach is somewhat lighter than a Concord.

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