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The Originals Index

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The Real where and what in the Old West

The Originals Index, here are some of the real things and people that made up the the story of the Old West. The cows, the horses and the men who raised them… and the men who stole them! Here too, the Expeditions/Explorations and commerce which opened the West and made it viable for the oncoming modern world. I include the Wild West Shows and the old theater because the people and performers herein were almost always the genuine article, even if they were extracted from their “real” context. The battles and massacres took their toll and often set the climate of relations for years. The Wild West Shows and such were certainly not the only available entertainment, every town had saloons, “Parlors” and such. The Landmarks told folks were they were and how far they had come. Everyone had to deal with and live within the available Resources and the Law. All of it, touched on in these pages, ENJOY! – Doc B.

Battlefields and Massacres

Massacres by Indians
Massacres of Indians

Black Communities in the Old West

Commerce in the Old West

Cow? What cow?

Entertainment in the Old West

Doves and Nighthawks
Ladies of the Evening Photos)
Brothels, Saloons, Dance Halls, Gambling
Theater Sideshows and Expositions
Rodeos and Wild West Shows
see also:
Photo Gallery – Performer Photos)


Gunfighter Statistics

Gunfighter Occupations


Horse Breeds
Horse Colors
Wild Horses (poetry)

Landmarks and Registers

Las Gorras Blancas  (1889 – 1893)

Early human rights/freedom fighters

Lost Treasures in the Old West


Native American Tribes

Indian Agents
Indian Warrior Women
Native American (Pre-History)
Destroyed by a Comet
Pueblos of New Mexico

Outlaw Gangs Index
85 notations (as of 02/10/2023)
Alvord-Stiles Gang
Bummers Gang
Cook Gang
Dalton Gang
Doolin Gang – Wild Bunch
Evans Gang (Chris)
High Fives Gang
Reno Gang
Rufus Buck Gang
-Sam Bass Gang
Tip Gault Gang
and 74 others on the Index Page

Range Wars and Feuds

Resources and Hazards

Animals Index Page
-Arachnids and Insects
-Reptiles and Amphibians
-Functional Plants
-Hallucinogenic Plants
-Hazardous Plants
-Medicinal Plants

Trade in the Old West

Beads in Old West Trade


Western Forts and Trading Posts

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Photo Gallery Index – Transportation Photos (16 sections)
References – Books used as Reference
References – Books – Novels and History (non-ref)
References – Dictionary

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