Week 15: April

Week 15: April 9th thru 15th

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4/9 of… 1830

Eadweard James Muybridge born in England: Pioneer Photographer. {001}


Settlers from Taos (Taoseño’s), in what will soon be the New Mexico Territory found San Luis, the first permanent settlement in what will become the Colorado Territory in another ten years.  {001}


Samuel Clemens (not yet, Mark Twain) received his steamboat pilot license at the age of 23 following two years of apprenticeship. He worked as a pilot for just two years, then the Civil War stopped commerce on the Mississippi River.  {003}
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Palm Sunday: Appomattox Courthouse, VA sees the surrender of the Confederate Army under General Robert E. Lee to Union commander General Ulysses S. Grant. This event effectively ended the American Civil War.  {001}
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