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Name, Place, or Title Born Died Noted
A Code of Indian Offenses (1883)08
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court (MP) 193107
A Fistful of Dollars (MP) 196418
A Good Day to Die (Novel) 196731
A Half Century of Conflict (Book) ????45
A Lonely Ride (Short Story)18
A Lost Lady (novel - 1922)17
A Texas Cowboy (B, Charlie Siringo)42
A Touch of Sun and Other Stories (Book) 190326
A Vaquero of the Brush Country (1929)38
A Victorian Gentlewoman in the Far West (Book) 197226
A Year of American Travel52
A.C. Abadie, A.C. (Movie Actor)48
Abbot, Alice (Madame) El Paso, TX16, 19, 28
ABC Television37
Abert, J. W. (Lt. U.S. Army) c. 1840's34
Abert, John James (Soldier04
Abilene, KS (RR, Cattle)15, 23, 36, 50
Abilene, TX (1881)11
Abolitionist (anti-slavery activist)17, 19, 30, 42, 43, 48
Academy of Country Music27
Acord, Artemus Ward "Art" (Pioneer Western Movie Star)01, 11
Across the Wide Missouri (1951)49
Action (1921 Silent)34
Adair, William Penn (Cherokee leader)43
Adams Museum (Deadwood, SD) Theon Stone location11
Adams, Andy (Western Author)18, 39
Adams, Ansel (photographer)08, 16
Adams, Gen. Charles (Colorado Militia)42
Adams, Jake (Drunk Cowhand)27
Adams, James [Capen] "Grizzly" (Mountain Man)c. 18124303, 43
Adams, John (author/composer)47
Adams, Ansel (Painter)0
Adamson, Carl (Witness)09
Addo-etta (Big Tree (Kiowa Chief) c. 1870's20, 46
Adelsverein (Society for the Protection of German Immigrants in Texas)16, 26
Adkin, George (saloon owner, DC)33
Adobe Walls, 1st Battle of (TX)48
Adobe Walls, 2nd Battle of (TX)26, 27
Adventures of Champion (Radio series, Mutual) 1949 to 19500
Adventures of Champion (TV) 1955-56)09, 38
Adventures of Gallant Bess (1948)08
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Book) 188507, 16
Adventures of Jim Bowie (TV) ????44, 0
Adventures of Kit Carson (TV) ????11
Adventures of Red Ryder (Movie Serial) 194011
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (Radio) ????07
Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (TV, 1951-53)07, 31
Agusta "Gusty" (huntress)0
Ah Quong Tai (Murder with a twist)23
Aiken Massacre (1857) Utah29
Ainsworth, Billy02
air brakes (RR)09
Ake Party (Confederate settlers) 186133
Alamo, Battle of the (Texas Independence - 1834)09, 10
Alamo, The (MP - 2004)19
Alamo, The (MP, 1960)02, 50
Alaska (1867)13
Alaska Purchase (1867)15
Albershart, Harry Leonard (see: Rocky Lane)0
Alcatraz Island Military Prison (CA) 1860's - 193326
Aldrich, ?? (Bad Choice for Badmen)36
Alford, C.A. (Iron Mountain RR Conductor)05
Alfred, Mack (Porum Range War) - participant30, 37
Alice Greeough Orr ( The First Rodeo Queen)113411
Allee, Alfred Y. (Deputy Sheriff)0
Allemand, Joe (Sheepman, Victim)14
Allen, E.H. (Deputy) (T)13
Allen, John (lucky gambler)15
Allen, John B. (homesteader)30
Allen, Rex Elvie (Songwriter/Singer, Recording, Movie and TV Star)09, 11, 39, 51, 52
Allen, Rex Jr. (Country/Western Singer)22, 51
Allen, William J. ‘Billy’ (T, Leadville, CO)33
Allison, John51
Allison, Robert A. "Clay"352626, 35, 40, 44, 45, 51
Allison, Roe (Lawman)18
Alma Massacre, The (1880)17
Along the Great Divide (MP) 195150
Along the Navajo Trail (MP) 194527
Alonzo, Harry (see: Sundance Kid, The)0
Alope (1st. wife of Goyahkla) Geronimo10
Alta California05, 06
Alton & St. Louis RR (c. 1870's)40
Alvord, Burt (Outlaw, Lawman)1867c. 191007, 14, 23, 36, 45
Alvord-Stiles Gang (1899 - 1903)14
American Bison Society (1905 -1935) revived10
American Bison Society (1905)10
American Express Company11, 12, 31, 50
American Fur Company, The c.183413, 26
American Historical Association28
American Horse (Minneconjou Chief)37
American Indian Institute (1977)33
American Indians40, 51
American Moses, The35
American Ranch (CO) c. 1860's02, 03
American settlers18
American Woman Suffrage Association (c.1860's)23
Anderson William “Bloody Bill" (Confederate Partisan)39, 43, 50
Anderson, Col. John (victim)17
Anderson, D.L. (see: Billy Wilson)0
Anderson, Gilbert M. “Broncho Billy” (Max Aronson)03, 12, 18, 48
Anderson, Hugh27, 34
Anderson, Rufus B. (unfortunate killer)44
Anderson, William (U.S. Marshal)45
Anderson, William (Victim)23, 43
Anderson, Wilson (Killer & Victim)13, 41
Anderson, Charles50
Anderson's Raiders39, 43
Andersonville, GA (Camp Sumpter Confederate Prison)09, 45
Andress, Ted (El Paso attorney)48
Andrew (trader, rancher, historian) c. 1855 - 19430
Andrews, “Arkansas” Slim (Movie Actor)45
Angel and the Bad Man (MP) 194709
Angle of Repose (Book) 197126
Animas City, CO31
Annie Oakley (Sharpshooter Extraordinaire) [born: Phoebe Ann Mosey]334433, 44, 47
Antiquities Act (1906)23
Antrim, Henry (William) (Kid Antrim) {see: Billy the Kid}51, 0
Apache33, 52
Apache (MP) 195435
Apache Hank (see: Swilling, Hank)0
Apache Kid (army scout, renegade)22, 26
Apache Pass Mine - AZ c. 186940
Apache Scouts22
Apache Wars08, 25
Apache, Jicarilla43, 46, 52
Appaloosa (MP) 200840
aqn explorer51
AR) 1973-9630
Arabia (steamboat) c. 1850's36
Arango, Doroteo (see: Villa, Pancho)0
Arapeen, Jake (Ute Chief)15
Arbuckle, Mortimer (Victim)10
Archer, Sam28
Archie Peyton (bombing victim) half brother to Jesse & Frank James04
Arizona & Colorado RR (c. 1909)0
Arizona Bushwhackers (MP) 196820
Arizona Citizen (1870)42, 44
Arizona Cowboy, The51
Arizona Pioneer's Home (Prescott, AZ)25, 44, 45
Arizona Raiders (Movie) 196511
Arizona Rangers07, 18, 36
Arizona Territorial Prison28
Arizona Territory (1863-1912)11, 18, 30
Arizona Whirlwind (MP) 194412
Arizona, State of (48th State) "The Grand Canyon State"07, 08
Arizona, Territory of05, 07, 20, 22, 27, 31, 36
Arkansas Toothpick (see: Weapons Photos)0
Arkansas, State of (15th State) "The Natural State"24
Armijo, Manual02
Armstead, ?? (Captain - US Army) Mojave War (1859)31
Armstrong, Barney (Olive croney)09
Armstrong, John Barclay (Texas Ranger)011801, 18, 34, 40, 49
Armstrong, Lew (Sheriff)20
Armstrong, R.G. (Movie Actor)0
Arness, James (James Aurness) (TV Star)17, 21, 37
Aronson, Max (see: “Broncho Billy” Anderson)0
Around the World in Eighty Days (Novel) 187301, 04
Arrow in the Dust (MP) 195438
Arrowhead (MP 1953)25, 45
Arthur, Chester A. (21st. U.S. President)02, 08, 38
Askew, Daniel (murder victim)15
Astor, John Jacob (American Fur Company)03, 24, 29, 34
Atchinson Topeka and Santa Fe RR (see: Santa Fe RR)15, 19, 20, 22, 27, 33, 46
Aten, Ira (Texas Ranger, Rancher)31, 36, 52
Ates, Roscoe "Soapy" (Movie Actor, Sidekick)09, 27, 38
Atherton, Gertrude (Franklin, Horn) Writer, Novelist, Feminist24, 44
Atlantic and Pacific RR37, 40
Aubrey, Francois X. (Wagon Master)43
Aubry, Francis Xavier33, 0
Auguste, Lucienne (interpeter)33
Auraria, CO05
Austin, Charles "Champagne" (Saloon Owner, Dallas, TX)01
Austin, Mary Hunter (author)33, 36
Austin, Stephen Fuller [M] (“Father of Texas”)44, 52
Austin, TX20
Autobee, Charles (army scout, mountain man, trader, saloon keeper, rancher)24
automatic coupler (see: Janney coupler)0
automatic couplers (RR)09
Autry, Orvon Gene (see: Gene Autry)0
Averell, Jim (Homesteader, Victim)14, 29
Avott, Jesus (Mexican prisoner) lucky!44
Ayers, J.B (Wells Fargo Secret Agent)13
AZ c. 186940
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