Week 21: May

Week 21: May 21 thru 27th

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5/21 of…1832

LaSalle County, IL: The Indian Creek MassacrePotawatomis Indians kill 15 settlers over a sawmill dam and a beating. The dead were gruesomely mutilated and two women were taken hostage. The incident caused widespread panic among the white settlers and a retreat to the protection of local forts, a side effect of The Blackhawk War (east).  {001}


Under a red flag proclaiming “Southern-rights”, a pro-slavery “posse” of 800 southerners led by Douglas County Sheriff Samuel Jones sacks Lawrence, KS, destroying the offices and presses of two antislavery newspapers and burning down the Free State Hotel. Only one death (among the attackers) but the town was looted and many structures damaged or destroyed. One of a variety of events that would earn the title of “Bleeding Kansas” for the state, and stoke the animosity building towards civil war.  {001}
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Wk. 48, 12/02/1859 – John Brown
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Austrian Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian JosephEmperor of Mexico” arrives in Veracruz to cheering crowds and the joy of the monarchists. The Republicans, Benito Juárez, and others are not so pleased.  {001}
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A Kansas & Pacific RR train crashes in a washout at Kiowa Crossing (Bennett, CO) with three dead.  {001}


Doolin Gang member, “Arkansas Tom” Jones found guilty in the murder trial over the killings of three deputy marshals in the shootout at Ingalls, OK Territory in September 1893. Tom will go to prison, but he will be pardoned in 1910.  {001}
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Lash Larue comic cover - 11/1949-Week 21.Lash La Rue” Alfred La Rue, age 78, died in Burbank, CA: Western actor, master of the bullwhip. Movie sample: Law of the Lash (1947), King of the Bullwhip (1950), The Frontier Phantom (1952). TV in Judge Roy Bean (1956), as Sheriff Johnny Behan in The Life & Legend of Wyatt Earp (1959-60) and numerous other TV appearances. Lash La Rue Comics (1949-61) 100+ issues. One imitator, Whip Wilson and a few tries at the whip by other western stars.
Comic Cover: U. S. PD 11/1949.  {001}

5/22 of…1821

Alfred F. Sully born in Philadelphia, PA: military officer.  {001}


Born in Clinton County, MO: Braxton “Brack” Cornett. He did his outlawry in Texas.  {001}


Missourian Peter Burnett (later, first governor of California) heeded the call of the West and so helped assemble a wagon train of 300 men, women, and children in fifty wagons leaving Independence, MO, on this day. They were guided by John Gantt for $1 per person. Accumulating more settlers along the trail, their numbers had more than doubled by the time the train had reached Topeka, KS. There were frequent arguments over who would keep watch, or guard the cattle at night. They came across vast herds of bison and seemingly endless communities of prairie dogs. Averaging 16.75 miles a day they made Fort Laramie, WY, in 40 days. Marcus Whitman (see: Wk. 48, 11/29/1847) guided them through the Rocky Mountains and across rivers as they headed west to Fort Bridger and Fort Boise. After five hard months of bone grinding travel, they finally saw the Willamette Valley in Oregon Territory.  {003 & 001}
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The Sixth Hand Cart Company (Evans), the first to try the route after the double disaster of the 1856 crossings, sets out with 126 to try their luck at reaching Salt Lake City, UT.  {001}
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James-Younger Gang robs the Bank at Warrensburg, MO. Tom Little is lynched at Warrensburg shortly after.  {001}


The Reno Gang robs a Jeffersonville, Madison, and Indianapolis Railroad Train pulling out of the depot in Marshfield, ID. They throw Express Agent Thomas Harkins from the train to his death and take an estimated $96,000.  {001}
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The transcontinental railroad is complete (1869). There is no further need to protect emigrants on the westward trail, and Fort Kearny, NE, is officially abandoned by the army.  {001 & 003}


Doc Holliday interviewed in jail by The Denver Republican. Doc elaborates on The Gunfight at the OK Corral.  {001}
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5/23 of…1809

William Wells Bent arrives in the world at St. Louis, MO. He will become a farmer, trader, peacemaker and an Indian Chief.


Born: Henry Moore Teller in Granger, NY. U.S. Senator, Secretary of the Interior.  {001}


PierreJeanDeSmet - Week 21The passing of Father Pierre-Jean DeSmet, known to the Indians as “Black Robe“, in St. Louis, MO, at age 72. An early student of Indian customs and languages, explorer, cartographer and missionary. He traveled among the tribes and was well known in the West. He founded schools and helped fund them for the rest of his life. He earned the name “Friend of Sitting Bull” for his efforts in persuading Sitting Bull to accept the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868. Photo: U.S. PD Mathew Brady [c. 1860-65]   {001}
Photo Gallery Index – Memorials Monuments and SculptureDeSmet statue


Convicted earlier in the day, stage robbers Billy (the original Billy the Kid) and Sam (aka: Sam Pond) LeRoy are dragged from their jail cell about midnight and lynched by a mob in Del Norte, CO.   {001}
Wk. 20, 05/16 & 18, 1881 – Barlow and Sanderson stage holdup


Gunfighter George N. Woods shoots M.C. Buchanan to death at the Pacific Club Saloon in Durango, CO. {001}
Wk. 25, 06/23/1882 – George N. Woods


Maria Darlene Pearson, Hai-Mecha-Eunka (Running Moccasins) died at age 70 in Ames, IA. A Yankton Sioux, she became an Indian Activist in the 1970’s. Called “The Founding Mother of the Modern Indian Repatriation Movement”, she inspired others to political action finally resulting in the passage of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act in 1990. Her efforts are noted in the 1995 BBC series, Bones of Contention. She was also active in prairie conservation and restoration.  TYH!  {001}

5/24 of…1832

The St. Vrain Massacre, an incident in the Black Hawk War+2 (east). United States Indian Agent Felix St. Vrain and three of his companions were killed. Some accounts reported that St. Vrain’s body was mutilated. They were attacked near Kellogg’s Grove, en route from Dixon’s Ferry, Il to Galena, IL. Likely to have been committed by rogue Ho-Chunk (Sauk/Fox) unsanctioned by their own nation and who were not part of Black Hawk‘s band of warriors.  {001}


Samuel F.B. Morse - Week 21Samuel F.B. Morse demonstrates the first telegraph line in the U.S. between Washington D.C., and Baltimore, MD.  {001}
Wk. 24, 06/16/1860 – The Pacific Telegraph Act
Wk. 43, 10/24/1861 – Transcontinental Telegraph Line


The Pottawatomie Massacre: Abolitionist John Brown‘s forces attack allegedly pro-slavery (southern) settlers in Franklin County, KS. Five are hacked to death with broadswords.  {001}
05/21/1856 – above


Henry Plummer elected Sheriff in Bannack, Montana Territory.  {001}


The original eleven-man expedition to explore the Colorado River system, led by John Wesley Powell, leaves Green River, UT.  {001 & 003}


Yakima Canutt - Week 21YakimaYak’ Canutt (Enos Edward Canutt), age 90, died in North Hollywood, CA. Champion Rodeo Rider, one of the original and the best of the movie stuntmen. Worked for Tom Mix in numerous silent films and later for Gene Autry and Roy Rogers. He did stunts for the TV series: The Lone Ranger and Zorro. Canutt was the inspiration for John Wayne’s+3 characterizations and he and Wayne developed many stunt techniques together. Movie credits include: John Ford‘s groundbreaking Stagecoach (1939), Riders of the Dawn (1937), In Old Oklahoma aka War of the Wildcats (1943). Second unit Director for Westward Ho, The Wagons! (1956), and Cat Ballou (1965). His two sons (Joe and Tap) also became noted stuntmen. Enormously creative, Canutt developed many stunts and safety features for both actors and animals. TYH! …to one of the very best! Photo: U.S. PD pre-1986, promo shot  {001}

5/25 of… 1852

Between May 16 and May 25, 1,470 wagons passed Fort Kearney, NE. Twice as many as had passed in the entire spring travel season before May 16.  {001}


Ray “Crash” Corrigan signs a two year contract with Republic Pictures.  Along with co-star Robert Livingston as “Stoney Brooke” and Syd Saylor as sidekickLullaby Joslin” he plays “Tuscon Smith” in The Three Mesquiteers (1936). This is the first film in the series of 51. “Crash” will make 24 and Livingston 9. Saylor will be replaced in the second film by Max Terhune (21).  John Wayne+3 will make 8, one of which was Santa Fe Stampede (1938) Also Duncan Renaldo (7) and Ralph Byrd (1). The series ends with Riders of the Rio Grande (1943) starring Tom Tyler and Bob Steele, with Jimmy Dodd as “Lullaby Joslin”.  Ray Hatton (9) and Rufe Davis (14) also played “Lullaby” during the series. Poor copycat: The Range Busters series (24 films) by Monogram Pictures, 1940-43, and also starring “Crash” (money issue w/Republic), Max Terhune and John King.  {001}


(T) “Curly Bill” Brocius wounded by Deputy Sheriff William “Billy” Breakenridge at Galeyville, AZ Territory.  {001}

5/26 of… 1853

John Wesley “Wes” Hardin+2 born in Bonham, TX. Outlaw, gunfighter.  {001}


Henry F. Edgar discovers gold in Alder Gulch in the Montana Territory.  {001}


Wes Hardin+2 uses his nickel plated, ivory gripped No. 3 American Smith and Wesson revolver to kill Brown County, TX, Deputy Sheriff Charles Webb who had allegedly attempted to shoot him in the back. Comanche, TX.  {001}


Tombstone, AZ. The Grand Hotel, long the in-town headquarters for the outlaw “Cowboys”, burns to the ground.  {001}


The two fleeing Evans Gang outlaws, Chris Evans and John Sontag wound officer S.J. Black in a mountain battle and, again make good their escape…   {001}
The Originals Index – Outlaw Gangs Index – Evans Gang (Chris)


Kid Curry rides into Moab, UT, seeking vengeance for the killings of his brother Lonnie and Flat Nose George Curry. He kills Grand County Sheriff John Tyler and Deputy Sam Jenkins.  {001}
Wk. 16, 04/17/1900 – ‘Big Nose’ George Curry


Marion Robert (Mitchell) Morrison (John Wayne+3) born in Winterset, IA: Western movie super star.  {001}


Harold J. Smith, (Jay Silverheels), “Tonto” born on the Six Nations Indian Reserve, Brantford, Ontario, Canada. Movie and TV star.  {001}


James Aurness (James Arness), born in Minneapolis, MN. Best known for his portrayal of Marshal Matt Dillion on the TV series Gunsmoke (1955-58; reruns to ’75).  Movies: How the West Was Won (1977) and Return to Dodge ( 1987).  He also made five Gunsmoke TV movies (1987-1994).  {001}

5/27 of… 1831

Thought to be the date upon which Mountain Man Jedediah Smith, age 32, was murdered by Comanche Indians along the Jornado section of the Santa Fe Trail. Mountain Man, trailblazer, scout. Likely the most traveled mountain man in the old west. His 1830-31 map of the western United States has been described as a landmark in the mapping of the American West.   {001}


James Butler Hickok (“Wild BillHickok) born in Troy Grove, IL. Buffalo hunter, gunfighter, lawman.  {001}


Five men thought to have been the James Gang, take $4,000 from the Savings and Association Bank in St. Genevieve, MO.  {001}

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{001} C 08/18; E 05/20; F 06/11; P 08/18

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