Week 04: January

Week 04: January 22nd thru 28th

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1/22 of… 1822

Barney, born into slavery in Virginia. His mother Phoebe instilled in Barney the value of education and literacy. As a slave, Barney, did not have a last name. He began as a waiter, cook on a riverboat and miner in the gold fields of Georgia. When his mother died, he escaped slavery and made his way to Chicago via the underground railway. In Chicago, he read classic literature, politics, and economics. He learned the barber’s trade, married Julia Lyoni and, after seeing a locomotive named Lancelot Ford, he adopted the name Barney Lancelot Ford…  {003}


The Treaty of Point Elliott was signed 01/22/1855 at Muckl-te-oh or (today, Mukilteo, WA); ratified 03/08 & 04/11/1859. It established the Suquamish Port Madison, Tulalip, Swin-a-mish (Swinomish), and Lummi reservations, guaranteed both fishing rights and the reservations and offered a payment of $150,000. Signatories to the Treaty included: Territorial Governor Isaac Stevens, representatives from the Duwamish (Chief Seattle), Suquamish, Snoqualmie, Snohomish, Lummi, Skagit, Swinomish, and other tribes. Note that reservations were not designated, for the Duwamish, Skagit, Snohomish, and Snoqualmie tribes.
European-American settlement had started in the 1840’s and was dramatically increasing each year. The Treaty wasn’t ratified until 1859 so white settlement of Indian lands proceeded until then. The Indians, of course, were forced onto the various reservations and their rights were ignored.  {001}


Horrell-Higgins Feud: Merritt Horrell killed by John “Pink” Higgins in a gunfight at Wiley and Toland’s Gem Saloon in Lampasas, TX. The Horrell Brothers, of course, vow revenge.  {001}


“Mysterious” Dave Mather said to have out-shot four gunmen at the Close and Patterson Saloon in Las Vegas, NM. Nary a scratch on Dave.  {001}


Socorro, NM:  “Joel A. Fowler Kale [James E. Cale] murder[er] hung by citizens about one o’clock a.m.”  Quoted from the diary of Vigilante leader Col. Ethan Eaton. {001}


John X. Beidler - Week 4The passing of John X. Beidler at age 66 in Helena, MT. He stood but five foot three but he was a giant on the frontier. As leader of the Montana Vigilantes in the 1860s, he claimed to have pursued and executed 30 men during the breaking up of the outlaw gang led by Henry Plummer.* A Wells Fargo shotgun messenger from 1870 to 1877. He resigned in 1877 to become a deputy U.S. Marshal and Indian scout. In 1889, at 65 years old, he took part in a manhunt for two robbers who had committed a double murder.  Photo: U.S. PD pre-1923.  {001}
There’s a lot more more to this old-timer, look him up! – Doc
see also:
*Wk. 02, 01/10/1864 – Henry Plummer
Wk 07, 02/16/1922 – John Horton “Texas John” Slaughter


"Stoney" Al St. John - Week 4Stoney” Al St. John, age 69, died in Lyons, GA. The original and definitive comic movie cowboy sidekick, he acted in nearly 350 Western movies between 1912 and 1952. Appropriating the name of rival “Fuzzy” Knight, he became “Fuzzy Q. Jones”. Eighty films in the Billy the Kid series starring Bob Steele; the Billy the Kid/Billy Carson series starring Buster Crabbe; and the Lone Rider series starring Bob Livingston.  He also played sidekick to Lash LaRue. Photo: U.S. PD, outtake from comedy short “Love” 1919  {001}

1/23 of… 1827

James B. Hume, born in Stamford Township, Delaware County, NY. Peace officer, warden, detective.  {001}


Oregon Territory: the City of Portland (for Portland, MA) is named by the flip of a coin. Boston loses.  {001}Old West Daily Reader Subscribe Today

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