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Brigham Young Timeline in The Weeks (1801-1900)

OWDR Brigham Young WebPhoto: U.S. PD pre-1877

Brigham Young remains a powerful and controversial figure in the history of the Great American West. This is the man who led the Mormon exodus from the hostile environment in the east, west to Zion in the great Salt Lake Valley in what was to become Utah. Creator of the phenomenon of the Mormon Handcarts and perhaps the instigator of attacks on detractors of the faith and maybe even “Indian” attacks on the wagon trains of other settlers passing through “his” country. His influence reaches well into the modern world…

Here are all of the references to Brigham Young
appearing in Old West Daily Reader; in date order.
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Week    Date                Remarks

22            06/01/1801    Born: Brigham Young

16            04/18/1847    Indian Attack

30           07/24/1847    Salt Lake Valley

23           06/09/1848   Miracle of the Gulls

37           09/11/1857     Mountain Meadows Massacre

40          10/07/1857     Ft. Bridger

32          08/07/1861     Mark Twain

20          05/19/1868     UPRR

12           03/23/1877     John D. Lee

35          08/29/1877     Died: Brigham Young

34          08/21/1883     “Wild Bill” Hickman

08          02/20/1900    Chief Washakie

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