Western Forts and Trading Posts

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Western Forts and Trading Posts

Trading Posts

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Military Forts

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Trading Posts

These are the earliest of the trading posts/forts. As you will see, mostly put up by the various fur trading companies. However, some began as military posts and others would later become military posts. They were usually located in strategic/accessible locations.
roughly by date… (NEW items, yet undated are on a list at the bottom of this section.)

Fort Belle Fontaine (1804 – 1808) [St. Louis, MO]
First, an early Spanish Fort
in 1804 it became a “factory”, a government Fur Trading Post
closed in 1808 and taken by the U.S. Army
see also:
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Fort Lisa, ND c. 1810?
Missouri Fur Company – Manuel Lisa

Fort Raymond/Manuel, MT (c.1810?)
Missouri Fur Company – Manuel Lisa

Fort Lisa, NE (1812-23)
Missouri Fur Company – Manuel Lisa

Fort Astoria, WA* (04/1811 – 1813)
Private: Pacific Fur Company [American Fur Company]
First American-owned settlement on the Pacific coast of what was to become the U.S.
Sold to North West Company, then Seized by the British in 1813, re-named Fort George*
National Historic Landmark 11/05/1961
National Register of Historic Places 10/15/1966
*Fort George – below
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