Week 07: February

Week 7: February 12th thru 18th

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2/12 0f…1805

Noted in the journal of Meriwether Lewis: born at Fort Mandan, to Toussaint Charbonneau and Sacajawea is Jean Baptiste Charbonneau (called Pomp, “first-born” in Shoshone). He will accompany the Lewis and Clark Expedition with his parents.  {001}


The Pacific Fur Co. trading bark Tonquin dropped anchor at Kealakekua Bay in the Kingdom of Hawaii. Captain Thorn was obliged to take serious measures to prevent desertions by his crew but did manage to trade with the Hawaiians to re-provision the vessel for the cruise to the Pacific Northwest of America.  {001}
The Originals Index – trade in the Old West
Commerce in the Old West1811, Tonquin


Thomas Moran born in Lancashire, England. Artist, illustrator, painter.  {001}


“The Crime of ’73”: the de-monetization of silver places the U.S. de facto, but not officially, on the gold standard (in 1900). The stock exchange was closed for ten days, one-third of the more than 350 railroads went bankrupt. A five year depression would follow and the value of silver would crash. Western mining interests were damaged. By 1878 the value of silver to gold would fall to a ratio of 1:32.  {001}
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The Originals Index – Trade in the Old West
Commerce in the Old West – dates around 1873 for perspective…


Fannie Porter born in England. Madame of her famous establishment on the corner of Durango and San Saba in San Antonio, TX. Hers was a favorite resting place of numerous well-known outlaws and lawmen.  {001}


Fort Huachuca sign - Week 7Camp Huachuca, AZ, (later Fort Huachuca, 1882) established to deal with the Apaches in southern Arizona Territory near Tombstone. Photo: U.S. PD USA  {001}
see also:
The Originals Index
Western Forts and Trading Posts


Horace Tabor elected mayor of the rowdy mining town of Leadville, CO.  {001}


Max Terhune born in Franklin, ID. Ventriloquist, magician, sidekick+4.  {001}


Oliver Milton Lee and Bill McNew had followed a herd of rustled cattle almost to El Paso, TX, on the trail to a sale in Mexico. Lee killed both rustlers, Charley Rhodius and Matt Coffelt, with a borrowed rifle. {001}


Lillie Langtry - Week 7“The Jersey Lily” is no more. British actress Lillie Langtry dead in Monaco at 75 years. She began her stage career In December of 1881, her debut before the London public in She Stoops to Conquer at the Haymarket Theatre. Her first tour of the U.S. came the following autumn. It was an enormous success, which she repeated in subsequent years, playing in the east and throughout the American west. Critics generally condemned her but the public loved her. Judge Roy Bean was smitten. Photo: U.S. PD.  {001}
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George Bernard Shaw on Lillie Langtry
Wk. 11, 03/16/1903 – Judge Roy Bean


James Cash Penney - Week 7New York City, NY: dead at 95 years, James Cash “J.C. ” Penny Jr. He had intended to be a lawyer, but didn’t have the money for college. He took jobs at dry goods stores in Missouri and Colorado and then as an assistant manager in Wyoming at “The Golden Rule” store. He took it as a sign from God and made the Golden Rule a model for his own life. In 1902 he was offered a one-third partnership in a new store nearby. Penney lived in the attic, and five years later, he bought out his partners. In 1913, he incorporated as J.C. Penney Stores. By 1929 he had some 1400 stores but lost most of his fortune in the October stock market crash. He borrowed against his life insurance to make payroll; depressed he checked into Kellogg’s Battle Creek Sanitarium. In time, the business and Penney recovered. He instituted profit sharing among his managers, and later all employees (called “associates.”) By the time he died, all 50,000 Penney employees were participating in profit-sharing. Photo: U.S. PD 1902   {003}

2/13 of… 1861

Apache Pass, NM Territory. Col. Bernard J.D. Irwin inspires his men to victory over a band of Chiricahua Apaches and thereby wins the first Medal of Honor.  {001}

Legislation 0n a new act for Kansas Milita re-organization, divides the state into four brigade districts with major general commanding and a brigadier general in command of each district.  {001}


Little Archie Clement - Week 7“Little Archie” Clement leads the way to the first daytime, peacetime bank robbery in the U.S., Cole Younger, Frank James and their gang take nearly fifty-eight thousand dollars. One bystander, college student George Wymore, is killed by celebratory shots. County Savings Association at Liberty, MO. Photo: U.S. PD c. 1860’s  {001}


Slashed with a knife in both back and breast, Big Carmel loses to Louise the Squaw when Nighthawks clash in Tuscon, AZ Territory. {001}

2/14 of… 1859

Oregon Seal - Week 7Oregon admitted to the Union as the 33rd state. “The Beaver State”. Seal of Oregon, U.S. PD.  {001}


Born in Bloomington, IL: Gordon William Lillie “Pawnee Bill“. Pioneer Wild West showman and trader.  {001}


A drunken Samuel M. “Doc” Cummings picks a fight with Jim Manning at the Coliseum Variety Theater in El Paso, TX. Jim and bartender David Kling (also no friend of Doc’s) fire first and Cummings stumbles into the street and falls dead.  {001}


Emmett Lynn born in Muscatine, IA.  Movie character actor, sidekick+4.  {001}


Ray “Crash” Corrigan born in Milwaukee, WI. “B” Western actor.  {001}


President Taft signing Arizona Into Statehood - Week 7Arizona Seal - Week 7Arizona admitted to the Union as the 48th state. “The Grand Canyon State”. Originally “The Copper State” but after Phelps Dodge, it was tourism (and history) that brought in the income. Photo: U.S. PD, President Taft signing the document making the Arizona Territory the 48th State. Benton’s concept of “Manifest Destiny” is complete. Image of the Seal of Arizona, U.S. PD.  {001}
Wk: 15, 04/10/1858 – Thomas Hart Benton

2/15 of… 1764

City of St. Louis, MO founded by French fur trader/businessman Pierre Laclède and 14-year-old stepson, Auguste Chouteau. Laclede taught Auguste his business, and he brought him up the Mississippi to found a trading post at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. In November of 1763, Laclède found a place with a limestone bluff, and he laid out a town by marking trees before leaving for the winter. In February, with Auguste and 30 workers he went back to begin clearing land on this day in 1764. Chouteau became the most prominent citizen of the booming St. Louis – he established himself as a fur trader, banker, and, of course, a dealer in real estate.  [003}


Mill Creek near Ft. Owen, MTSamuel M. Caldwell makes the first gold strike in the territory.  {001}


Northern Pacific RR logo - Week 7Approved by Congress in 1864, The Northern Pacific Railroad had been given nearly 40 million acres (160,000 km2) of land grants, which were sold in Europe to raise funds for construction. The company finally broke ground near Duluth, MN to commence construction of the second Transcontinental Railroad. With additional financing provided by Jay Cooke & Company, it still took thirteen years to reach Seattle, WA from Duluth, MN. When merged into the Burlington Northern in 1970 it was serving seven states and Winnipeg, Canada. Logo: © NPRR, Fair Use.   {001}Northern Pacific RR map 1900 - Week 07Map U.S. PD NPRR – 1900.


Bison Pair - Week 7William Glassman and John Dooly take twelve bison, 4 bulls (males), 4 cows (females) and 4 calves by boat to the Antelope Island in The Great Salt Lake. Originally from a small private herd in Texas, these twelve became the foundation for the Antelope Island Bison Herd which today numbers some 550 to 750 animals. A publicly owned herd managed by the State of Utah. (See: The Originals – Cow? What Cow?)  Photo: U.S. PD 2009 Spontaneouscombustion  {001}


The Alvord-Stiles Gang attempts to rob New Mexico & Arizona‘s northbound No. 1 on the Nogales-to-Benson line, at Fairbank, AZ.  Wells Fargo Express messenger, ex lawman, Jeff Milton is standing in the open door of the express car as the train come to a stop at the station. Shots are fired and  Milton’s left upper arm is shattered. Even so, he takes up his shotgun and blasts Three Fingered Jack” Dunlap as as he climbs through the door, Jack  takes eleven buck shot. One passes by and hits “Bravo Juan” in the leg. While Yoas ran away to mount his horse., Bob Brown,George and Louis Owens began firing into the express car. Milton crawled over to the metal door, slammed it shut,, hid the safe key behind some luggage, applied a makeshift tourniquet,to his bleeding arm and passed out. The robbers fired a few more rounds, then  boarded the car. They assume Milton is dead and they can’t find the key and the have no dynamite, so they retreat to their horses, get  Yoas mounted and flee the scene. Abandoned by the gang, Dunlap tells all before he dies several days later. Milton recovers from his wound and pursues his career as a lawman.  {001}
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Lewis Wallace - Week 7Dead at 77 in Crawfordsville, ID, is: Soldier, politician, author, governor of New Mexico (1881-85). He negotiated with Billy the Kid—trying both to get him to reform his wicked ways, and spy for the Government—but, no joy.  Author of the best selling book of the 19th century, Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ (1880). Photo: U.S. PD

2/16 of… 1852

Studebaker Wagon price list - 1877 - Week 7Creation of the Studebaker Brothers Wagon Company. Price List: U.S. PD 1877 Studebaker.  {001}
Wk. 01, 01/01/1868 – H. & C. Studebaker
Photo Gallery Index – Transportation PhotosStudebaker Ad


James Clarence Wakeley (aka Jimmy Wakely), born in Mineola, AK .  {001}


John Horton "Texas John" Slaughter - Week 7John Horton “Texas John” Slaughter {13}, age 80, passes quietly in his sleep at San Bernardino Ranch, AZ. A rip-roarer, “Texas John” was an Indian fighter, Texas Ranger, sheriff (1886), U.S. Marshall, gunfighter, rancher, trail driving cattle baron, businessman, banker and gambler. A noted Arizona pioneer. TYH! Photo: U.S. PD; John H. Slaughter: all 5′ 2″ of him and the pearl handled .44 and the ten bore shotgun.  {001}
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Wk. 04, 01/22/1890 – John X. Beidler


Eddie Foy Sr - Week 7Died at 71 years old: Edwin Fitzgerald “Eddie” Foy, Sr. A well known vaudeville and musical comedy star, Foy traveled and performed extensively in the West. In Dodge City, KS, he became acquainted with Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Ben Thompson, Bat Masterson and other western luminaries. Legend has it that he was performing in Tombstone, AZ, in October of 1881 at the time of the Gunfight at the OK Corral.  {001}


Smiley Burnette - Week 7Smiley Burnette (Lester Alvin Burnette) age 55, died in Encino, CA. Musician, songwriter, film & TV actor (1933-1967), comic, and sidekick+4 to Gene Autry (Frog Millhouse). Fifty-seven pictures from Tumbling Tumbleweeds (1935), to Bells of Capistrano (1942), and Smiley wrote a number of the songs in these films. Beginning in 1946, more than fifty films as Smiley Burnett with Charles Starrett as the Durango KidRoaring Rangers (1946), to Kid from Broken Gun (1952). Smiley also did pictures with Roy Rogers+: Under Western Stars (1938) and Billy the Kid Returns (1938). And four with Sunset Carson, all in 1944: Call of the Rockies (1944), etc. This is the man that defined sidekicks and set the standard for all who followed. Horses: Blackeyed Nellie, Ringeyed Nellie, Ring EyeTYH! Photo: U.S.© maybe? Studio Shot c. 1940’s?  {001}

2/17 of… 1881

Pleading guilty to robbing the U.S. Mail nets Dave Rudabaugh a ninety-nine year sentence. New Mexico Territory.  {001}


Wes Hardin is released from prison after seventeen years behind bars. Texas Governor James S. “Big Jim” Hogg soon grants a full pardon and a restoration of citizenship.  {001}


 Burt Alvord - Week 7Two Arizona Rangers illegally enter Mexico to arrest Burt Alvord {21} and Billy Stiles at Nigger Head Gap.  Alvord is wounded and taken, Stiles, shot in the arm, manages to escape. Alvord, released from Yuma Territorial Prison after serving about two years, exits for Latin America. Last reported in Panama around 1910. Photo: U.S. PD 1904 prison mug shot.  {001}


Geronimo - Week 7Died: Geronimo (“The Human Tiger”), age 79. Iconic Chiricahua Apache resistance leader (never a chief). He led the final Indian fight in America against the whites and Mexicans for twenty-five years. A bold and determined warrior, but it ended in tragedy for his people. His struggle caused them to be banished from their ancestral lands and remain prisoners for nearly thirty years. Inadvertently, he became a celebrity. He died in captivity from pneumonia six days after falling from a horse and lying out all night near Ft. Sill, OK. Photo: U.S. PD 1898 Frank A. Rinehart.  {001}
Quotes Index – Indian QuotesGeronimo
Photo Gallery Index – Performers Photos – 3rd. down


Jacques O’Mahoney, “Jack Mahoney“, Jock O’Mahomey, Jack O’Mahoney, Jock O’Mahoney born in Chicago, IL. Stuntman, movie and TV star.  {001}

2/18 of… 1861

Jefferson Finis Davis Inaugurated President of the Confederacy.  {001}


The Treaty of Fort Wise (CO). Cheyenne chiefs Black Kettle, Lean Bear, Left Hand, Little Wolf, Tall Bear, and White Antelope, along with Arapaho chiefs Big Mouth, Little Raven, Shave-Head and Storm—signed away the majority of the lands granted to the Indians by the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851. Many bands of Cheyenne and Sioux disavowed the treaty and decided to resist the whites. The Indian War on the plains would heat up.  {001}


John H. Tunstall - Week 7LCW: Lincoln County, NM. Englishman John Tunstall and hired hands, Billy the Kid, Dick Brewer, Henry Brown, John MiddletonFred Waite and Robert Widenmann are moving a small herd of nine horses towards Lincoln. Sheriff William Brady’s large posse, including newly minted Deputy John H. Beckwith and his brother Bob, accosts them; allegedly attempting to exercise a Writ of Replevin on some horses, to pay a trumped-up debt to Bankers Murphy and DolanTunstall is soon shot down in cold blood by posse members Jessie Evans, William MortonTom Hill and John Olinger. Brewer, Billy the Kid and the other Tunstall men witness the shooting but survive the encounter.  This event marks the beginning of the Lincoln County War. Photo: U.S. PD pre-1878 unknown, John Tunstall.  {001}


Huckleberry Finn 1st cover - Week 7First U.S. publication of “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain. Illustration: U.S. PD 1885 First Edition Book Cover.  {001}


Dave Rudabaugh - Week 7DavidDaveRudabaugh mobbed and has his head cut off after killing two Mexicans in a cantina at Parral, Mexico.  (Info conflict: also alleged to have died in Oregon in 1928)  Photo: U.S. PD pre-1886 unknown.  {001}
see also:
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Dave’s Head?


Albert Bierstadt died in New York, NY, age 72. Well known landscape painter of the American West. He was led by Rocky Mountain News Albert Bierstadt - Week 7founder Wm. Byers on the 1863 expedition that gained the summit of Mt. Rosalie (as Bierstadt named it—today Mt. Evans, 14,259 ft.) near Idaho Springs, CO.  Bierstadt’s well known painting Storm in the Rocky Mountains was the result. TYH!  {001}


John B Stetson - Week 7John Batterson Stetson, age 76, died in DeLand, PA. Likely the most famous hatter in the world, inventor of the cowboy hat “Boss of the Plains” *(1865). It was the hat that worked for everyone in the West, so much so that all western hats were eventually called Stetsons—but only the very best really were.  TYH! Photo: U.S. PD c. 1870’s? a cabinet card by Frederick Gutekunst.  {001}
*References – DictionaryBoss of the Plains


Frank James - Week 7FranklinFrankJames (aka B.J. Woodson) died of natural causes in Clay County, MO. Photo: U.S. PD c. 1850’s crop, unknown.  {001}


Volodymyr Palahnyuk (aka Jack Palance) born in Hazle Township, PA. Movie & TV actor)  {001}


Andy Devine - Week 7Andy Devine (Andrew Vabre Devine), age 71, died in Orange, CA. Radio, movie (400 films) and TV actor.  He was “Jingles”, sidekick+4 to Guy Madison on The Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok (radio and TV), sidekick “Cookie” to Roy Rogers+ in ten films. He played in Stagecoach (1939) with John Wayne and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962). An unmistakable voice in western films. Photo: U.S. PD screenshot from A Star is Born 1935 {001}

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