Dirk’s Pistols and Pepperboxes

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Dirk’s Pistols and Pepperboxes

Dirk Lagerwij

All photos included here are from Old West Daily Reader Contributor Dirk Lagerwij (006) and used by permission. You need to get his permission too, if you want use any. Dirk sometimes has a few guns for sale and may be looking for specific guns. His website address is on the Links to Friends page. Dirk  lives in Holland and collects early American and Old West firearms. He’s a collector of W.W. Marston firearms and a number of those appear in this section. Production dates and statistics were provided by Dirk. These early guns were usually single shot, (one dbl., here) the shot had to count! Often the only gun a person had, larger and heavier than the “derringers, not so easy to carry and conceal. The pepperboxes were an early attempt at multiple shot firearms. As you can see, they were barrel heavy, somewhat bulky and awkward. Enjoy these early pistols!  All photos: © Dirk Lagerwij


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