Horse Colors

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Horse Colors

Przewalski’s Horse - Horse Colors

Przewalski’s Horse
photo: U.S. PD unkn

The ancestral coat color of E. ferus was likely a uniform dun
similar to the above example of Przewalski’s horse.
Cave wall paintings, confirmed by genomic analysis,
also imply pre-domestication variants, including black and spotted.

Domestication may have led to more varieties of coat colors.
Today, the three “base” horse coat colors are: bay, black and chestnut.
Everything else is a matter of the individuals genetic heritage…*

The following, are descriptions of the basic horse colors collected from numerous sources.
Note, that many variations, beyond those shown here, occur in most of these color groups.
As to the photos: all are from casual internet “horse” sites, no credits were available.
If you see a photo you can credit, please let me know.


Bay Horse 02 - Horse ColorsBay Horse - Horse ColorsA body color ranging from tan, through red, to reddish brown; mane, tail  and points black, usually black on the lower legs.
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