Dodge City KS Timeline

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 Dodge City KS Timeline in The Weeks (1869 – 1928)

OWDR Dodge City 1874 Web

Dodge City c. 1874
Photo: U.S. PD c.1874


Perhaps the most iconic of the Kansas cow towns, Dodge city stories abound and many of the western legends walked her streets: Deadwood Dick, Doc Holliday, Bat and Ed Masterson, Ben Thompson and Wyatt Earp to name just a few.

Here are all of the references to Dodge City, KS
appearing in The Old West Daily Reader; in date order.
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Week    Date                 Remarks

06          02/10/1869      Red River Dick

26          06/27/1872      “paint the town a deep red color…”

26          07/01/1872       Back to Texas…

33           08/15/1872      It’s official!

51           12/23/1872       Bully Brooks & the Santa Fe Yardmaster

09          03/04/1873      Bully Brooks & Kirk Jordan

18           05/01/1874       A Terminus City…

27          07/03/1874       Safely back from Adobe Walls.

22          06/01/1877       Deadwood Dick

39          09/25/1877       Another drunk cowboy…

16           04/17/1878       Bill Tilghman arrested.

40          10/04/1878      The shooting of Dora Hand.

14           04/05/1879      Levi Richardson & “Cockeyed” Frank Loving

16           04/16/1881       Bat Masterson visits brother Jim…

39           09/28/1883      Dodge City law lends a hand.

27           07/06/1884      Bing Choate & Dave St. Clair

33            08/18/1884      “No tickee, no washee!”

27            07/04/1884      A Bullfight?

40           10/01/1919       The passing of The Founder of Dodge City.

07           02/16/1928      Eddie Foy

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