The Players: D

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Name, Place, or Title Born Died Noted
Daggett, C.M (constable)04
Daguerre, Louis Jacques-Mandé33
Daily Alta California (newspaper)02
Dake, Crowley P. (US Marshal, Arizona Territory)1836189029, 43, 52
Dakota Territory33
Dakota War (1862) Minnesota34, 52
Dakota, Territory of05, 09, 25, 45, 49
Dale Evans "Queen of the West" (Radio, Movie and TV Star)06, 27, 37, 44
Daley, Charles (deputy) KIA04
Dallas Morning News (1885 to present)16
Dallas Weekly Herald (Newspaper)01, 27
Dallas, TX01, 05, 14
Dalton Gang, The (Outlaw Gang)19, 28, 37, 40, 41, 48
Dalton, Emmett (Bank Robber)40
Dalton, Frank (Deputy Marshal)48
Dalton, Grattan "Gratt" (Bank Robber)40
Dalton, Robert Reddick "Bob" (Bank Robber)33
Dalton, William Marion "Bill"13, 35
Dalton, William Marion "Bill" (Outlaw) Doolin Gang19, 20, 23
Daly Gang05, 06
Daly, John (Outlaw)06
Dame Shirley ( nom de plume - Louise Amelia Knapp Smith Clappe)30
Dame Shirley (nom de plume )47
Damon, Matt (Movie Actor)51
Dan Castello Circus (1860's -'90's)30
Dana (Movie Star)49
Daniels, Ben02
Daniels, Billy (Deputy Sheriff - Tombstone)49
Daniels, Donnie (historian/author) {028}32
Daniels, Edwin P. (Deputy Sherriff)11
Daniels, J.M. (Private Teaxas State Police)11
Dann, Mary (Western Shoshone Activist)-1616
Dark Command (M) 194027
Darmstadt Forty (1847)16
Dart, Isom "Nigger Isom" (TGG)18494040
Darwell, Jane (Movie Actress)49
Daugherty- Roy (see: Jones, "Arkansas Tom") [DG]0
Davenport, Gypsy (Madame)0
Davis Faction (Porum Range War - 1906 - 191222
Davis Faction (Porum Range War)34
Davis, A.J. "Big Jack (Stage & Train Robber)36, 45
Davis, Bob (Porum Range War) Davis Faction18
Davis, Cicero (Porum Range War) - participant37
Davis, Gail (Movie Star)11, 37, 40
Davis, George24, 42
Davis, Jack (Porum Range War) - Davis Faction15, 22
Davis, Jacob (Tailor)20
Davis, Jefferson C. (Colonel) U.S. Army15, 19
Davis, Jefferson Finis (President of the Confederacy)07, 22, 49
Davis, Jerome C. (California pioneer, agriculturalist)26
Davis, Joe (Porum Range War) - participant08, 22, 36, 38, 50
Davis, Lewis (outlaw)26
Davis, Lillie (ratted The Wild Bunch to Wm. Pinkerton , 19010
Davis, Lucky (outlaw)26
Davis, Mary (1st. Woman JP in U.S.)45
Davis, Maude (WB girlfriend allowed at Robbers Roost)0
Davis, Rufe (Movie Actor, Sidekick)21, 50
Davis, William47
Dawes Act, The (1887)06, 08, 25
Dawn on tthe Great Divide (M) 194248
Day the Cowboys Quit, The (Novel) 197134
Days of Buffalo Bill (M) 194618, 49
de Anza Bezerra Nieto, Juan Bautista (Mexican military officer, Indian fighter, explorer, Governor) {TL}275102, 09, 10, 27, 33, 34, 35, 36, 39, 51
de Bonneville Benjamin Louis Eulalie (army officer03, 15, 24, 30
De Cora, (Dietz) Angel (Indian Artist)06, 18
de Coronado y Luján, Francisco Vázquez 9Conquistador, Explorer) c. 1540's38
de Fiennes, Henri (see: Hathaway Henry)0
de Goycochea, Commandante Felipe (Spanish officer) CA 1790--34
de Iturbide, Augustine (1st Emperor of Mexico)30
de La Salle, Robert (explorer)08
de Mendoza, Antonio (Spanish Viceroy) c. 1530's46
de Mille, (DeMille) Agnes George (Choreographer)384038, 40, 42, 48
de Niza, Marcos (Franciscan Priest, Explorer) c. 1530's46
de Portilla, Col. Jose Nicolas13
de Salcedo Don Juan Manuel (Spanish Governor) c 180143
de Stoeckl, Eduard (Russian Baron) c. 1860's13
de Ugartechea, Domingo (Colonel, Mexican Army)40
de Urrea, Jose (Mexican General)13
de Vere, Pearl (Madame - Cripple Creek) c. 1890's27
Deacon (see: Miller, James B.)0
Dead Man's Hand (Aces and Eights)31
Deadly Companions, The (M) 196152
Deadwood (TV) 20?? to 200635
Deadwood Dick (Nat Love) #1 Cowboy {TL}1854c. 190906, 22, 26, 27, 28, 34, 40
Deadwood, SD)01, 09, 27, 30, 36, 38, 39, 46, 49
Deal, (Dehil) Pony [Charles T. Ray] (T, Cowboy, horse thief)01, 12
Dean, Eddie (Edgar Dean Glossup) [Movie Star]09, 27, 42
Dean, Mack39
Deane, Jarvis "Joe (Photographer) "an eye for the shot"37
Deas, Charles (Painter) 1840's0
Death Valley01
Death Valley Days (Radio)39
Death Valley Days (TV)13
Death Valley Days (TV) 1952 - 197509, 31
Death Valley Scotty (con man)01, 10, 28, 38
Death Valley Sheriff (Radio) 1944-4537
Deer Trail, CO27
Deere & Company (1868)20
Deere, Charles (businessman)20
Deere, John (farmer, inventor)06, 20
Deetz, Ollie "Big Nose George" (Lawman, Outlaw, Lynched)40
Deger, Lawrend "Larry" (Marshal)02
DeHavilland, Olivia (Movie Star)41
Dehner, John (Actor) Film, Radio & TV470505, 47
Delaney, Bill (Outlaw)13
Delano, Gerald Curtis (Western Painter)15
Dement, Dan (Outlaw)04
DeMerritt, Josephine (soiled dove)43
Dempsy, John (avalanche victim) RR06
Dennis, William (Winner)22
Deno, Lottie (Gambler) (see: Women and Children Photos)184419340
Denson, Shadrick T. (sheriff)06
Denver & Rio Grand Railway28, 31, 44
Denver & Rio Grande Western RR06, 11, 15, 35
Denver and Rio Grande RR10
Denver Republican, The (Newspaper)21
Denver, CO "The Mile High City"11, 14, 17, 26, 30, 38, 40, 43, 44, 49, 51, 52
Deputy U.S. Marshal04
Deputy, The (TV) 1959 to 196132
Deringer, Henry (gunsmith)09, 43
Deseret News (Mormon Newspaper - 1850) Salt Lake City, UT24
Desert Passage (M) 195236
Desert Valley (Movie) 192648
DeSmet, Father Pierre-Jean (Black Robe)05, 21
Desmond, Pat0
Desperado's Outpost (M) 195234
Desperat Trails (M) 193932, 46
Destry Ride Again (Novel) 1937?19
Destry Rides Again (M) 193732
Devil's Rope, The (Barbed Wire)09, 47
Devils Tower (WY) see: Landmarks & Registers39
Devine, Andrew Vabre "Andy" "Jingles" (Movie Star, Sidekick)07, 40
Devol, George Hildreth (gambler)27, 31
DeVoto, Bernard Augustine (American historian and writer)024602, 46
Dew, Eddie05, 14
Diablo (Horse)36
Diaz, Melchor (Spanish Explorer) c. 1530's46
Diaz, Porfirio (Mexican Dictator)04
Dice (Horse)48
Dick (see: Wyatt, Nathaniel Ellsworth "Zip")0
Dick Stanley's Congress of Rough Riders34
Dick Stanley's Congress of Rough Riders (c. 1909)01
Dickson, Artells "Art"39
Dickson, William Kennedy Laurie (inventor)35
Diggs, Leroy (Texas Ranger)49
Dillingham, Donald H.26
Dime Novels23, 29, 33
Dinah (Mule)42
Dinwiddle, William (Knoxville Policeman, Victim)50
Dixon, Billy (LCW)27
Dixon, John (outlaw) ID 1860's15
Dixon, Lee48
Dixon, William H. (Sheriff)17
Dixon, William R. (horse thief)01
Dixon, Willliam "Billy (Buffalo Hunter) Medal of Honor 1874 TYH!26, 27, 37, 39
Django Unchained (M, 2012)13
Dobie, J. Frank (Teacher, Folklorist, Columnist, Author)38, 39
Doc (FC, Radio) Gunsmoke17
Doc Adams (FC, TV)37
Doc Holliday (Book) 195544
Doc Holliday (see: Holliday, John Henry)0
Doctor (victim)31
Dodd, Col. George A. (U.S. Army)13
Dodd, Jimmie (Movie Actor)21, 45
Dodge City (Movie) 193923, 41
Dodge City Democrat (Newspaper)33
Dodge City Saloon War (1883)0
Dodge City, KS (RR, Cattle, Buffalo Hunters, Pilgrims) {TL}1869192801, 06, 07, 09, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 22, 23, 26, 27, 33, 39, 40, 51
Dodge, Frederick J "Fred" (lawman, Wells Fargo detective) {TL}1881190613, 16, 28, 29, 32, 35, 36, 43, 50
Dodge, William "One Eared" (Horse Thief)11
Dog - Spike (TV, The Westerner) 196025
Dog Soldier Moon (Novel - 2011)34
Dog Soldiers (Cheyenne) c.1860's01, 0
Dohäsan (Kiowa Chief)48
Dohäson (Kiowa Chief) c. 1860's-70's0
Dolan-Riley Cattle Ranch (LCW)20
Dollars Trilogy, The (Movies)18
Doman, George (miner) see: Rules to Live By18??19090
Dominguez, Demetria (Stage Robber)06
Don't Fence Me In (M) 194527
Donahue, Cornelius "Lame Johnny" (lynched from the Deadwood Stage)0
Donaldson, (unknown) (victim)36
Donnelly, Harry39
Donner Party (some Survivors, some Cannibals)03, 17, 19, 29, 35, 39, 43
Donner Pass03
Donner, George29
Donner-Reed Party (see: Donner Party) [Wagon Train]--0
Doole, Dave39
Doolin Gang (The Oklahombres) [Outlaws]02, 04, 06, 09, 10, 13, 14, 19, 20, 23, 35, 36, 40, 41, 44, 45, 47
Doolin Gang {see: Doolin Gang - Wild Bunch}189218980
Doolin, William "Bill" (Outlaw Leader)18583403, 14, 19, 20, 23, 27, 34, 45, 47
Dooly, John (Buffalo boatman) 189307
Doomswoman (Novel) 189224
Dorman, Isiaih (Army Interpreter) a black man20
Double M Ranch (radio show) 194001
Douglas, Dr. James (president, Phelps Dodge Mining Co.)52
Douglas, Kirk (Movie Star)34, 50
Douglas, Stephen A. (U.S. Senator)36
Douglas, Walter A. (President - Phelps Dodge Corporation) c. 191727
Doves of the Roost (Prostitutes)51
Dow, Les0
Dowd, Dan (Outlaw)13
Dowdle, William22
Down Dakota Way (Movie) 194920
Dr. Baxter39
Dr. Bull (Movie, 1933)33
Drag Harlan (1920) Silent Film23
Drake, Col. Edwin (Oil Man)35
Dred Scott Decision (Slavery Law)10
Drexel Mission Fight, The (South Dakota)52
Driftin' River (M) 194627
Dripping Springs Mountains, AZ52
Dripps, Isaac (American inventor and machinist) c 183137
Driscoll, Robert0
Driscoll, Tobe38
Driskill, Jesse Lincoln "J.T."0
Driving on the Rim (novel, 2010)50
Drum, E. C. (Col. Asst. Adj. Gen. CA c 1860'seral16
Drumm, Andrew (Major)0
Dry Lake, Battle of (Modoc War)19
Duck, Bluford - outlaw - see: Blue Duck--19
Duffy, William (Deputy Sheriff)18, 40
Dugan, William (Outlaw)05
Duggan, Martin J. "Mart" (Lawman10, 15, 17, 47
Duggan, Sanford48
Duley, William (executioner)52
Dull Knife47, 0
Dull Knife Fight (1876)47
Duluwat Islant09
Dumant, Eleonore Alphonsine (see: Madame Moustache)0
Dumas Brothel (Butte, MT)06, 0
Dumont, Eleanor (see: Madame Moustache)0
Dumont, Gabriel (performer)0
Duncan, George Taplan "Tap" (Outlaw)054605, 46
Dundy, Elmer S. (NE Judge)18, 19
Dungeon Man of San Quentin, The45
Dunlap, Three Fingered Jack (HFG)07, 32
Dunn, Bill (Rustler, Bounty Hunter)18, 34, 45
Dunn, John (Sheriff)38
Dunovan, William52
Durango Kid (FC, Movies and TV)12, 40
Durango Kid (Movie Series)13, 50
Durango Kid, The0
Durango Kid: Roaring Rangers (M) 194607
Durango, CO (1880)31
Dutchy (Apache Scout)0
Dye, Charlie (American Western Artist)26, 44
Dye, D.C. (Lawman)41
Dylan, Bob (Musician, Movie Actor)0
Dynamite (Explosive)16
Dynamite Dan (see: Clifton, Dan "Dynamite Dan")0
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