Week 47: November

Week 47: November 19th thru 25th

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11/19 of…1863

The Gettysburg Address is delivered by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln at the dedication of the Soldiers’ National Cemetery in Gettysburg, PA, during the American Civil War.


The Watt Grayson ranch south of Eufaula, OK, loses $30,000 in gold in a raid by Belle Starr and her gang of outlaws.  {001}


Arizona Star, Tucson, AZ. Kid Swingle is arrested in Joplin, MO, for a September train robbery near Navajo, AZ. He then escapes Sheriff Owens by jumping from a train window near Toyah, TX, and is never seen again. {001}
Wk. 37, 09/16/1887 – train robbery


The Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Express is taken for $50,000 at Glendale, MO, by the Marion Hedgepath Gang.  {001}


Doolin Gang leader Bill Doolin (recognized), and five others (unidentified), attempt to rob the J.R. Pearce Store in Texana, OK Terr. They were sent packing with less than $20 in merchandise.  {001}
The Originals Index – Outlaw Gangs Index – Doolin Gang – Wild Bunch


Fredrick Dilley Glidden - Week 47: November 19th thru 25thWestern writer Luke Short, aka Fredrick Dilley Glidden is born in Kewanee, IL. Photo: U.S. PD pre-1908 unknown.  {001}


Western novelist Jack Warner Schaefer born in Cleveland, OH. Journalist and writer.  {003}

11/20 of… 1880

The driver has a hatchet in his hand and another stage is heard coming; Black Bart aborts a robbery. Siskiyou County, CA, between Redding and Roseburg.  {001}


Tom Horn - Week 47: November 19th thru 25thTom Horn+2, aka James Hicks, age 42, hanged in Cheyenne, WY, for the murder of Willie Nickell, age 14*. Tom led a colorful life: stage driver, army scout, hired gun in the Pleasant Valley War (AZ), Pinkerton Agent, Range Detective for the Wyoming Cattle Grower’s Assn. and hired killer for several different ranchers. Buried in Boulder, CO. Horse: Pacer. (Very controversial trial, evidence and verdict.) Photo: U.S. PD unknown.   {001}
*Wk. 07/18/1901 – Willie Nickell
Photo Gallery Index – Pushin’ Up DaisiesTom Horn


Joel Albert McCrea born in South Pasadena, CA. Movie actor.  {001}


Danny Ramblinjack OConnell - Week 47: November 19th thru 25thDanny Ramblin’ Jack O’Connell born in the U.S. Navy hospital, Great Lakes, Illinois. OWDR Contributor Photo: 1956 © Ramblin’ Jack.   {001}

11/21 of… 1860

Tom Horn+2 born in Memphis, MO. Cowboy, range detective, Pinkerton, hired killer.  {001}


The notorious stage robber Black Bart [PO8] begins a six year sentence for his crimes.  {001}


The Wild Bunch have an excellent photo made in Ft. Worth, TX, (“The Ft. Worth Five”). They will all regret having done it. {001}
Photo Gallery Index — Lawman and Outlaws Photos — five up from the bottom


Augustine Chacon c 1900 - Week 47: November 19th thru 25thMexican outlaw Augustine Chacon, hanged at Solomanville, AZ Terr. Photo U.S. PD pre-1902.  {001}
Quotes Index – Gunfighter QuotesArizona Bulletin (11/22/1902)


Rafael “Red” Lopez shot and killed fellow miner Juan Valdez in Bingham, UT. The issue may have been a woman or, as some said, Lopez was taking revenge for Valdez’ having murdered his brother some years before. In any case, Lopez fled on foot across the winter mountains towards Saratoga Springs, WY with a four man posse in hot pursuit…  {001}


The posse following “Red” Lopez should have been more careful, perhaps they were overconfident, hard to say, but by 4:30 they had almost caught up to their man. Then, using a Model 1895 30-06 Winchester rifle at nearly 120 yards, Lopez ambushed and killed Bingham police chief, John William Grant, Deputy Nephi Jensen and Deputy George Witbeck. Deputy Julius Sorenson was saved only because Lopez apparently had a defective round. Sorenson returned ineffective fire, but the  killer easily slipped away into the night. This event precipitated the largest manhunt in the history of Utah with over 200 Lawmen and civilians from all over the state gathering to participate.  {001}


Frank E Butler c1882 - Week 47: November 19th thru 25thBorn in Ireland in 1850, he immigrated to America in 1863. Frank E. Butler, age 75 or 76, dies in Cambridge, MD. A top notch exhibition shooter and the husband of Annie Oakley, he appeared in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Photo: U.S. PD c. 1882, unknown.  {001}

11/22 of…1729

Born in Bedous, Béarn, France, is Pierre Laclède. Fur trader, founder of St. Louis, MO.  {003}


Born in  Horry County, SC, is Abraham G. Graham who would become known as  “Shotgun” John Collins. Gunfighter, rustler, outlaw, etc., etc…  {001}


Thomas Carson (nephew of Kit) shoots Abilene, KS, bartender John Man “without provocation”. Man recovers, Carson fired from the force.  {001}


Mart Duggan kills Louis Lamb over a minor street incident in Leadville, CO. Lamb’s wife vows to wear her “widow’s weeds” until Duggan is dead, when she can dance on his grave and deliver her “weeds” to Duggan’s wife.  {001}
Wk. 14, 04/08/1888 – Mart Duggan


Sugar Cane Cutting in LA - Wm H. Jackson - Week 47: November 19th thru 25thThibodaux Massacre, Thibodaux, LA, was an extremely violent labor dispute, with heavy racial overtones, in the sugar cane industry. A major strike had been broken by state militia, and black workers gathered at Thibodaux. After several weeks, White Vigilantes, were incited to attack the black workers and their families. The number of casualties is debated, but at least 35, and more likely as many as three hundred, were murdered — most peaceful and unarmed. This incident was one of the most violent labor disputes in U.S. history. All of the victims were African American. Photo: U.S. PD 1880, Wm. Henry Jackson – Cutting Sugar Cane in LA.  {001}
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Golden, CO: The Golden Globe newspaper reported, “A beautiful yet strange phenomenon was seen in this city on last Monday night. The wind was high and the air seemed to be full of electricity. In front of, above and around the new Hall of Engineering of the School of Mines, balls of fire played tag for half an hour, to the wonder and amazement of all who saw the display. In this building is situated the dynamos and electrical apparatus of perhaps the finest electrical plant of its size in the state. There was probably a visiting delegation from the clouds, to the captives of the dynamos on last Monday night, and they certainly had a fine visit and a roystering game of romp.”  {001}
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Henry Wilber "Bub" Meeks - Week 47: November 19th thru 25thHenry Wilber “Bub” Meeks died in the Wyoming State Hospital in Evanston. Member of the Wild Bunch, he was sentenced to thirty-two years in Idaho for participating in the Montpelier bank robbery but was then released upon losing a leg in an escape attempt. Photo: U.S. PD 1897 Prison photo.  {001}

11/23 of… 1859

LCW: On this day (according to Pat Garrett, the man who killed him) William H. Bonney — fated to become “Billy the Kid” — was born Henry McCarty in the Irish Fourth Ward in Manhattan, NY. Killer, rustler, regulator.  {001}


Robber and bad man Edward Franklin is shot to death in Golden, CO, by arresting detectives Cook & Smith.  {001}


WCTU logo - Week 47: November 19th thru 25th Founding of the National Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) in Hillsboro, OH. (Officially declared at a national convention in Cleveland, OH in 1874). The purpose was to create a “sober and pure world” by abstinence, purity, and evangelical Christianity. The First National President was Mrs. Annie Turner Wittenmyer (serving, 1874-1879). The World’s Woman’s Christian Temperance Union was founded in 1883 and became the international arm of the organization. The temperance movement is still going today, with chapters in 72 countries. Logo: WCTU 1920 © WCTU, Scanned from 1920 WCTU temperance flyer – Wikipedia.  {003 & 001}
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References – DictionaryWomen’s Christian Temperance Union.
Wk. 14, 04/04/1878 –Susanna Salter
Wk. 23, 06/09/1911- Carrie Nation


Born in Staten Island, New York, NY, John Dehner, he will bcome an animator and an actor.  {001}


John Hampton - When Wagons Meet - Week 47: November 19th thru 25thAmerican western artist John W. Hampton is born in Brooklyn, NY. Illustrator, sculptor and painter, Hampton was also one of the founders of Cowboy Artists of America (1965). He passed over the Great Divide in Sonolita, AZ, at age 81 in 1999. Photo: U.S. © CA, Fair Use. Painting Photo: U.S. ©? Big Horn Galleries, “When Wagons Meet”, Fair Use.  {001}


Jjohn Dehner - actor - Week 47Radio show Have Gun, Will Travel+2 starring John Dehner as Paladin debuts on CBS. Photo: U.S. PD, Studio photo – John Dehner.  {001}


After 160 episodes, it’s the last roundup for radio’s Have Gun, Will Travel+2.  {001}

11/24 of… 1868

L.H. Musgrove rolls his last cheroot and then the lynch mob has its way. Denver, CO.  {001}


barbed wire - Week 47: November 19th thru 25thPatent 157124 for an “improvement in wire-fencing” is granted to Joseph F. Glidden when the lawsuits over the invention settle in his favor. The original barbs were made on a coffee grinder. Barb Fence Company of DeKalb, IL, will manufacture “The Winner” and the Frying Pan Ranch in Potter County, Texas, will prove that the product works. Many variations will follow the first but the revolution has begun and barbed wire, “the devil’s rope,” will transform the west. Photo: U.S. PD.  {001}


Sonoma County, CA. Black Bart takes the stage between Lakeport and Cloverdale.  {001}


Frank Taggert, George Washington Cleveland, Kit Joy and Mitch Lee derailed and robbed a Southern Pacific train, killing engineer Theophelus C. Webster and express messenger T.G. Hodgekins (both shot). East of Gage Station near Deming, NM. The take amounted to $830.60. Newly minted SPRR Special Officer, Dangerous Dan Tucker leads a posse in pursuit of the bandits; no joy.  Photo: U.S. PD contemporary article.  {001}


John M Rennix - Week 47: November 19th thru 25thNewcastle, CO. Marshal John M. Rennix is shot (and died the following day in Glenwood Springs) by drunken saloon owner William “Billy” Griffith. Griffith, wounded in the shootout, retreats to his second floor room in the Trimble building and later shoots and kills fellow townsman William Davis — then suicides as a posse surrounds the building. Photo: U. S. PD pre-1910, via Officer Down Memorial Page.  {001}


John G. Neihardt - Week 47: November 19th thru 25thJohn G. Neihardt dies in Columbia, MO, at age 92. At 20, he moved to Nebraska and became fascinated with Indian culture and history. He met Black Elk on the Oglala Sioux reservation at Pine Ridge. Black Elk, a shaman and a contemporary of Crazy Horse, had survived the Little Big Horn and the Wounded Knee Massacres. Neihardt and Black Elk met and talked frequently. He wrote a compilation of stories in his own poetic style and published them as Black Elk Speaks (1932). Photo: U.S. PD pre-1973.  {003 & 001}
Photo Gallery Index – Indian PhotosBlack Elk and Crazy Horse
References – Books – Novels and History (non-ref) John G. Neihardt


San Francisco Opera Girls of the Golden West – World Premiere production of a new opera from John Adams and Peter Sellars. Based on journals, newspaper reports, memoirs and poetry from the time; the show evokes all of the optimism, joy, violence and beauty of the California Gold Rush.  The stories of three women in a small mining town on the frontier are entwined as they witness the dreams of prospectors from all over the world flourish or fail against the harsh nature of the reality they discover, leading the beginnings of the Wild West. Largely inspired by a narrative left by a doctor’s wife, Louise Amelia Knapp Smith Clappe (under the nom de plume Dame Shirley. Her depiction of the harsh nature of life dictated by avarice and hope is a provocative and thrilling look at a tumultuous period in California’s history. Photo: U.S. PD 2017 promo shot.  {001}

11/25 of… 1846

Born in Garrard County, KY, is Carrie Amelia Moore. She will become temperance vandal Carrie A. Nation.  {001}


Denver, CO, gambler Charley Harrison kills one James Hill for calling one of his employees, “a son of a bitch.”  {001}


Alphonso J. “Al” Jennings born in the Indian Territory. Train robber, attorney, silent film star/technical advisor.  {001}


Ft. Leavenworth, KS. Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer is convicted  and reduced in rank for desertion and several other offenses. He will be back.  {001}


William Ellsworth “Elza” Lay born at Mt. Pleasant, OH. Outlaw.  {001}


Dull Knife Fight: WY Territory, along Bates Creek near the North Fork of the Powder River. This action was a part of the pursuit of Crazy Horse after the defeats at Rosebud Creek* and The Little Big Horn**. Leading four regiments of cavalry and a large number of Indian scouts, Col. Ranald S. Mackenzie falls on the winter camp of the Cheyenne under Dull Knife and Little Wolf. Some inhabitants are killed but most are driven out into the winter landscape where many will freeze to death. The village of 173 lodges and all of its resources are destroyed. Nearly 500 horses are taken. Most of the survivors surrender promptly. A few will survive to join Crazy Horse. The Cheyenne’s ability to fight is forever broken.  {001}
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*Wk. 24, 06/17/1876 – Rosebud Creek
**Wk. 26, 06/25/1876 – The Little Big Horn

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{001} C 11/21; E 11/18: F 06/11; P 10/17

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